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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Oh no... nooo... nonononono! >.< 
13th-Nov-2009 11:13 pm
Mao eye
The day I became prime minister of Japan.
And yes, I again managed to phayl, even though secretly this time.

First of all - I passed this on my way to Uni.

Mah... I would have loved to jump if it had been dry! *laughs* It was nearly a meter high!
It was really warm today, actually... how surprising, but wonderful :3

Heehee... I really do enjoy sitting in the first row in Holger's class... xP This time I didn't merely participate as a member of the Holger-Gwennie-faction (-_-') like last time, nooo, this time I got to be the prime minister ... 8D for a short time.
And Haruaki was elected to be no less than my general secretary. >.>' *sweats* Ack... the images of having him work under me... [ambiguity not intended 8D]

I actually was slightly late but... Just ha~ppened to get the place next to Haruaki-kun again. *ahem* ... as it was the place easiest to access. >.>' I just glanced at him when I sat down, nodded a hello and smiled, and in my head there was "Oh my GAWDS is he growing a beard now? (萌)AGHL what I just saw looked goo----d on himmm *cri*" *calmly sitting down to gaze at Holger先生, attentively listening to what he got to say*.

... Yeah w

I'm sort of good to watch people out of the corner of my eyes. >.>' So while I was looking at either Holger, or his power-point projections against the whiteboard, I kept ... watching Haruaki <.<' Or... whatever I saw of him. The bits of blurred people-ness there were XD

All was fine, but I guess as I'm prone to phayl at some point during Friday's class, today, the Gods of Phayl didn't eschew their chance to effect me this time, either.

Holger was giving us some examples on something about Japanese Politics, and was in the middle of weaving a story around us again. He put Haruaki into the story, and then there it was.

Holger: etcetcandsoonandsoon, and then Haruki comes along and, let's say he's from... Ah! Haruaki, where was it you actually really are coming from again?
Me: *eyes flitting from Holger to Haruaki* Ah... he already said that? He didn't did he? Can't remember him saying anything about that. Let's listen attentively 8D
Haruaki: *slightly leaned back in his chair, arms folded losely, a smile playing over his lips as he, slightly surprised, focuses on Holger*
Me: ... (softformof萌)
Haruaki: Ah?
Holger: *snicker* Where are you from?
Haruaki: Aaaah... *grins* Mmmm, Fukuoka.
Me: ...
Me: O______o
Me: *as everything freezes* ........
Me: (O\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\O) Fuk..u.......nnnnghhhhhhhhhh OHNOOOOOOOOO
Me: ........ *starts whimpering inwardly and sinks lower in her chair, practically able to feel the steam rising from her face as she looks anywhere but to the left, where Holger and Haruaki are, just concentrates on the blackboard and goes like ohhnonononononNOnotfukuokaNOOOOTfukuokanoOOOOoOOOO *CRI* over and over again in her head*


Oh well. So much about Outori's inner life. *breathes* I was slightly feeling like going mad on the inside just then. My outside only smirked *ahem*. I'm... a sucker to anything that's got to do with Fukuoka *weak laugh*. It just... happens to be that way. *cough* [It doesn't have a-nything to do with certain people coming from there, and me starting to erm... , uh no ahahaha 8D] Later, when I reflected on that situation, I was close to exhilarating visible about the fact that Haruaki is well, good looking, but not terribly good looking. He's not pretty, he's not beautiful, he's not even obviously sexy [wa-it a second. Aren't those that aren't obviously sexy the worsssst? >.>" Erm. Guess I should deny myself pondering further about that.]
So even the fact that he's Japanese (which reduces my ability to resist... resist whatever, really >.> Behaving abnormally on the inside and be noticeably absentminded during class count, too w ), or that he just happens to be from Fukuoka didn't affect me all as much as it could have.
Yeah, I'm a terrible sucker for 福岡弁, but heck, it could be so much worse! 8D

After all, he could be EXTREMELY prettysexybeautiful [as I mentioned <.<], he could have been talking in his totallyirresistablemakingmemorethansqueakandphayl dialect, which he wasn't, he kept to our language, PLUS, he could turn out to be a musician, AND he could like V系 ANDDDDD even worse, as in the worst possible case, he could totally be into SID, and then just happen to get into me as well, so 8DDDDDDDDDDDD

ヨカッタ!8DDDD how fortunate that isn't the case! *CRI*

I'm safe! Safe safe safe safe saaaafe! *silent cri*
He's only fairly okay/good-looking and happens to be from Fukuoka. All perfect 8D へいーきーー

Uhm right. So much about that part of my day. More on Holger先生

I love Holger's slight cynism. Managed to remember a couple of the things he said, however less of the cynicism, unfortunately... *laughs* Still!

Here are examples for why I love Holger. *laughs*

An explanatory note for the first situation is needed. Terms for occupations in German can be either female or male, just like waiter/waitress or steward/stewardess. Nowadays not many women care anymore whether their being called the normal 'male' word, or the specific female term, however there used to be a feminist time, when it was made CLEAR there have to be synonyms for the females on this planet...

Holger: *currently making something clear to us, therefore weaving us into the plot again* Okay, so let's say, we have our party, and then there's Lucas, who is an expert in vv, and Julie is expert for xx, Sarah is expert for... AUGH I'm sorry! *facepalms* I meant to say... Sarah is expertess for yy, and then we have Tobias as expertess for zz, and -
Tobias: .....?
People: *snickering as realization strikes*... *laugh*
Holger: Yeah uh... sorry, I *chuckle* just somehow had to balance that XP

Haha... he used to put himself into the role as a female Japanese person to be married to some Daimyo (usually Lucas xD) before... *laughs*

Later, he was talking more specifically about the history of some of the parties in Japan, and already 'arrived' after the 55er-system had broken down. Talking about LDP's oppositional party SPJ that had become stronger after LDP's defeat, however then 'was slapped down to just a couple of Johnnies' at the next election.

