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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Uni @ strike... again and still 
25th-Nov-2009 12:01 am
mao distorted
A little post about demos making Socrates smoke pot, shopping-center Santas, and friends that made me cry from laughing. ニコニコ


So... More demos and strikes... yosh.

Not that I participated in this year's. >.>
Instead, if I am to believe my grannie's words, [and I guess I am xP] I've been filmed and shown on T.V. as the 'typical' and 'virtuous' student last week. ... Not that I ever noticed a camera directed on me and zooming in >>' ... she said that they to-tally zoomed in on my face err ahaha |D

Well, today when I, as virtuous as I am, got to the main building, walking up the stairs to one of our small auditoriums, I noticed that today, too, there'd be an ongoing something lmao...

As our... sheeshshameonme,Idon'tevenreallyknowwhotheyare Socrates and Platon? Maybe? 8D wore ... ahahahah... bandanas!!!!!! XDDDDDD Kay well, not on their noses but still... XP

It also looked as if they were made smoke huge joints >.>'
Yes, my uni ra~wks :3
And no, the little scene at the bottom right corner of the image doesn't look wrong... at... all...

We (Yuki, a guy called Chen, or Ming, and me) had our presentation just then~ it went well :3 As usual *laughs* Even though I was slightly *ahem* stressing to get the presentation done last night (... 8D), I managed well. The people woke up from the bits of humor I strewed in haha...

Well, when we left, we saw this in front of the main gates.

(I managed to get a prof-lookalike into the picture haha...)

Entry fee, 500€ *) **)
* +handling fee 43€
** +copy costs, paper costs etc

Main argument about the demos and strikes. To make education independent of social rank again.
まぁ…ね…It's not like the state cares. But in the least one can try to make it care.

Well, Yuki and me went around town afterwards, as we had a bit of free time~
Went to a shopping center just to look around, and... guh, she found this! 怖い!!

"Qui---ck! Take a pictdsha----! It's sli-----ppi---ng!"

Scary close up >-<'

I'm not a big fan of masks like these *laughs*
I find them slightly disturbing for some reason. At times. >.>'
This time it just cracked me up xDDD


Lol. Seems like in Yuki's opinion I wasn't all that nice this year >>'

And, unrelated, Daniさん seems to really get addicted to TapTap *laughs* Today at the canteen, she turned to me a bit before she had to leave, and went like "Nnnnh Gwenさーん!*puppy eyes* ... can we can we can we plaaaaaay?♪" ww... I'd hardly ever say no to such an invitation >D So we di---d

I had actually wanted to blog about the first time we did - it was amazing, I had trouble breathing, and even more troubles did I have with staying seated and not just falling down and curling into a tight ball of paroxysm laughter xDDDD [well, okay. I almost did in the end xD But read for yourself! *laughs*]

For anyone not knowing what kind of game TapTap is, there's actually a wiki page for it *laughs*

It was around two weeks ago, at the same place, when we played for the first time together.

At some point during the second or third play, she was already so much into it, and her humor struck me hard XDD... I can't really remember what kind of comment had been the initiator for me having to laugh, probably just her changing her voice... she's just too funny, one of those people that just have to say one little thing in the right way, and you just gotta laugh *snickers*

