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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
First day back in my world 
20th-Oct-2009 09:08 pm
Ah, it was a good first day. A lot of fun *laughs*

I was grinning at our teacher the first two hours non-stop (a subject I am slightly crazy to be attending, I admit, but... oh well xP *ke..hee~*). Bet she had no idea, why. It's a bit hard to guess anyway xD And I almost guess I'll be one of those to be asked more frequently than others 8D... it's just an idea, but well XP

Attended a lecture afterwards. Had plenty of time before it would officially start, so I sat there and went through my Kanji-cards, while listening to my iPod. I didn't even notice that I head-banged to ... I think it was Vinushka *laughs* I sat there, just swinging my legs with the music lightly, and before I knew it, I sat there and started head-banging ahahahah! Unfortunately I noticed too quickly, so I kept it at bay.

Surprisingly found that my Pharaoh-Princess Miriam is attending that lecture, too. Haven't seen her in half a year now... She used to be in my school for a while, so it was a huge surprise to suddenly see her sitting in a Japanese class that time *laughs* The world is wonderful sometimes.

Our lecturer Prof. "Vampire" VanPeer was sli~~~ghtly late, I almost thought he'd do it like the last time I tried to attend one of his classes - not show up the first times, then let us know a couple of weeks later that he's sick and there won't be any lectures for about six weeks... -_-' In the end, that didn't happen. Luckily, as he turns out to be a wonderful lecturer. I learnt as much in those 40 minutes as Yuki did in her obligatory bleh-course that lasted 1.5hs *laughs* Nice.

I feel Wi------nter nnnghhhh >_<'
I love Winter. Full of warmth and longing though, inside of that glass castle *sigh*

So much to randomness.
"Collected" Yuki from her last class, it just happens to be the farthest away building from all there are but *laughs* oh well, I had time, and felt like it. Went to her place for a bit... She still has her male friend there, but has grown kinda sick of him lately... For some reason her mood had gone up by the time we left her place again... :3 After watching me and always making fun of me, she finally submitted to wanting to play TapTap, too *laughs* Ah... as I went home and she to volleyball... She wanted to talk me into it, lmao. Volleyball? Me? Phhh. Let's talk some proper sport first. >.>' (Sorry, volleyballers xP I respect your sport, it's just not my type sport. I want more variations and the such... ne~)

Which reminds me... want to continue baseball this sem, but I wo~nder... whether it's gonna be outside in winter, too... *shudders* Oh well. That'll be outfindable, ti~ght.

And it looks as if I won't be continuing working at that place after all, as they need help mostly on Tuesdays, however it's impossible for me to help them out just then... so all in all I'm not that useful for them there. Le sigh. Well, we'll see what's gonna happen. Probably will have to jump yet again. x-X'

However, I burst out laughing when I was talking to Yuki about some of the classes we would be attending together this sem, and she showed me a book we'll be using in one of them. I just blinked and stared, as it seemed so... familiar. Found out just now that one of those obligatory, hated subjects that I enrolled in, I already have taken before 8D... and PASSED *snorts* So this means, I'll either have free-time on Thursday... :3 or... ... work more >>'

Had another 'bursting out laughing' moment today earlier, too. It wasn't actually bursting out though... I just snickered and giggled and tried to sort of keep the laughter inside, as I was standing in the middle of a bookstore *laughs*
I happened to check out the language-department of one of our huger bookstores between one class and the other, and just for fun's sake grabbed a book about Chinese. It was pretty cute... And well, as I happened to flip through it randomly, I happened to find... this... *cries*

'Hat' in Chinese... *cries more*...

It's MAO *CRYYYYYYY* ahahahahahahahahahahaha *doesn't really know whether she's laughing or crying*
帽子さんはね… Hat indeed *laughgigglechokes*

... Err *cough*, ti~ght. Anyway :3 It's autumn~

Also want to do... something with this... *closes eyes* whatever it is scratching on the inside of me, wanting out. It's been there for a while already, I just don't yet seem to be able to find the right port to open to let it out and take me. Or the key. Or both.

... I'm laughing. This is an amazingly short entry after all ... and I didn't even write "This is probably going to be short" in the beginning haha... maybe that's the trick.
And I still LJ-cut it xD

Well. Gonna make food in a bit~
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