Holger: The voters aren't ONLY daft, ne. There the SPJ proclaims years and years that they're the Opposite to LDP, and just then when all that would matter, they do and go to bed with the archenemy. ... There goes SPJ!

Hoi... after class, I actually got to go to Holger's private office XP I had wanted to collect my credit last week, however that didn't work out, as I needed to bring a paper. So we said we'd do that next = this week.

I sneak-took a picture from behind his desk when he went to get the seal.

His office is nice :3 So much green, and random stones, it's all ordered and quite an amazing/interesting collection of books. ヒトラーについての3枚ても…w Only noticed, as certain people have an interest in that era etc xD
His desk-covering is made from several pictures of his wife and kids, it's cute~ ♥

I remained silent for most of the (little) time, however when he used an ink-pen to fill out the credit sheet, I giggled.

Me: Still with ink pen~?♪
Holger: Ehehehe... actually, I just bought it!
Me: Ahahaha, really now?
Holger: Hehe XD Yea~h *scribbles on* I thought, now that I'm grown up and all, I could go retro and buy a proper ink pen again.
Me: HAHA! (咲) Oh yea~h... I actually use those at home :3 Used them a-ll through my time at school.
Holger: Ah, I did, too *still filling out*
Me: Uhmwell 8D not sure whether they already had ballpens at your time actually XP Hnn... they used to switch to ballpens when they were in 10th or 11th grade, I thi~nk... but I didn't really like them. ... Think that they used to be different back then, too, always thought they smelled bad >_<
Holger: Haa, yeah that could be. They were much more ~raw~ back then.
Me: *nodnod*

And so on and so on. He handed me the credit, and I left to catch the next bus. One had just happened to pass by the stop a little while before I arrived, so I just stood there and waited, listening to my iPod and writing some notes about the last class down, when suddenly... something passing me stopped and waved in front of my face XD

Me: Huh? oO *looking up, realizing that person who waved in front of my face was a grinning Holger* Ahhaha! Hello~ :3
Holger: *chuckle* Listening to music?
Me: Ah... 8D yeah well... *turns volume down slightly* Yeah but... I tend to kinda space out pretty often, so ... 8D
Holger: *laughs and takes a deep breath* Aaah... weekend~
Me: *surprised to find him taking the bus, as he used to drive by car* Mmmh... well, almost xP Mine doesn't really begin before Saturday afternoon~
Holger: Ah well... I still gotta go shopping and cook, but then it's weekend *laughs*
Me: Oh~ were are you going shopping?
Holger: *short pause*... ... *chuckle* Oh, Viktualienmarkt [like the old english market in cork, only outside~ has a lot of fresh food, or rather, exceptionally fresh things :3 Slightly pricey though]. It's... a bit snobbish haha, but oh well. Got used to it, as we used to go shopping there on the way back. XP
Me: Hahaha! Oh well ... but it's nice, buying things from there~

*laughs* We went all the way from there to the subway station, and took the subway to Marienplatz, where he had to get off. Finally I was part of one of the private talks between a random student and himself, that he keeps mentioning during classes! Haha! We talked about a lo-t... where we come from, and what sort of hicksvilles we used to live when "small"... *giggles* ... Freising, my job, and what he used to do when young... He used to work night-shift at the post, with a lot of Spanish and Portuguese (for some stra---nge reason they all seemed to take a shine on him pretty quickly xP) :3 So many of them, he wondered where all the Germans were XD... Well, it's just like that with my job, too, so we chatted about tha--t... [... I actually saku'd randomly when we were talking at some point >.>'] and ultimately, about what had happened to him last semester (all his courses were cancelled after half the term) - broke his leg x____X" Seems some splinter had done more damage that it should have, so he might have to pull back from lecturing for a while this semester, too. However he told us, if the doctors are gonna tell him he has to rest for more than three weeks, he's gonna get a screaming fit XD

Oh well! So much about yet another awesome friday.

Ah, ri~ght... One of Rosie's sons married today... And my colleague at work might become grannie soon :3 Her story was so~ cute aww... She also almost fed the hungry me with goodies *laughs* ... Won't talk about that now though, I really have to go to bed in time. Gotta get up around 6:30 tomorrow x.x'


And no. Even though I downloaded it, I will NOT watch the higher-quality version of シド's one way, it's NOT a good idea. Actually it's a very bad idea, as certain moments of it already... were close to stopping my heart or something when I watched the LQ version >.>
13th-Nov-2009 10:27 pm (UTC)
Lacking concentration after the first part.


Damn, fuck!!!!

And I don't need to tell you whom I'm talking about.
14th-Nov-2009 05:55 am (UTC)
Heh, not really w
My fixation started early enough >.>'
14th-Nov-2009 01:48 pm (UTC)
Yes, really. I sat here yesterday, sliii~~ghtly distracted and at the same time facepalming. Coincidences are so funny. Sometimes. xDD
14th-Nov-2009 02:26 pm (UTC)
Haha... yeah they can be. Hn... or simply strange, or weird, or wonderful :3
14th-Nov-2009 02:44 pm (UTC)
All together in this case.
And you see there again and again are things that turn out linking the two of us. It started this way and is still going on like this. xDD
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