*as we're playing, both concentrating on the display, two thumbs and two forefingers hovering over it, each on their side of the device, ready to strike the balls to the rhythm of the song at the right time, playing away~*
Dani: Oh GAWDS GWEN!!!! Oh my Gods Gwen!!!!! Where...? What?! *furiously tapping*
Me: *giggles*
Dani: *tapping even furiouser* OH MY GOD! I can't even see the balls! *theatric hysteria* WHERE... *gasps as she's tapping* WHERE ARE THEY COMING FROM OMGS I CAN'T EVEN SEEE THEM ANYMOOORE GWEEEEEEN!! *in deep staged desperation*
Me: *snort-giggling, trying to concentrate on keeping still enough* Uhm well... ahaha ... 8D they're just...
Dani: OHGODS, HELP ME GWENさん!!!! The ba-----lls!!!!! *tapping madly*
Me: *laughs* Oh come o---n now, you're actually quite good at it and-
Yuki: *watching amused and getting her camera*
Dani: Ha! *hysteria* ME? GOOD??? HA! I'm not falling for your strategy! *taptaptap* You just want to cosy me along, so I take care less, and looooose, NO WAY, I'm NOT gonna lose to you!!!!
Me: ... what? 8D ahahahaha but...*shaking with laughter*
Dani: OY! STOP SHAKING! I can SO see what you're aiming at!!!
Me: Ahahaha *bursts out laughing, still doing her best at keeping the device still, trying to hit all the balls* but...
Dani:... you want to confuse me by shaking it! HA! I'M NOT GONNA FALL FOR IT!!!
Me: Ahaha! Oh goo---ds... *eyes already gotten wet, sight slightly blurred*
Dani: HA! *taptaptap* WHAT'S THAT?? You did that on purpose!!! Now I lost my earphone!! I CAN'T HEAR ANYMORE HOW EVIL IS THAT! *all staged, actually grinning*
Yuki: *having trouble keeping her phone-cam still*
Me: *crylaughing* *taptap*
Dani: *continuing* Now that is SO unfair! TAH! *to Yuki* She's such an unfair person! All these strategies to secure her win over me!!!!! First she's shaking the thing all over *taptap* but not enough! She's actually PULLING the earphone OUT OF MY EAR!!! That is *taptaptap* UNHEARD OF! OUTRAGOUSSS!!!
Me: AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! *unable to sit still, actually crying, not able to utter a single word, cry-laughing with her stomach already cramping, still doing her best in continuing, only playing with one hand to try to put the earphone back into Dani's ear, having troubles doing so*
Dani: WHAT!!! NO?!?!?! Get your FINGERS of that eaaarphone!!! *at Yuki* Did you see that? She totally wrapped the earphone around my finger, SEE THAT? The finger that is actually crucial!!! ... to make me UNABLE TO PLAY!!! DID YOU SEE THAT!!!
Me: Oh gawwdss heeeeAHAHAHAHAHAHA *tears streaming down her reddened face* It's not true--- I wanted to he--hehehe-lp, it just sli-heeheehee-pped! *cries* *trying to tap on*
Dani: TCHA! LIES!!!
Me: *shaking all over from laughing, missing the balls one by one, vision blurred*
Dani: *enraged* OH WHAT???!! THAT IS THE SUPERWORST!!!!! Now she's even pulling the device from me!!!!
Me: *not able to control her body much anymore she just slid to the side*
Dani: *shouting in (all acted XD) fury* SHE'S TAKING IT FURTHER AND FURTHER AWAY FROM ME!!!! OH THESE UNFAAAAIR MEEANNNNSSSS!!!!!! *sitting on the very edge of her chair, crouching over the device*
Me: *gasping for air, cringing, crying as the song ends, almost letting everything fall, having a crying fit*
Dani: *leans back, folds arms, and grins amused at the scene she caused*
Yuki: *having stopped to film, tries to wipe the tears from her own eyes, reaches out to hand me a tissue*
Me: *still crying, trying to catch breath, gratefully taking the tissue, dabbing at eyes and blowing nose, whimpering*
Dani: *still very amused and quietly watching the scene*
Me: *softly crying on, still unable to utter any sounds apart from whimpers, until finally able to breathe fully again* ... phe----w... 8D

Ahh... That girl is just wonderful, hahaha... xDDD

And as I don't seem to be very able to concentrate on studies right now anymore, I'll try and go to bed early [lol. As long as I check neither 砂月 nor マオ's blog upon stating that... it might actually work out -.o] and get up earlier tomorrow :3


P.S: Dangerous Japanese Subject is still regularly attending our Japanese courses >-O It's evil. Why does he have to look so terribly adorable, come from 福岡, and have an absolutely irresistible cute voice on top of all that haha... Well! All that makes things much more interesting~ And as I'm all cool about it... |D'
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