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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
°·~ MUSE ~·° 
22nd-Nov-2009 02:45 am
mao distorted
Okay, so on Friday, there was this ominous concert of this ominous band News that somehow turned into Muse after a couple of months of mishearing, and after the idea of wanting to attend a soldout concert.

I happened to attend after all.
As 雪 sold me her ticket a couple of days after I had told her that ju---st in case she felt like not going anymore, or fell ill, or any of the so~rt.

I had Uni on Friday though, so I thought I wouldn't be able to be there before 5pm - admission at 6:30pm.
However, and somehow I had felt that coming, just when I arrived to my class at 1pm, the almost empty classroom and a couple of chatting mates made me realize that for some ominous reason, the class wasn't taking place.

There still was something on at 4pm, some organisational things about the year in Japan. And I really wanted/needed to attend that... but how the heck was I supposed to pull up the resistance to not take a tour to the venue... 'just to check out how many there would be at that point of time'.

As it were only 5 stops per subway, I just happened to do that >>'

That's the hall~
Or well, the sky over the bridge that leads to the hall. *laughs*

That's more it.

When I saw the 'crowd' in front of the hall at around 2pm however, I quickly decided to leave on the spot 8D... or well, after checking out something that just happened to be close by. But seriously...
I counted around 20. ... and 10% of them were pretty punky *laughs*, which gave off a slightly twisted impression of the average muse-fan xD
Anyway. The small number sorta scared me ahaha ^ ^'' ... as I'm not a muse fan at all, why should I queue so early, right? 8D

So I was being a good girl and went back to Uni~
And came back around 5:15pm, with a bright-golden crescent leading the way.

The waiting crowd had grown to around a hundred by then, but the way I stood amongst the averageGerman, it seemed pretty close up to the front actually *laughs* I mean... I had almost expected to be somewhere a~~~ll in the back of the arena >>’
What amazed me was the high percentage of MALE fans... *laughs* I've really not been to western concerts for a VERY long time ahahaha...

My second impression of "The Muse Fan" (I love checking out fan-bases w), after the "alternative to punk? 8D" one, was "Oy. Glogg and waterpipe? 8D" lmao~
I just stood there, ate a bit, waited, while the number of people behind me grew and grew... and suddenly, unexpectedly early, the 'crowd' in front of me started moving. Very orderly, I'm not used to that anymore, either.w ... Is that, like, normal for concerts? xDDD

I almost wasn't able to pull my ticket out before I was actually controlled 8D

"Oy gi~rl... why are you dragging so much stuff with you when you're just going to a concert...?"
"Errr well... I just came from uni~ 8D"
"Ahh okay.. x3 Well, have lots of fun so~!"
"Thanks 8D *runs*"

Totally didn't remember that the hall itself is like a little labyrinth. It takes a while until you find the right staircase that would lead down to the arena... I just followed those before me, and waited whenever they'd take a flight of stairs down, and if they stopped and were about to turn back, I ran on xD

Like that, I sorta... managed to get into errr... 5/6th row 8D.... 8D ... 8DDDDDDD

Totally Unintended.
Ti~ght... Anyway!

In the Hall

Ri~ght. The ominous towers that I had no idea about what they would be about later on 8D

This was the 'crowd' behind me ten minutes after I had arrived, 18:27.

And this was the ... crowd at 20:08, excitedly watching two persons being hauled up the towers to some spotlights.

And finally, at 20:45... after the opening act [...that made me yawn more than anything, sorry... And I mean... kay. They said they were from scotland, that was a pluspoint, but ugh. It's ~really~ not attractive to sing and play guitar topless in... that... way... *shudders in recollection* But oh well. It ended at some point. And there were at least 1 or 2 songs I actually sorrrta moved genuinely to. >.>] ... I took the picture blindly and quickly, so bad shot but you still can see how even the seated places already had filled up nicely.

Seated, or well. 99% weren't sitting towards the middle of the concert xD

Luckily all the waiting time wasn't that boring... the guy next to me talked to me :3 And it was a sorta surprising talk... It started like

Peter: So... you came here alone, too? [if I think about that line, I actually feel like headdesking... w but it sounded like a genuine question XD]
Me: Yea~h :3
Peter: Hehe... You've been to Gazette? :3 *has seen my bag*
Me: O-O Uhmm... yeah! 8DDD

And there we went xD I was surprised... he totally didn't look it. Neither Muse, nor Jrock. More like Metal... his stature was more like a bear's, and he wore a long, very long beard, decorated and segmented with hair ties *laughs*
Found out that he went to a couple of lives I'd been to, and had wanted to go to some but hadn't gotten the chance. He wasn't from here~ Saarland I think was what he'd said :3 We had some nice talks~ And he was easily amused, so it was fu--n.

