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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
今日は~ University failed and friends re-appeared 
22nd-Oct-2009 06:25 pm
Mao eye


大学でメッチャ楽しんだな〜 ノルウェーの授業で、その前の授業も…微笑

And of course it's me who would ask a guy in a little game of language ... "Are you Marian?" and with that, if I keep things like these up, I'll be marked as their little clown *laughs*
I got the feeling the teacher also fixates me as one of those she fixates more often... and I don't mind that at all. I want to learn, after all :3

Talking about learning... I had mentioned something about 'fail' in connection with our Japanese class for this year before. Well, as the building where a.o. the Japanese institute is situated is being rebuilt, a couple of classes have to move to different (far away) buildings.

We had our first Japanese class for this year on Wednesday.

Japanese class... Uni failed.
Well, I met one of my male classmates, my favourite actually, on the way, so it was a nice 'way'. *laughs* I got reassured that I wasn't the only one to be sure to fail a bit. Well, after a while we arrived in front of the destined room, only to have him find a note on the door, that the class had moved to yet another building and yet another room.

I had no idea whatsoever where that building was, had never been there before. Luckily, again, my companion had had a class there before. So all's well that ends well, we found our way pretty quickly, and still arrived 10mins or so before class started.

... All's well that ends well?

Hah. ORZ

We arrived and... the room, slightly bigger than the empty one from before, was already stuffed full. All the tables taken, people sitting on chairs along the walls, some others standing.


And we weren't even complete yet.

まぁ… Andy [I think that was his name... have gotten incredibly bad at remembering names once I started uni x-X'] made us fan out to find some chairs. ... All the other rooms on that floor were locked 8D ... Found some nonetheless, and so four more, including us, had a place to sit against the back wall.

However already when we had arrived, the "air" inside of the room was... practically non-existent. The people sitting at the only two windows wouldn't open them before, and you can't leave them open during a class as the sounds from the cars outside will drain out the teachers lmao ...

Well, when Kasai先生 arrived, he kinda... goggled *laughs* He had not expected us to be that many, nor had he expected the room to be so tiny. He apologized a lot *laughs*

Turned out we were 41 in a room designed for 20. Isn't that nice? And that's what we pay 600€per half year ^ ^ Everybody say 'ya~y...' ... ya~y~

Irene arrived late, but she was lucky enough to get the chair next to me XP

... I didn't fail quite as much as I thought I would, but only because I wasn't asked by Kasai 8D ... or well. I wasn't asked to read when there were things I couldn't read, luckily. And Irene, who could read most of it, went like "Guh I've gotten so bad..." and when I protested, pointing at me, she said "Duh, you can read so much more than me still, I'm sure" lmao >>' errr... no? XP

Interestingly enough... I've only had Kasai for one semester, meaning, two years ago. Never had him since. Never ever ... only nodded to each other in the corridors, but... xD

*sentence projected against the wall*
Kasai: Ah... anyone, read?... Hmmm~ *points at me* Gwendolyn-san~!
Me: *blink* Nnnn... A... no... *squints and reads more or less fluently*
Kasai: Ah. *nod* Hai~ *asks someone else to translate*
Irene: *raising an eyebrow, whispering* How the HECK does he know your name??
Me: ... *ponders* I uh... Don't really know 8D
Irene: *raises other eyebrow* I'm sure he doesn't know my name *snortlaughs*
Me: Lol, well maybe he does, because... after the first times when I was in his class and he wasn't able to pronounce my name, he always ignored me ... until one time he actually managed 8D
Irene: Ahahahaha, well that might explain it~

And one more thing about uni... Today was my first norwegian lesson for this sem :3 I didn't take any the last sem ... hn, the lecturer had changed (we got to know the reason today: Irene is pregnant... or actually she should have given birth on the 19th... suspense, suspense :3), so I had no idea about her, but already the first minutes in class were wonderful. I dannngme LOVE that woman! *laughs*

She must be in her mid-50s, dark grey, shoulder long, slightly curled hair, glasses that make her look a bit like a good witch *laughs*, or a grannie *laughs more*, slightly baggy, yet elegant sweater, and jeans.

She's so funny, dang! Her little jokes are awesome, the way she talks, acts and reacts are just wonderful and agh... She's just so nice. Irene was nice, too, but she was extremely strict additionally and... well, when things didn't really work fluently, she'd get slightly pissed off. Karin however is extremely relaxed...

We were supposed to talk about why we're here (8D) and how many sems we'd had norwegian before (8D... nothingreallyahaha8D) and what we did during our vacations lmao... I told them about the time I got lost in the woods, entertained enough people XXXXP *laughs*

Ah, I really love that lesson. Guess thursdays will be nice :3

Long lost Friend
Well, so much about uni.
For a couple of days now, I wanted to talk to my best IrishGerman friend Jools whom I I had got to know during my stay in Ireland 3 years ago~ Uh, to be honest, I have been 'trying' to call her months ago, years ago, but well. For some reason I always forgot, or she wasn't at home when I tried, these kinda things, you know.

I prepared alarm clocks today xD *laughs* And she actually was at home. And we talked ... and talked... ah, only and hour, as she had errands to do, but we both told each other of our lives these past ... years. A lot has happened... and well. I told her a lot. A lot more than most people know *smiles*, and vice versa. A lot is going on in her life right now, nya~

Really missed talking to her. We only lived 10mins apart, but we used to call each other up almost every day and talked for at least half an hour... *laughs* During or between our AuPairing. ... Between, usually.

So that was nice.

Had a little wtf-experience with that Swedish boy just a couple of days ago by the way xD. He's ardent to visit me... >>' And when I say 'ardent' I mean... ARDENT. I had already gone offline at that time, but he told me that he looked into flights oO ERM WAIT A SECOND... Lol... I wouldn't possibly let anyone I hardly know 'visit' me, especially not while I'm still in the middle of my semester anyway and errr... well, I guess I would, if I lived alone or some place else, but not with Rosi. >.<
I told him that if he'd ever visit, he couldn't stay for longer than 2 or 3 days anyway but he didn't really care >>' I hope he's got parents to talk him out of that ... 'idea' ugh lmao.

Well, tomorrow~ my favourite Prof :3 やった〜♪
Then work... And 飲み会〜(始めのw) And I still don't know where I'll have to work on Saturday...

Hey wow, there actually are plans! *laughs* Movie evening/night on Saturday with Yuki (which doesn't mean it's actually gonna happen -_-')... and Jools wants to call back on Sunday evening.

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