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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[翻訳] ClearVeil - crime 
22nd-Sep-2009 08:20 pm
Okay, back in the country, and I revised the translation of the next CleirVeil song.

The lyrics again are from the booklet, both romanization and translation are done by me. Notes are at the end of the post, as always. I thought I should take up my system of two different notes again, as Saki almost always sings some words differently than the way he writes them, so notes about different words are in green.

Don't repost these without credits and link to the original source, this post, you know the game.


立ち尽くし ただ遠くを見つめてた
映った瞳 色など亡くて ただ

あの日 離れないで 傍にいれば…
今もまだ 隣で微笑んでた…?
何度 声を荒げ叫んでも
忘れかけた涙が今 溢れてた…



あの日 離れないで 傍にいれば…
今まだ 隣で微笑んでた…?


一人涙拭い 胸に刻む

何も出来ないけど 想いだけは



sasoeru wa kiku no hana
atari wa susurinaku
naze kana? utsumuku mo
namida wa nagarezu…

tachitsukushi tada tooku wo mitsumeteta
sotto miageta kagami ni
utsutta hitomi  iro nado nakute tada
kowareta you ni kurikaesu…

ano hi hanarenaide soba ni ireba…
ima mo mada tonari de hohoendeta…?
nando koe wo arage sakende mo
jikan wa modosezu (1)
wasurekaketa namida ga ima afureteta…

hitori de hiza kakae
kioku wo tadotte mo
atama ni ukabu no wa
yasashii egao de…

kimi no egao wo ubatta kono tsumi wo…
yamu koto mo naku semetate
furitsuzuiteta namida mo karehatete
hareagaru me ni chi ga majiru

ano hi hanarenaide soba ni ireba…
ima mo mada tonari de hohoendeta…?
nando koe wo arage sakende mo
kawaranai no ni
shitteru no ni
te wo nobashite sakendeta…

kimi wo…

kimi no hohoemu hyoujou (2)
suneta hyoujou mo (see 2)
nanimokamo mienai
mou modorenai
zutto yurusu koto wa nai darou ga
hitori namida nugui mune ni kizamu

kimi wo aishitemasu
nani mo dekinai kedo omoi dake wa

kimi wa waraimasu ka?
kiku no hana soete miageta
kaze ni tsuyoku chikau koe wa
todoku kana?

kimi he no kono omoi
kono saki wasurenai
touwa ni…

Being attached are chrysanthemum [1]
The nearby sob
Why, I wonder? I also hang my head
without that tears flow…

I stood stock still and was merely gazing into distance
In the mirror I quietly looked up at,
in the reflected eyes the colour and the likes died simply [2]
As if they were broken, over and over again…

That day if I had, without going from you, stayed by your side…
Would you even now, still  have been smiling next to me…?
No matter how many times I raise my voice and scream
I cannot put back the time
The tears that have started to forget are now overflowing…

Spontaneously, I hug my knees
Even though I pursue the memories
What floats in my head is
With a gentle smile…

This sin of having robbed your smile…
Without even ceasing, I was condemning
Also the tears that were continuing raining have withered
And blood mixes into the swelling up eyes

That day if I had, without going from you, stayed by your side…
Would you now, still  have been smiling next to me…?
No matter how many times I raise my voice and scream
Although it doesn't change
Although I know
I reached out my hand and screamed…

You… [3]

Your smiling facial expression
Also your expression when you sulked [4]
Nothing at all to be seen
I can't turn back anymore
I guess there isn't such a thing like forgiving everything, but
Wiping the tears alone carves into my chest

I love you [5]
Love you
I can't do anything, but  only the emotions are

Are you laughing?
I attached the chrysanthemum and looked up
The voice that vows strongly in the wind,
Will it reach, I wonder?

To you these emotions
They keep being reflected
Beyond this point, I will not forget

[1] Chrysanthemum are flowers for the dead</small>(Be very careful not to give them away as random presents or as a sign of love to your Japanese darling.)</small>
[2] Another example of Saki replacing a verb one would initially take for an auxiliary, with a verb that implies dying. Only hearing nakute, one would assume that the colors simply aren't there, iow that the eyes are colorless, however Saki used a kanji that is used for 'to die', but also for 'get lost'. So the colors aren't simply 'not there', they seem to have been lost somehow and/or died.
[3] 'You' doesn't seem to be what he screamed (or if he did, then he intended to add something to it), rather, it's the beginning of a sentence he doesn't finish. One could assume that the sentence he was about to say/scream, was the "I love you" that appears a couple of lines later.
[4] About these two 'expression', see the (2)s further down. He actually sings 'smiling face'/'sulking face' instead of 'smiling facial expression' aso
[5] This is the "I love you" I mentioned in [3]. Note that he expresses his love in a non-colloquial way. It is as if he hadn't seen the person for a long time, and now almost feels obliged to use the polite form. Or, he might use it to simply emphasizing the sincerity of his feelings.

(1) Sings toki instead of jikan. Both mean 'time'.
(2) Sings kao instead of hyoujou. Kao is more the actual face of a person, while hyoujou is the expression of one's face, the physiognomy.


That was one long piece of lyric! With quite a sum of notes as well, just the way I like it *laughs* Or well. It's just the way that seems fit for Saki's lyrics, anyway. There are a couple of things I'm not 100% sure about, so don't kill me please, if you find ways I translated to be stabbing your eye.

I'm not yet sure what to translate next, but I guess it will be ClearVeil again.

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