Peter: Uhm... is it normal for you to get to concerts that early? [he also happened to stand right behind me in the queue outside]
me: ... oO' Ear...ly? [to me, getting there an hour before being let in is VERY late XD]
Peter: ...
me: .. 8D uh well. When it's a band... I reallyreally like, I tend to be there... uhm... around 11~1? 8D
Peter: O__O" Uh... what? Ahahaha 8D

Lol... Ever after the opening act, we wondered when Muse would actually start playing... So we guessed... and guessed again... *laughs* I tended to guess every 15 minutes xD Like "oh, maybe at quarter past!" ... as they didn't... "AH! Maybe at half past? 8D", and so on.

In the end, I actually said. "Oh, so maybe they'll start at exactly 9pm... or no wait! Probably six to nine." - "Six to nine? Won't that sorta hoodoos?" - "Lol, er no~ it's lucky." - "Kay then." - "Or okay... let's say seven to nine, then~ :3"
And they started exactly at seven to nine xDDDDDDDDD

The Concert~





These were my reactions when the show started. As... I really totally went there without actually knowing what would happen. Yeah, light show, yeah, pretty amazing stuff, blahblubb but... I hadn't seeeeen any of it yet, ri~ght? 8DD

So I just stood there and stared at the towers that suddenly were all illuminated and greenblue projected&unreal men walked up a staircase and... then I just happened to see Matt's silhouette sorta moving upwards inside the tower and... 8D yeah... that was when green-behind-ears-newbie-me became aware of the significance of... the... towers.

Upri---sing... Indeed 8D

Lol seriously. I just stood in awe ... Or *ahem* well. Standing in awe wasn't quite possible, I ... jumped in awe 8D
I was too dazzled at all the show and lmao, Matt's glasses 8D so on that I wasn't really aware of ... well... anything, really, apart from that it was Resistance after Uprising... w

Until New Born came up... then it was perfectly impossible to not be aware of things, or... well. I had NO idea of any of the song later, as the only thing that seemed to happen...
Well. I started out in ca.6th row, right? Which was about four meters from the barrier. I thi-nk... I was already a bit further back just then.
And when that song played uhm... the whole crowd... or rather, the space the whole crowd had taken up now was reduced to about half the space [maybe that was at the same time as Matt just happened to stand up front on the actual stage? Not that it would have been possible to reach him in any way...]. ... And from then on, no control whatsoever. I didn't jump, I ~was~ jumped. People fell onto me, I fell onto people, everyone moved around in about a diameter of errr... six meters? More? ... People jumped at and on and from you, or were being catapulted at/to/from you, some smaller people wrestled for not going under, I just... did nothing apart from laughing my ass off, and trying to not get hurt by keeping a defensive position... while being catapulted around ... 8D'
So that was when I became aware of the... significance of 'being squished to death in the arena' 8D

Moshpits... pogo-ers... everywhere, holy feck! XDDD Ah, I had been warned... w I mean, what was the question? Something like "Do you have an idea where your seat's going to be? :3" - "... 8DDD Seat? 8DDDD whatsthat" ... ne? 8D

Throughout the whole concerts, there were just so many moshpits! Ahahah! Well, I happened to not be ~in~ them most of the time, so... it was okay *laughs* Besides, I was slightly amazed at the acceptance of them. Ka~y... people just outside of them of course struggled, but no one really seemed pissed :3

So yeah... the lightshow... the TOWERS... gah.
*amazed* ... xD

I'm really not a western-band-person, guess that won't change so quickly either, but... still. It was fucking great *laughs* ... And yeah, I actually did that, sol_tama, even though I'm very sure he never heard a thing 8D ... But it's told. xD

I ~did~ try and take a couple of pictures, but in the end I almost took more videos than pictures! *laughs* Both the number of the pis and of the vids is small, though ~

Undisclosed Desires laser-show... I was like "uhhhhhh *_*" when the green lasers started fanning out from the middle of the stage, and just stood there (I had already reached out my hand to touch them if they came close, but... *laughs* they didn't~) like a cage. かごめかごめみたいな〜と…
And as people started gazing backwards and going all like "ooooooh" I also did *laughs* to see the lasers dance and form shapes in the back of the hall... how amazing~ Tried to capture those on film as well *laughs* [I ~could~ upload those but... It was merely the cam of my mobile, so the sound isn't rea--lly... that good... and so on~ XD]

Ha~i... towers in action... :3

Oh hey... I loved the bass/drum solo. (didn'tmanagetotakepicturesorthesuch*shot*). I didn't notice when Chris went over to the drumset... I just saw how the towers were coming down again, Matt had disappeared, and then Chris stood on the drum's platform that tu--rned and tu---rned and tu------rned... Pretty cool x3

Plug in Baby balloo---ns.

