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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
23rd-Sep-2009 01:30 pm
Despite me feeling as if I couldn't utter any more word beyond those I have already uttered on various places [last.fm/unsraw/a journal], I still feel somewhat obliged to at least mention it here. If not more than just mention.

Today is the release of something that has been dead.

And now,


I was scared to listen to it, seriously. I might have mentioned that in my previous post, when I was just about to listen for the first time.

I can't possibly call it review... or well, it's my type review, isn't it, with more feelings than facts, but well.

When I listened for the first time, I listened so closely that I thought I might start crying soon. Loved the way the song started out, the music is just... wow. The very beginning is something that is somewhere between making me shudder and making me moan (after a couple of listens), and when the actual instruments come in, just wow.

I was just sitting, waiting, waiting for his voice. And then there it was... different than before, but definitely, him. And the growling just... ugh.

The guitars are just a plain killer. TETSU!!!! HOLY CRAP. [that just had to get out] And the way 礼 and him play with each other, I just love that. How they start smashing, and then 勇企 comes back in.
And suddenly 勇企 started using his actual voice. And I just... something inside me just... either broke or unfolded, I'm not sure. I think it does sound different, but in no way worse or better, I can't really put it into words...
And 匠 on his drumset, I can actually see him smile. With a little wrinkle on his forehead.

After the second or so time I listened to the song, I got reactions close to those I had during last DirenGrey live. Not as violent at all but... At around 2:05 I just started screaming... without screaming. [If I should define it... a bit like the sounds in Masohyst of Decadence? Ages ago I actually listened to it but... if I let out any voice, there would be a high pitched scream, but there's just air and the hind of a voice coming out.] It's just one heck of a load of emotions that want to flow out... Granddad, if I can't use my voice later on, I'm sorry...

2:14 just... rolls.
And at about 2:25 I cringe, scream and headdesk over my laptop. Nightmare. We're back.

His aaa/ooo at about 3:10 and later... I just... sorry, no words. And the guitars again, just like in the beginning, DADUM, I love the end.

And suddenly it was REBORN. I actually managed to type something before I lost it. And the only things I managed typing were something like RAGE! FUCKING RAAAGE!!!!! That is one fucking helll of 暴れる right there!!!!
I think now that I'm listening for the... third time or so (I had Nightmare on repeat while writing the part above), I have to either skip the song, or rein back myself hard. Just two seconds of not thinking about it, and my head is going all over, violently flying to the sides.

The first time I listened, I really only typed like two sentences, and got up to stand between my speakers, and just rolled it. Somewhere I had the thought of how great that song would be live, and I just raged on, harder and harder, violently, with something like tears in my eyes.

Reborn, indeed. I love that song. But I'm afraid I really need to skip it in future when I don't want to totally mess up my hair.

... As I'm trying to say at least something constructive about the actual song... At about 1:37, that's just so UnsraW, the guitarplays right there, everything, as I rolled my head. At 2:04, the way they get back into the vocal part, YES, that's it. I can't even mention the load of growling. The song is UnsraW. The song might be one of the best raging UnsraW songs there ever have been. This is 勇企 reborn. Holy Luci. Or something.

When switch started for the first time, I wasn't even really there anymore really. But the sound...
When he started singing...
I was reminded of CORE THE CHILD much more than UnsraW. The sound definitely is UnsraW, but the way he sings reminds me of... some other song... it's a wonderful song. I didn't cry yet, but I just might.

I really don't know what to say about that song. It reminds me a bit of 桜の涙, somehow... this type of 'violent ballad', if you know what I mean, it just really gets to me. Not knowing whether to rage, or to cry, or both. And I'm so glad that they included a song like this on the single. It's just... wonderful. The hard-soft guitarplay at 3:10... and his voice... his voice is just wonderful. So his.

So UnsraW.

So... reborn.

I'm dissolving ♥

At this point I am extremely glad to be an UnsraW-fan who has been with them before this long 'phase', and went through the ...'long phase', to now, be able to get this that way. It's something special that I am just so damn grateful for.

I really... really... love this. And after all, I did have words... but I guess... it's enough now...
As I said before... the release of the year... [Okay wait up. hikari. DIM. ... as I don't put any of those atop the other, I think REBORN goes right there with them. A three-fold release year.うん. Trinity.]

So I'll say バイバイ and just listen.
DL here on tonarimachi, btw.
23rd-Sep-2009 12:47 pm (UTC)
ASDFGHJKL crying at Nightmare is not as bad as crying at BLACK OUT... LOL


And for me, Switch reminds me of Enshoku no Yume but induces tears.

No, it's something to go through the hiatus. It was VERY hard and some did give up. THat's why I know how you feel when they announced their revival. I was like "EFF YOU NONBELIEVERS!" XDDDD
23rd-Sep-2009 01:10 pm (UTC)
LOL oh well... is it bad, actually?

LMAO you did what??? I didn't even pump my fists the first times, I had to clutch things to not bump or crash into stuff and keep standing *laughs* .... Is your arm better now? oO"

Hmmm, yeah... now that you mention, it's got something of that song, too.

I didn't know whether there would be any more UnsraW or not, I didn't really speculate on it. Yeah it was hard. I just stayed a fan, that's all, I guess. And kept listening to them about the same amount as I did before. (I think I had one of my strongest phases in that period anyway).
I don't care about what others did in that phase, rly. UnsraW is UnsraW ♥
23rd-Sep-2009 01:27 pm (UTC)
Well, no but it's funny XD

Fist pumping is FUN. It's supposedly safer than headbanging and much funner when you jump in time when your fists are down.

Yeah, it does. I'm feeling sth else, but it's not an UnsraW or a CTC song.

I start to doubt whether they will come back a few times in the process but I TRUST Yuuki. I know he means it when he said that he will come back. Tbh it was hard for me to listen as often as before when they went hiatus because I would cry at every song DX and then Jun left the band so everytime I hear the bass, I got sad as well~ XDDDD

But srsly, now, I've been listening to them like way way before when I first listened to them. And I'm still listening to REBORN looped XDDDD
23rd-Sep-2009 02:10 pm (UTC)
... You just proved that supposition wrong, dear XDDDDDD
Tch, I can headbang and jump, and do all that and IllnevergiveupheadbangingunlessIhavetoforsomereason8D

It's a mysterious song with a lot of mysterious elements, it seems...

Yeah hm... but to me, you know, no matter how much he could say that, there was too little I knew of the extent of seriousity of his sickness ...and... so on... so I just didn't think about it, and went on~

*laughs* I also am. Have about an hour left to do so, too haha...
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