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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Japanese everywhere... ASIA Filmfest ... my Weekend~ 
9th-Nov-2009 12:36 am
Oh lo, a flood of Japanese youngsters.

☆ On Friday, in the class of wonderful Holgerさん, I just happened to sort of sit next to Haruaki, the Japanese guy I had the aforementioned pen-fail with. I was especially delighted to find Holger use us both in one of his little stories. I found it pretty amusing to have him mention Haruaki and me in the same sentence ... a couple of times xDD
He also put himself and me in one of his stories. We founded the Gwennie-Holger-Stiftung *laughs* ... I should sit more often in the first row. How entertaining.

☆ Dani came back to Munich, so her, the other Dani (lovingly Daniさん), Irene and me went to Shoya for dinner. It was just so much fun... *laughs* I really love being with the girls.
Typically, when the food was served, mine arrived as the last. The three girls already had theirs on the table, ready to eat, hungry stares directed both at the bowls and plates, and at me, until I reassured them I wouldn't mind if they started.
Then finally, my ramen arrived... But the waiter was a different one. None other than the one I had thought resembled Miya (Mucc's) ahahah! Dani thought the same *cri*... And the best thing was...

He tried to put the bowl down... but somehow, it slid... he caught it with his hand in an awkward movement, and pulled a grimace, then smiling all over his face while warning me in a loving tone "Careful! It's hot!", put the bowl down in front of me, and left, putting his fingers to his mouth to suck at them AHAHAHAHAHA!!! oh gods *cri*

☆ Today we met at the ASIA movie festival :3 I missed my chance to go last time, but this time I thought Yosh! Let's go! Augh, even though November already started out so expensivvvve >_<'

So I did go today. There was this korean film called Frozen Flowers, that we (Dani&Daniさん&me) were eager to see... Interestingly, none of us remembered what it was about xD The only thing we remembered were... erotic... crackling tension... sex... heat... and ... so on xD Irene, the one not going to see it, SHE remembered what it was supposed to be about! *laughs*

But seriously... the film was... uh.

It was good. Not like OHMYGODINEEDITONDVDLIKERITENOW, but it was really good. Or well, depends on one's way of... handling feelings and situations. There was a lot happening you just didn't expect. And so much blood, guh... (they really didn't cut anything. Blood came gushing from allll the wounds there were) and love... but ... ;-;

In the beginning, you just feel the tension between the king and his general. Crackling and flickering from their smiles, soft touches and their eyes... ugh. Until that bed-scene we all watched with much interest, until Daniさん next to me exclaimed "OH MY GODS!!! GWENSAN!! *realization striking* It's a MAN!!!" and I just chuckled... ah... indeed...

So practically it's a love story between two men ;-; ... but the king is in trouble, as he can't produce a heir to the throne. However if there won't be any, his country/province will be taken over by a king of a different province.
After a while, he decides, to have his lover sleep with his wife... and the drama starts rolling >_<'

It's one of those movies you really want to look away a lot. Just because you KNOW something bad is going to happen (and these things happen a lot during that movie. Then you think it's getting better, then they do their next mistake, and unghhh). And you feel sympathy for all of them, that's the worst thing.

Ack, I really hate it when love can't have their way. And what really pulls out my heart, is when lovers fight a duel to the death... against each other... Seeing scenes like those really pain me. Western cinema hasn't yet produced such a scene... Eastern has. Augh. Pain.

I really liked it. It wasn't one of the epic films, but it moved me a lot anyway. I believed in the characters, I guess. ... *sigh* The love between the King and the General reminded me of something about myself, I think...

Hnn, afterwards, we went to grab something to eat. Or, Dani&Dani did so, I sat and watched them eat XD ... and then I got Daniさん hooked on TapTapRevenge, too. *laughs* She's the third victim xDD We just sat there and played and played, while Dani did her Spanish/French/English homework.
Daniさん was so enthusiastic about it, she went like "Gwensaaaan! Oh my Gods... haha... let's forget about lectures! 8D From this day on, we'll just sit there and go like taptaptaaaaap! 8D Let's totally forget about uni! *wheee*" Ahaha, she's so great xDD

Met Alex to go to see our second movie - Crows Zero II


Uhm, well already good time before the movie was about to start, the cinema suddenly filled itself with a LOT of people from Japanese Studies hahaha! So many faces we knew XD
Also, there was this group of young German/Japanese people, two guys and two girls (do I have to mention they looked good?... All of them? XD). I happened to glance at them just when the best-looking guy pointed at me and my bag, and quickly looked away when I looked their direction. Seemed one of them had the same bag xP

Oh well ~
As we finally sat in the hall... To my left, a girl enthusiastic about guys beating each other up. To my right, a very satiric girl, loving to be creepy, doing kendo and so on. Two seats to my left, Daniさん, not minding action at all, and well... then there was me.

... XD

We were all set.

And ack~ ♥ That one was almost better than Crows Zero I... or well. It was a really good continuation of the story, I thought. (Less bowling, more darts XDD)

And augh...

Serizawa ♥

Yes! The Japanese MAN, that sort exists, too 8D

Both Dani and me cheered for Ryoさん... an eccentric with umbrella? Oh yes! *cheers*

Argh... *flails* Lmao... no one who never watched the first part (PLUS liked it) won't be able to make anything of my random babbles here I guess... *laughs*

When the film was over, (people in this country are so boring. They usually just watch, and then leave w), I applauded. [as I did a couple of times during it, actually XD] And you know what? Hesitatingly, people began clapping after me, and soon we were at least 1/5th of the audience who applauded the film. :3
Yes, I REALLY do love it when I ignite things like these :33 [did push the shouts for Gazette that time at the live a lot, too... *smiles*]

Ah, and yes. I did enjoy the movie a lot. I love fair fights. Be they with swords when the opponents are more or less equal, or pure fist-fights as in Crows Zero.

はーぃ... There's a warrior inside of me, after all, ne :3

Guess that's it for today :3
My week-end was so terribly busy woah. I'm not used to these things xD
9th-Nov-2009 11:32 am (UTC)
It of course reminds me since he uses らぃらぃ combined with several things and he was the first one (and actually only one, apart from this now.... and me *hehe*) who uses it.

But I actually just asked out of curiosity.
9th-Nov-2009 09:58 pm (UTC)
Hnn, I've seen らいらい at other places... but just as the らいらい, without おやすみ *laughs*
9th-Nov-2009 10:15 pm (UTC)
He also uses it without combining.
And I know in Chinese it's like saying hello.
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