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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
For some reason I always remember my 23rds of Octobers ever after the first time... 
23rd-Oct-2009 11:32 pm
mao passion
Things changed profoundly that date in 2007, something changed 2008, and today, uh I'm not sure *laughs*

I don't think anything changed, but there definitely were things that happened.

One I have blogged already one entry ago~ Won't mention it here anymore.

Then today there was my proseminar with my favourite prof~ ♥ The one from last year. It was kinda funny... I stood there in the corridor just a couple of minutes before it would start (didn't yet know where the room was, actually xD), when I saw him approaching me... Or well, he didn't aim at me, he just happened to walk that direction *laughs* and as I saw him, I waved... you know... >.>' Japanese-school-girl-way *cough*

The best thing is... He, good-looking, very smart and funny guy in his mid-50s, waved back 8DDDDD ... the same way *cri* Ahhhhh... I love him. ♥
Just for some reason I spaced out extremely after two hours (of three) or so. And kept thinking of things, intensely. Memories that didn't quite happen, but happened nonetheless, and vivid at that and... ... Ouch.

Anyway, had to work after that... And lmao. My colleague had worked there from 8am-4.30pm and made about 600€ (the store is tiny, but still that's little XD ... She only had 113 costumers in these 8.5 hours O-O)... and when I took over... in the 2.5hrs I was there, I made err... about 400€ *laughs* and had about 80 costumers. Sheesh. It's rarely that busy there!

And right after work, I went to my first 飲み会. Students of Japanese Studies and Japanese people meet up at this club/restaurant/bar/pub-thing to drink/eat/talk/have fun.
And it was fun. A lot. I arrived exactly at the same time as Irene, as if we'd had an appointment *laughs* So that was nice~ Had someone I know to go inside with.

We talked together for a while, and when Daniさん arrived, we stayed most of the time in our little group at one of the ... 7 tables all the Japanes-ish people occupied (I think I've never seen more Japanese people in one place *laughs*).
All was 平気 until this one tiny moment. >.>

Ye~s, I'm conscious that when there's a lot of Japanese, there's a certain probability of there being ... attractive people, and yes I am conscious of the extent of attraction some of them can emanate. [Or maybe I wasn't that conscious anymore and had to be reminded... >.>]

I wasn't surprised to find a handful of very attractive guys there *laughs*, but I wasn't really interested for any other reason than to finally ma~~~ybe get a tandempartner... but well, talked with my people most of the time, and just let my gaze wander around.

Until this one time...

When I looked up and to my left, just because...

And then there was this young Japanese guy who'd been talking and laughing with his friends all the time, girls and guys, and a couple of students, and there he stood and just turned around, and for some reason his eyes fell on me... and then he smiled that smile... I can't even describe. [It's the way I sometimes smile when I 'know something', or am just... ugh... no words.] It was a wonderful smile... I smiled back, of course, but inside of me there was just this giant FLARE, ugh, burning up my intestines. That short flash was... interestingly intense.
He seemed to remind me of someone. He wasn't one of those super-pretty ones, you know, not one of the verrry obvious beautiful ones either... he just had something, and that something was gouging my eyes out.

Right. For the rest of the evening, between talking and laughing and eating and having fun, I kept scanning the room for a tightly checkered white-and-green shirt and jeans, turning away and whimpering whenever I saw more than just a back w or seeing him leaning verrry closely to another guy, almost tightly pressed against each other and -nghhh. Just to find out later, that the guy with his back to us just when we had sat down that I almost mistook for a waiter and made fun of the situation ... had been him, too. -_-'

Huh. That smile, ugh. Well. ... I'm lucky chances to see him are pretty slim, even slimmer the chances to ever get to talk to him or anything anyway XP Yes, I'd be grateful. The more people there are that are able to confuse you, the... more confusing 8D ... yesss... 8D

Anyway. There was something about the crowd that made me smile. Similar to the way I used to smile when I was in a room with Norwegians.

And, painful truth, when it comes to speaking, we don't know shit. orz. Kay, it was very loud in there, and the girl who asked whether I/table wanted to talk Japanese, talked very natural Japanese... 8D meaning... fast. But still. I understood more than what I did not understand at first listen, but heck I had no idea how to answer 8D When I'm prepared, things go better but... it was kinda... ugh. *laughs* I mean, she asked me lots of things, but things you usually can't say yes/no to XD ... Asked me for whys and whats and whatnot *laughs*

... What kind of music I like... 8D ビジュアル系? ... "It's not very liked/popular in Japan でしょ〜" LMAO ...

... She knew シド, by the way. w... the only ones I mentioned. As... 'common' people seem to like them, too, you tend to be sort of 'safe' with mentioning them. But... I don't really... I'm not really interested in getting into those people, they seem... a bit 'fake', you know. Or... "OH I KNOW SID! Do you know Kuroshitsuji? 8D OH YES, YES *flail*! That's how I got to know them!"
I mean... yeah. You get to know a band through some way. But... Hn. I don't really know how to express my thoughts on this. It's as if the popularity some bands gain through anime etc isn't real popularity. Just a wave that surges up and then draws back. Something that is just 'en vogue'. And that doesn't mean anything to me.


Might have another sort of 飲み会 with 雪ちゃん tomorrow. I am to bring alcohol. We'll be watching ドラマ and the such~ it's been ages we did that. *smiles* I'm looking forward to tha-t.

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