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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Imagine. I just cleaned my room. Like... totally. Every crook and niche. 
28th-Dec-2009 06:49 pm
aoi thinking
Indeed, I did. Short entry and note of possible absence here~

I cleaned places I never even touched once in two years xD I had a couple of these "Ah, that's how you look from behind!"-moments. *laughs* I surprisingly really don't mind cleaning up when I set everything up to do it. I need to plan that, or I'll never clean and rearrange everything xD

Took me about 3.5 hours. My room has never been cleaner, and it's a long time that I've been so dirty like I was when I was finished, seriously. White dust on my black skirt, black dust on my white skin... I'm suspecting crawling life in all the dust. >.> I'm slightly surprised I didn't break a nail 8D Glad for that kehe. Next time I'm gonna use gloves, as much is sure.

One of the reasons for why I did it simply rooted on the curiosity to see how dirty my room would get when I'd leave it unattended for a couple of days. Actually, I'll shut my window unless I forget to do that, maybe that way it won't get all that dirty, but who knows. City-life to the fullest. Black dust, yay. -_-'

I was amazed to find my stereo being black under the layer of grey it used to have 8D

Tidied the whole place up, went to the glass containers to get rid of the couple sake bottles and olive glasses I had gathered the past few months, dusted, tidied and scrubbed the place, threw out a couple of things, threw out the garbage... Yosh. To put it into two three words: I'm content. =D

It was such a useful, distracting act. Nya.

☆ However, I guess I sorta destroyed the calmness and peace I had all about me when I checked the flights for tomorrow after I was done X'DDDDD *fail*
Especially since when I clicked the list, I didn't seeeee iiiiiittttttt >_______<" ... Right, sweat breaking out. ... Until I realized that what I saw wasn't the whole list, nope, the "end" of it hadn't even been the beginning. Wonderful advertisement-placement for the win. With that realization striking, I at least was able to breathe again haha... Well, now I know what Terminal it's supposed to be ya...y, but... nervousness is back. *chuckle* Not that I mind it, actually :3

☆ I'm gonna go back to mom's place then, and so on, with the latter possibly being rather much *smiles*, and I'm very likely to not blog at all, just like... last time ... something the like happened. *clears throat* ... Yeah, right, I might be slightly out of my senses. And not make any sense at all to most people right now... More than usually :3 But well x3

We'll see ^-^

☆ Also my responsibility as blog-translator might be laid to rest for a while *laughs* Well, as long as 勇企 doesn't spam blog with 15ish entries per day, I guess it's gonna be alright.

... Ughs. I think I'll end up babbling even more if I keep on writing, so I guess I'll stop about here...

Had a wonderful Yule-tide at my mom's, with grannie and gramps, it was so~ funny, haha...

Which reminds me, there still were poems and translations I might have wanted to post earlier at some point. Might still do that~

See you around then :3
Have a wonderful time, and hopefully positive starts into next year にゃにゃ〜♫

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