:3 I never saw where they came from... they just suddenly seemed to be there *laughs* One almost went as close as that I could reach it, strangely they tended to drift to the sides~
But one exploded right over me and the people around me, so I was showered in red and white... stuff *laughs* fantastic. Glad my mouth wasn't too wide open at that critical point of time, though... xP Seeing that the little (lol?) bugger in the pic was actually in front of me, it probably was the one that came exploding down on us xD

There also were 'side stages', or maybe you could call it balconies to the sides of the main-stage that Matt and Chris went on at times to play there~ [what did he do to his guitar there actually... lick? play with his mouth? kiss? 8D... *no idea* *only seen things hazily*]

And as United states of Eurasia is coming up just now, I remember that for some reason it seemed especially remarkable live. I don't really remember for why, though *laughs* Was it the first one that was to be played with the see-through, illuminated piano? *laughs*

And no idea, but why did I go all crazy when they played Map of the Problematique? I was like to-tally... 8D... not sure how to call that w.

Also I was later told that ... Muse "don't really do headbang songs >.>" but well ... I still headbanged 8D ... not too little! ... As I'm a sort of compulsive headbanger, when others only ever jumped, towards the middle/end of the concert, I happened to be headbanging wildly much more than jumping... xD though I happened to do both at rare occasions, too .. *ahemwasitpluginbaby?8D* And hey, what? Just listen to the beeeat, there's a LOT of space to headbang 8DDDDD'

Also, what they showed on the towers during Feeling Good [tbh I had no idea of the song, but after a bit of struggle, Musefansan found out which one I was talking about XD], I kinda stared all fascinated *laughs* The trees, and petals ... and ... all 8D

And those li---ghts! ♥

And this was the last scene... at 22:34 :3

After that they really left. After Matt grabbed a (not his w) mic and said "Thank you Munich! You're the craziest crowd I've ever seen!" in his wonderful accent x3 *laughs*

Oh well, talking about crazy. Not only were there moshpits in about every song that could not be called 'ballad', no... at one point, a t-shirt came flying in our direction. A guy currently situated behind me caught it, looked amused, raised an eyebrow, sniffed at it, blinked, grinned, shrugged, and threw it over his shoulder.
Later, someone to the right suddenly started crowd-surfing *laughs* He was taken pretty far to the stage.
And just a little bit later, a shoe came flying oO'

Sheesh... it was fu----n ♪


So this was the crowd when it started to dissolve slowly at around 22:36~

And the stage when I neared the exit *laughs* It went pretty fast though.

I just got out at the other entrance/exit... and took a different way back to the subway [Orion... *smiles*]. Just when I arrived there, there were ... currents of people flooding into the subway station.

Ri--ght... o_O" I wondered whether they all came from the concert but... ahahaha 8D It were MASSES...

I took this one when I went down the stairs to the platformmmm...

Ahahah say what? 8DDDD There wouldn't be any train coming on the right side... only on the left... in about five minutes. So I tried to just get a little cozy space somewhere between all the people, and when the subway finally arrived and the people pressed into them [I was thinking of the people working@Tokyo subways to push in commuters... 8D] I just somehow made my way as one of the last into the vehicle.
It was... tighter than tight. I was sorta pressed up against the door *laughs*

The man next to me asked whether I was coming from the concert, and I got to know that there had been a hockey match at the same time... in the olympia stadium actually... which usually contains slightly ... more people 8D
So that was 'great' timing... XD But I arrived... safely at that. For some reason, Plug in Baby stuck in my head *laughs*

Found a couple of bruises at my knee and feet today though! *laughs*

Phew. This took ages. But I'm glad it's done, even though short XD Still amazingly much for being a band I actually don't really listen to 8D
I actually also got this impression there were a couple (morethanusual) gay couples at the concert :3 Liked that fact *giggles* [when leaving, there were two young ones in front of me, and suddenly the one gave the other a smooooch on the cheek, キューン x33333]

Rrr, right! Have a good night :3
22nd-Nov-2009 10:34 am (UTC)

Oh jeez, the concert sounded amaaaazing!! YOU SAW THE TOWERS! XD I told you you would see them! |D And I was just flailing throughout the entire post, I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself that much!

AND YOU EVEN TOLD MATT THAT! XD Lmao, thank you so much, really!! ♥ I hope that one day I can tell him that myself. :D

This post just made my day, really. ♥
22nd-Nov-2009 11:13 am (UTC)
Hahaha... yeah... and you weren't the only one to hint at something like that XDDD

*laughs* Un~ that it was :3 Definitely haha... I'm glad you liked the post hehehe...

LOL yeah I did... sorta 8D In case he's either good at telepathy, or has ears like superman and filters out his name easily, then he will have... heard that 8D

<3 That's a good thing to hear :3
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