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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
~Moving out tomorrow~ 
10th-Nov-2007 10:53 pm
mao distorted

Brrr... *hair rising* その歌が。。。Conceived Sorrow is just... ughs.

Hmmm anyways... It's almost 10pm now, and I've used almost the whole day for packing and throwing away stuff, putting stuff from my bookcase into my wardrobe because I'll take the case with me. And sheesh... there was just SoMuCh stuff in there. Books in two layers... m(__ __)m

I've been packing for six hours. Ugh. It was a little frustrating, standing in front of that bookcase, pondering about what to do with all those books. Sure i would like to take them with me, ne, but I don't ... need all of them. Even though I could ~ I'd have the space there, ne. But seeing that I can only pack... about... 15 books in one carton before it's getting to heavy... seeing that ALL of my books surely must weigh more than 50 kg... damn that's and understatement. ... ... More than... 70kg? I really don't have a clue. Only that it is... a LOT. The idea of filling cartons with them and taking them to my new place... it made my stomach contract. Nah... it made everything cringe. It's somewhat... impossible.

Books are fabulous.

Until you have to take them somewhere.

... Anyway. *sigh* At least I'm done now. ... ... After... six hours. X__x" And I will have to come back to pack the... the... R E S T for when my mom moves out. Because THEN... ... *shivers* everything has to be packed. Oh dear dear.

I shouldn't think of that now though XD I just had it so... nice and warm in my head. Duh. Well not really, but at least I felt somwhat relieved ne. Now the cartons are hovering there in the hall, stacked... rubbish Tomorrow they'll all have to go ... down down from 4th floor to the car, into the car/s, and then... ... there they all have to go up up to 5th floor, and there's no elevator ne. Oy... Pluss, the ones helping me are mom and my granddad, and neither can lift very heavy. X_____x

Sheesh. Well. At least it'll be over tomorrow, I'll be able to unpack everything... [I usually like unpacking, ne, though maybe not... when everything else is stressstress ne] and the FINAL thing, when I know that I've settled down in my new place at last, that will be... hanging up the posters. I'm really looking forward to that, isn't it funny xD Putting up the posters. Spreading them out in front of me, deciding which one goes where. Hope they don't get jealous ... haha... because in my room as it was, they were all distributed around the place, with a little space between each of them, SID faaaar away from Diru for example, not even able to see each other XD And Gazette and Alice Nine were on the same wall, but different heights XXXD Well well. I know I'm talking nonsense again. *sigh*

*wants to put up the shoxx Gazette poster* I never put it up in my room, ne... knowing I'd have to take it down soon. And I want to have the Maopinup in my room... duuuuh *droolsh*

So what will I do now before I have to ... lay down... To sleep of course. O_o Ahhh ok, I know XD

Actually ... my room looks so unfriendly right now. The walls are too white and cold... Too bare. They really feel cold... cold and wet. It's dreadful. I'll have to turn my back to the wall when I sleep.
10th-Nov-2007 11:31 pm (UTC)
Oh, I didn't realize that you move tomorrow.
This is always really exciting. The first night in the new room and all this stuff.
I have to tell you that I hate unpacking. It always takes me so long, I really hate it. But to me this is close to tidiing up and this is something I don't like as well.
You are rihgt, books can be very heavy. But at least, there is often very much content in it, much to think about and so on. This needs a little bit of weight. ^^
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