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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Silent Dialogue [Drabble] 
14th-Oct-2009 11:44 pm
uru drama
Title: Silent Dialogue
Author: outori
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ruki x Uruha
Genre: ESSS - Extremely short short-story. Not drabbles, as they exceed 100 words.
Warnings: Not beta-read. Note that the POV is shifting.
Disclaimer: Not owning anyone in the story, however, the story I do own.
Synopsis: Aren't really needed for extremely short short-'stories', like these. It is about moments of forbidden passion.
Author’s notes: I just went through the couple of things I had lying around unfinished and unposted, and after some time wrestling with something inside of me, I decided to post at least this one. I was about to post another one with it, however noticed that I already had - Would you ever.... I'm posting, even though I don't think it's very special. But well, that depends on the eye of the beholder. Maybe you find something in it that you like ^ ^ It's just been too damn long I posted anything of that sort, so I thought I'd start with small steps.

Silent Dialogue

I want you. To touch me. The way you used to touch me, when you wanted to see me come undone.
My loins, with fingers of icy fire, their path turning into burning streams of lava. The way that I can’t tell anymore whether the sweat pearling on my skin is cold and freezing onto it, or melting and seeping through it, clamping around my galloping heart.
You, your fingers, stampede me away. I want you to.
Make me. Die in your arms.

That look on your face, right now. The lips you just licked and now are shining from your warm taste, parted in a way I can see that charming row of your front teeth, a chain of pearls I liked to tease with the tip of my tongue, steadily rolling against it, feeling you opening up more, yet never giving you all, always having you want more… those eyes, dark, even darker now, maple honey burnt to darkest amber, your piercing, yet mellow, pleading gaze… So enchanting. That sin of touching you… of dirtying you thoroughly… beckoning…

There, right there, I know you’re thinking about it. With your piercing gaze torching my heart, I won’t be able to keep in anything anymore for long, even though you want me to. Give in, please give in. Let me be yours, for tonight, for now, again, to do as you wish, hurt me, scar me, drain me, I don’t care, until I barely have energy left enough to keep my lungs moving, waiting for the last blow to be given, to perish, to evaporate.

You’re lips aren’t moving, yet I can hear you. I screw up my eyes and hiss, my fingers digging into your arms. If you scream loudly enough… I might give in to your silent plea. Do you feel the pain when I hurt you? Do you still feel the pain when I hurt what has been hurt numerous times before? If you don’t, I’ll scar you more…
Just start screaming… now


Ah, as I said, I posted this mostly, because I want to start up again. It's unusual of me to write such short scenes, but they happen. ^ ^'
Comments are more than welcome~ If you read, please feel free to do so. I live off them, after all.

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15th-Oct-2009 11:39 pm (UTC)
Thanks a bunch, a~nd you're welcome.
Feel free to check out my other work, too. If you like longer stories, I'd "recommend" Honey Lips ^ ^
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