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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
And men will be men 
14th-Nov-2009 03:21 pm
Ruki despair

Why am I being so nice? orz

When left from work at 1pm, I had to go to the other store, to hand over their keys. It all worked smoothly, until I was just about to take the subway exit ↑ to the street that I would have to go to.

But uh-uh... A subway-security was blocking the way, telling me and others to please take another exit, the ones here were blocked due to a demonstration going on up there. No way through. He was about 1,69m I think, probably in the beginning of his 30s or his late 20s, had a crisp and friendly aura and, if I'm not mistaken, sparkling dark blue eyes, and a typical security-stature. I almost wanted to mention to him how he alone had to block an area that was more than 5m long, while two of his colleagues stood in the background lol.

Conversation No.1

Me: Uh... I need to go to Schlecker... which road exactly is blocked?
Security: Schlecker... One moment. AH! *to someone else* Blocked here! Blocked! Please use another exit! ... Schlecker hmmm... *asking himself* Where exactly is that Schlecker around here...

In short, I told him which street it was, and even pointed the correct direction, he said it was blocked, etc etc, but I should try my luck at one of the other exits, as I mi~ght get there that way anyway. It seemed to me that he wasn't that informed about all the streets around, as he didn't react like someone who had the place on ground-level as a map in his head *laughs*

I think I stood there about two minutes, as there were people who tried 'breaking through' all the time, until I got enough information out of him, and said that I'd just try one of those exits, and that I'd be right back anyway.

Ri~ght, so that I did. It didn't really turn out as such a detour it had sounded like, once I saw the actual demonstration and all. Just had to cross the street, and I'd be on the right street.
Delivered the keys, chatted a bit with my colleague Mrs Wittig, and went back down.

And here is for why I've been asking myself for why I tend to be so... nice to people 8D

Conversation No.2
Me: *as I skip down the stairs, I walk slower to see whether he eventually would still be there, and as I spot him patrolling his area, I call out* Yoi! Everything settled! [OT: Alles erledigt]
Security: *noticing and hearing me, he takes a couple of steps into my direction*
Me: *seeing that, I skip over to him as he looked like he wanted to say something*
Security: Ahh~ *smiles* So how's everything up there?
Me: Uhm well, no big commotion anymore~
Security: Ahh, I see. *nods* What are you doing actually? Are you working at Schlecker?
Me: *nods and grins somewhat askew* Yeah, I am.
Security: *furrows brows in question* What... exactly is it your doing? As cashiers?
Me: Ahaha well... At Schlecker you got to do ~everrrrything~ *laughs*
Security: Haha, oh, I see. So everything went well? *grinning at me*
Me: Yea~h..♪. Oh well. *as I'm about to take a few steps backward to leave*
Security: Hmm... What are you doing today? Or... this weekend?
Me: Uhm. *sorta surprised at the question and probably blushing 8D* Errr... visiting my friend~ uhm... *about to say that I'll have to study as well but he reacts quicker than that*
Security: *nodnod* Ah I see~ *grins* Well. Will I see you again?
Me: Errr... ehehe suuuure, if there's gonna be a demonstration here again someday 8D
Security: *laughs* Ah... you're not from here, are you?
Me: Nah, I actually am.
Security: Oh really? oO
Me: Yeah~ I'm actually working in that Schlecker *points upwards* usually ♪
Security: Are you~~~ Well then, can I drop by some time?♪
Me: *in too good a mood* Su-re =DD *walks sideways and starts waving at him*
Security: *laughs* Alright the~n *grins*
Me: Ciao~ *keeps waving and leaves*


Down at the subway, I felt like head-walling. However that might have looked slightly alarming, I merely arm-walled.

Totally forgot how easily people take my friendliness for flirting 8D
I even might have given him that impression if my actually turned rose color during our talkkkk... ahaha and...
Why did I even tell him where I work! 8D
And why did I wave in that way thatistotallynormaltomebutmightseemalltooadorableorWHATNOTtoothersssss *CRI* ORRRZZZZ

Ahaha... *tears in eyes from laughing* Well at least I didn't tell him when exactly I work there XD
Aye... sheesh xDDDDD

What if he really drops by once I'm there? 8D I'll probably blush anyway and give him an even wronger impression XPP Oh gods I'm so amused xDDDDD

And actually I feel sorry for him >.> I mean. Really don't want to give him hope for something that is hopeless... in his case anyway. He seemed really nice and an okay guy and all but... w There's just no go. w Or, I might quote him actually "Blocked! No way through!" ... but... that sounds... *ahem* As thoughts about setting him up with Yuki cross my thoughts... kyaha...

Was a bit boring, and yet fun at work today.
A costumer customer gave me two nut-croissants, just like that... ;-;
And at some point I didn't have any bills anymore apart from 50€. Had to send two customers on. [One of them slightly bitchy. The other went to some other place to have her money changed to something smaller] Oh well. That's what you get when you have no change available in the safe, and you get dozens of old ladies paying with 50€ bills w

Gonna start reading a bit before I'll head out to Yuki's.
Won't stay there long though~ She'll have to work early tomorrow (poor thing) :3

14th-Nov-2009 02:41 pm (UTC)
Hahahaha, this amused me badly. ^-^

And your tiny mistake in spelling (I guess it's a mistake) is funny somehow. ^-^
A costumer gave me two nut-croissants, just like that... ;-;
14th-Nov-2009 03:18 pm (UTC)
xD Oh... well... There's been securities coming to our shop before but... not sure he was among them.

Eh? oO Can't see a typo~... I tend to write crossaints though... and that I know is kinda wrong XD ... did it right this time though xP
14th-Nov-2009 04:09 pm (UTC)
I wasn't sure if it should be cOstUmer or cUstOmer. ^^
14th-Nov-2009 04:54 pm (UTC)
Oh lmao. Ri----ght XD *corrects*
14th-Nov-2009 05:03 pm (UTC)
Hahaha, okay. Don't ask me why I actually realized it, I usually don't recognize typos except I'm in 'proofreading mode' and that I usually only do in German.
14th-Nov-2009 10:06 pm (UTC)
Hnn, maybe you read it differently. I never noticed, because I read it like customer. However, if one would put emphasis more on the U, it would sound totally different - like costume xD ... and then I would have noticed. *laughs*
14th-Nov-2009 10:16 pm (UTC)
I don't know.
I actually didn't really realize in the beginning. It just looked strange. And with this I checked it again and started to read it the way you described it.
But in the beginning it just was about being different. Like looking at something one sees again and again always being the same but suddenly there's a tiny detail that's been changed.
14th-Nov-2009 10:39 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I think I've had that before ^ ^
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