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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
I killed Rosy with Gackt 
13th-Nov-2007 10:16 pm
mao distorted

Oh I so did. [for those who don't know who Rosy is... I moved out from home and am now living with a 57 year old woman called Roswitha XD]

Remember when I first showed her all the JRocker's pictures that I have on my iPod, and she just couldn't bare looking at exactly

because she thought it far too beautiful to be real, or even, be a man.

So today I finally showed her some vids, also of Gazette, ne, and Gackt, and then more pictures of him. I have to take it slowly, ne, can't show her everything in one go. So... a couple of bands... and only about 10 pictures of Gackt. Take it slooowly. Veeerrryyyy slowly.

So we looked at them. She even requested "That blonde one... please... let me look... at that blonde one again." She never managed to forget that one picture, never ever since she'd seen it.

Of course I put it in the list, ne. So we looked at all of them, and back to this and that one. Then suddenly she said... "Do you... have more pictures of... the blonde one?"

And I laughed.

Laughed XXD

"Ummm... you mean like... more pictures of that guy."

"*shudders* Mmmhmmm yes."

"Ahahaha... Well... *laughs* you know it's ALL Gackt. All of that."

*can'tfathomitlook* "A...all of...?"

"Yeah, all those pictures we've just seen. It's all Gackt. Every single one of them."

O_____o" "C...can we... look at... can I look at them again... ummm..."

So we looked at them again, in depth, realisation hitting her that all of those faces and hairstyles [she thoughts those stylists were awesome artists XD] were of the same man. And she very, very much loved that blonde hairstyle. So suddenly in my head it went "Pling! PinPon!" hehe and I... started Vanilla, chuckling all the time while she had no idea what would be coming up. I told her that the lyrics were a little explicit, but that's the only thing I really said. I just giggled and waited what would happen.


She almost screamed, yet again, and she wasn't able to finish it. Actually, she could only watch about 30 seconds of it, then she had to go and sit down, staring blankly.

Oh sheesh. I'm damaging her, amen't I? xD

Actually, it all lead to a very interesting talk about lonely wolves and happiness in loneliness, pain... more loneliness, all because of Gackt, and also, about Gackt. She is actually really smart. Not intellectually, smart because of knowing much that can be taught with books and so on... There are words I use she sometimes doesn't understand. But she's emotionally smart.

And I'm befriending the cats XD Well... actually the one that is more introvert and shy, hehe... the one that actually is cuddling, Beluga [he's the boss by the way], he started looking at me sceptical, ever since I played with Charlie. Rosy couldn't believe it when I told her that I did XD That he actually played with me hee~

Well... Charlie doesn't walk away that much anymore, and he never skips away anymore when I get close. He's doing that with people, ne. And just when I got back from my shower, he sat there on the top of his scratching post, just above eyelevel, that giant red Persian, hehe, and since he didn't jump down, just looking a tad insecure [the post is just next to my door, so I had to pass it inevitably] So I just raised my hand and scratched his head, and crawled and did all those nice little things with my skilled left xD And he started purring and rubbing up into my hands... And when he then got up, he didn't do it to run away... but to turn under my hand, keeping the contact, and lying down again.


I scratched him a good while. Aww... I always love those that are shy. Because they hold so much love, ne. You just have to break the ice. [I seem to have a talent there, eh...?]

Oh yeah... I could post piccus... I took a few when Mom and Granddad where here on the day of my move, ne.

That's still at my place. Miro looks a little sceptical, there...

Here XD Ummm... they look a little as if they were fighting, ne. XD But they're really just talking. Granddad is always... gesticulating quite a bit. The woman on the left looking all stunned is Rosy hehe. [She's tiny by the way... XD]
14th-Nov-2007 12:46 am (UTC)
Omg, that is too cute she asked about Gackt-hahahaha!!
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