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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Damson Squish Showers and Paths that got Lost on the Way 
9th-Oct-2009 09:51 pm
mao distorted
I spent my days from Saturday to Wednesday at my mom's place out on the country, and there were a couple of things that happened that I did not want to withheld *laughs*

Well, Sunday was pretty interesting in many ways. She, Dragon and me took a walk along the river, her usual place to be running. However there had been a lot of wild and high water this year, and just somehow the river had taken a part of the path with Him.

Meaning, the path/walkway that had been there, had been annihilated. There was nothing. Just a sort-of- crevice and the continuation of it in the distance. Pretty interesting, if you ask me.

As we were nearing the place~

Looks like something's amiss~

*laughs* Well. We lingered there for a while before he head back. That bucket you can see in the first picture had its purpose, and that's where its purpose comes in - we wanted to pluck damsons.

Yeah, pluck, to use them for... something mom wasn't too sure of yet, however make something edible out of them at least.

However in the end, the term 'pluck' turned out to be extremely extensible. >.>

So *cough* we went to these damson trees... the fruit on the first one was pretty dried up already, but the second still had some nice ones. Very soft, but not bad. :3

... So mom and me started picking the good ones up, but Dragon almost immediately went and started shaking that tree... without caring about our current position.

Which was... under the tree. ... xD

So damsons landed practically everywhere, and even though mom kept calling out that it hurt he didn't really stop... not believing that standing in a shower of damsons actually could be something else than comfortable 8D ahahahaha... Well, we were laughing a lot, next to going "OW", so it mightn't have been that believable XD
There was one in the hood of the jersey I was wearing *laughs*

... Oh well, we gathered on. And just when it was decided that we had enough and we started leaving the place, one of them started laughing out and uhm, it turned out that one of the damsons had already turned into damson-puree ... on my head 8D All ready-made 8D Just when they had pointed that out, laughing like horses on drugs, I started feeling how it ran down XDDDDDD

Mom reached out for my mobile to take a pic ... and Dragon, considerate as he is (8D), had one model hovering over my head, so people who'd see the picture wouldn't think I had been shat on by birds. Thanks XD

mushhhh 8D

A day later, I marveled at the ladybird invasion on our balcony, while I sat and gazed at kanji. Just a bit later I found out, that they were occupying our bathroom as well, so I quickly grabbed a glass, and went on the mission Catch The Ladybird *laughs* In the end, I had six of them in the glass.

... And brought them outside.

You can see them crawling over the wall... practically all the dark dots you can make out are ladybirds *laughs*
How adorable x3... I don't even know why I like ladybirds... I just seem to do *laughs*

Oh, and this was one of my dinners there... Just posting because the picture has some destiny to fulfill xD

Uhm... Nudel-Schinken-Gratin with peppers ... xD

And because he's just too adorable... my fur-peach ;-;

He's so cute... He slept in my bed every night, and came further up to my chest every night, too. The last nights, when I was just about to lay down to sleep, I stood there and grinned and asked him (the pretending-to-sleep-form w with one eye open xD) how he thought I was supposed to lay down when he's lying in the middle of the top part of the bed lmao. Oh well. He's shoveable after all xD

Hm... It was just like in olden times though... I sorta weeped there... ^ ^' I mean... him, snuggled up against my chest, my arm around him, my face against his nape... *cri*

Oh well. So much about that time... And how great that internet thinks it should fuck up at 11:30 and stay fucked until 0:27. ^ ^ Thanks. 凸

Yay I'm back online! 8D

(<<)*cyberkickscompany* ... ららバイ〜
10th-Oct-2009 09:04 am (UTC)
*smiles* nice pics ... about a nice time having you here ...

Luckily we weren't standing under a walnut-tree when Dragon was shaking it, I guess that would have hurt much more LOL
10th-Oct-2009 11:21 am (UTC)

lmao errr yeah I guess. But I think he'd not have shaken it then that way... and I wouldn't have squash on my head 8D
10th-Oct-2009 08:13 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you had such a wonderful time. xD
Wonderful pictures by the way, ye.

Aah, I know how you feel about the cat, ye.
My cat was my son and he was taken away from me.
So yeah...I feel ya indefinitely.
10th-Oct-2009 09:30 pm (UTC)
Oh ouch, yes xD
Hn, these are but ordinary pictures... thank you though :3

Hmm... Miro is my baby and will always remain my baby. I'm somewhat glad that I've already been used to leaving him for quite some time before I moved out. So I'm used to not having him there, but... if I could choose to have him with me, well.
♥ It's a cruel thing, having your kids taken away from you. No matter what species.
10th-Oct-2009 09:35 pm (UTC)
You're welcome~~ ♥

Yeah. I see what you mean. It'd be good to have him with you after all. It's not as though it'd be a negative, ye.

Mmhm. I agree with that, wholeheartedly.
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