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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Intrigues and Shapeshifting 
13th-Dec-2009 01:47 pm
mao distorted
Just yesterday I told Yuki how I have these bizarre dreams lately... more bizarre than they've been in quite some time, however, couldn't remember most of them.
Well, this dream from last night I do remember, and it was ... intriguing.

As were the choice of songs my radio station brought up when I got up. Also just yesterday there was this thought in my head about how apparently there doesn't tend to be that much Muse in the radio. Well, one of the songs that came up while I slowly woke up due to my radio-alarm clock, was Uprising. Oh great, I thought.
Even greater, when just a couple of songs later, when I really was about to get up, The Rasmus played with In the Shadows. I stayed in bed to listen to the whole song. And just when it ended, Frankie's Relax came up ahaha... yeah, the original of course, not 清春's cover ... lmao...

The dream itself... Ah... There's a lot of death, adventure, flying, and a sort of Anna Tsuchiya haha...

I fail to remember the details, but fact was, we were a group of about 15+ people, some of us knew each others, some didn't, and we had ended up at some building complex/farm, barring us from the outside, as we seemed to be at 'war' with a different group. Three of us stayed in one of the rooms in the front, all equipped with weapons. The only ones who actually had had some military training. Us others had only been at the wrong place to the wrong time.

And it could hardly have been any worse timing, as we seemed to have traitors among us. I couldn't just sit there and do nothing, so I went around the place. Once I got to our defenders' room, I got to know one of them already had died. Shuddering, I left. From that then on, people were either dying, or being 'turned' to the other's side, one by one. The traitors would pierce the victim's skin with a little elliptic, brown thing, that would make them obey to the 'others' immediately.

I didn't know whom to trust anymore, nor did I know what to do. We couldn't leave the place, it was barred in a way that no one from the outside was supposed to be able to get inside, however, no one from the inside would get out, either.

And that suddenly wasn't a reassuring fact anymore.

We were trapped.

And the next time I got back to the defenders' place, I realized how fucked we were. All of them were bloody dead. I left the room as soon as I was sure they were dead (which I was after one second of looking), and went back to the ones I had been with before - a couple of girls. Just when I sat down with them, I noticed how the 'innocent' blond girl (I didn't know her from before, so I had been cautious all the while), whispering to the dark haired girl sitting next to her, shoved one of these elliptic things into the skin in her nape.


Well, I didn't believe she was the main-traitor, I guessed she'd just been turned before, but when I saw that, pretending not to have seen a thing, I got up again and 'had something to do'.

'Something to do' being finding a fucking way out. I doubted there wasn't anyone apart from me left who hadn't been turned or killed yet, and if there had been any, I wouldn't know whom to trust anyway, so I was on my own. Soon to find out that barred really meant barred.

I found one room with windows however. Tiny windows in the upper third of the wall. So small, you wouldn't even fit your head through them. And two of the three windows I couldn't even open. FUCK, I thought, while I tried the last window. Oh heck, BINGO. There was a... gap.

Now great, what was I to do with a gap? I could have cried from laughing back then, but I wasn't all that desperate yet. I started thinking.

And remembered... that I was able to shapeshift before. So... I concentrated. A fly would make it through that gap, alright.

ZzzzOOoommz. Paff. I was a tiny fly, zooming outside.

Oh I was sure they had noticed I was gone as soon as I'd 'touched' the Outside, I practically felt the whole living part of the building behind me get up to go and get me. I was in a fucking hurry, and I knew I couldn't stay a harmless little fly. Any swallow or pigeon or whatever bird there was could just grab and eat me.

So I shapeshifted into a buzzard at the very next occasion, suddenly noticing how it was winter and very very cold, while I flew in a direction I didn't know, and just couldn't fly fast enough.
Oddly, there was this macaw in a winter-tree that I flew by, and he thought he'd fly with me. OH GREAT, if THAT wasn't flashy! A fucking macaw flying with a buzzard! For some reason it changed into a small, flashy red&white bird clinging to me as I flew. Someone down there goggled while calling someone on his phone.

I knew that they could know what others were talking over the phone... I needed something faster than a buzzard, and tried shapeshifting in the middle of flying.

I managed to turn into a falcon, but the falcon didn't manage to fly much faster. It had gotten foggy, white, I could hardly see farer than twenty meters. In the town I flew over, there actually was snow, a thick white layer on every rooftop and street. With the snow and fog combined, plus it getting darker, I had a hard time knowing one thing from the other. Changed directions again, and knew I would be so lost the next morning.

At some point, when I saw a couple of taxis down there, I just flopped down, opened a taxi's front door and got in.

I wasn't mildly surprised to see what sort of person was sitting on the driver's seat.

It was a girl but... she wore something that practically was NO shirt, ripped flesh-coloured tights (if there actually were tights at all *ahem*), black worn-out garters, and once my eyes were able to tear away from that, I saw black fingernails and plump, black lips that moved while she chewed her gum in the most gang-girl like way there could be. I blinked. Slowly. And told her where I wanted to go, trusting her more than I would have trusted anyone that day.

"Sure thing, gal. Where'r ya headin'?"

Ughl. She was no one other than Anna, 土屋アンナ at that, after a tiny bit more of staring at this wonderful appearance, I told her to the central station, would make my way from there to a different city.

"Sure thing," she chewed while moving the gears and stepping on the gas-pedal, "will take ya sum time though. Say, half an hour."

"Ah... no... pr...oblem" I replied, disbelievingly staring at her face (yes, the face, not the legs, though oddly I was very aware of them, too 8D)</small>, and there we went.

I never dreamed long enough to see the rest of the scene *laughs*
There was another dream when I was flying on and with self-made kites and gliders. Wonderful dream, that one, too.

Enough intrigues for the morning, I'll see how intriguing kanji can get hehe~
Have a good day~
13th-Dec-2009 04:30 pm (UTC)
Oh wow. Your dream does sound interesting, don't you hate when your epic dreams get cut off for one reason or another?
13th-Dec-2009 05:59 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I usually don't like the cut offs, but in this case, the dream just faded into a different one. I didn't mind then :3

xD I seem to only ever remember the details at the weekends, when I'm not exploded out of the bed by my alarm xDD My dreams often are like that, though~
16th-Dec-2009 03:33 pm (UTC) - hehehe!
Oh... the bit about Anna... hmmm...

Last night I was just about to fall asleep and I thought "I'd really like to see the film 'Sakuran'" Then flashes of the movie trailer went through my mind [the beautiful Oiran in procession on those huge platforms, the silhouette of her smoking in front the luridly coloured window pane, and of course the bad ass kick-you'll know the one I'm talking about] and I reamembered an interview where she talked about her ability to sing English lyrics. and just as I drifted off to sleep...

"Oh I need your love!
I'm a broken Rose..."

... she is hawt ^^
16th-Dec-2009 07:09 pm (UTC) - Re: hehehe!
Hahaha, you know her!
I'm amazed. I didn't know her until I 'per chance' watched a movie she starred in (Kamikaze Girls, wonderful movie haha) and fell just a tiny bit in love with her. Or her attitude. Or her character's attitude. Or all of it xD~
I saved Sakuran for later though. Haven't seen it ye~~t.

She so is. >3
17th-Dec-2009 05:14 am (UTC) - Re: hehehe!
Yeah I saw the NANA PVs first, then Kamikaze Girls (so awesome! Her voice is perfect from the common slang-growwlyyy *shivers with delight* She is so BAD ASSS!!!).

She is really cool and sexy and... woowww....
17th-Dec-2009 06:21 am (UTC) - Re: hehehe!
Haha... then we... totally agree about her, it seems. xD
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