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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[マオ] m(_ _)m 
14th-Nov-2007 10:38 pm
mao distorted

I want Baileys.

I need chocolate.

Ohhh damn why is there a bottle of Baileys in my wardrobe...? And... ummm... chocolate? Chili chocolate? Original Irish Baileys? And Cool Swane in the fridge? Wai? Waiiii?


And why is it he doesn't have to do anything much anymore, a posted picture is enough, pluss ummm a video in which I'm only ever staring at his mouth and into his eyes and am totally lost and actually I do have a presentation due tomorrow, but I never got the text for it, so I tried and found something about Edvard Munch on the net, but now I have to read through his biografie in Norwegian and remember and present that tomorrow but I'm just majorly distracted... And I'm cold. And I'm going to watch it again, I know. I was just about to click on the Munch article, when I clicked on the マオリンク instead.寒しこ


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