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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Oh, he tends to aim at the jugular 
27th-Jan-2010 12:01 am
mao distorted
Ahh, here's me, thinking I might just want to do some sort of update again, and if it's merely to not forget how to coD3 *laughs*


Yesterday I was at Yuki's place to watch some movies, nya... Well, there she was in her huge office-chair (type 'big boss'), me on her left on her huge bed, and somewhere to my left, of course on something that will make noise upon moving on top of it, her pitch-black cat Shiroi. With some distraction caused by the TV, I started petting him, then poked him gently, and before I knew it, I had his claws and his fangs in my arm... xD Well, gently at first, and I let him play, scrambling with him, until his grip got stronger in just a couple of seconds, and suddenly I felt very keen on NOT having him tear my arm to pieces, so I fought back slightly stronger and pulled my arm away, leaving it with a couple of broad marks and a nice bleeding flesh-wound 8D
*laughs* Sounds worse than it was, but well. He kept sitting there huffing at me as if he'd just want to tear me apart for a couple of minutes, while I tried the "I'm not noticing you at all, see, I'm brushing my fur all absent-minded, scratching behind my ears, lala♪"-tactic. ... Guess it worked.
I knew before that he's a violent player, but what Yuki let me in on after that little episode, just when he was sitting there as if considering attacking me, was

Yuki: Hnn well, gotta be careful there. He tends to... aim at the jugular.
Me:... Eh..
Yuki: *laughs* Yeah! One time I was play-fighting with him, he actually really went there. Luckily my arm was faster, so his jaw only locked around my upper arm.
Me: .... oO"
Yuki: ... xD ... But well. That hurt like he~~ll already so... >.>

I was talking to Melissa on msn later and told her about the little incident. She just went like "HO SHIT!!! That's not playing anymore!!! O___O", and well... guess not really.

So now I have a couple of red claw-marks down my arm. ... Not that I'm not used to these XDD... For once they're from an actual cat though. >.>' [Not that I ever had anything about those... others x3... *ahem*]

I have a problem with sleeping lately. ... For once however not the 'sleeping too little' but the 'sleeping too much'. Yesterday was the second time when I failed to hear BOTH my alarm clocks X_____x' And slept something like.. 10 hours! Ho shit... 8D
Well, today I switched my radio-alarm to shrill BEEBEEBEE, and my changed the mobile-phone tune, and behold, I awoke perfectly in time. Should have done that earlier, I guess. [Oh well, at least I can't say I'm sleep deprived now *laughs*... Actually, when I think about it... <.< Ever since vacations... my rhythm has been oddly off... ... XDD *sly grin* Oh well!]

Right! Gonna go to Yuki's place again tomorrow. Or, at least it's planned. We seem to meet up fairly often lately *laughs* It tends to be just for watching movies [that we end up not watching after all, instead keep watching some stuff that happens to run on TV *laughs*] or overcoming mutual loneliness together. And tomorrow is the second episode of Vampire Diaries. We watched the first one together, and she sort of begged me to see the second one with her as well *laughs* So far we're not yet convinced about it, but oh well. The bad guy seems interesting >D

On monday at work, there came this hu~ge black guy with his very light-coloured daughter. He only wanted to buy a shampoo and another little thing, but the girl was glued to our DVD-rack... *laughs* When he said something to her, I realized he wasn't German, so I commented about the little one being "undecided" and told him the price in English.

Him: *looking down at me sideways with a look almost perky* So... *deep, raspy voice* where a' you from?
Me: ... *grins* Germany, actually.
Him: Oh!... Are you!

*laughs* Mhhm xDDD Well, we talked for a while, me telling him how I've been in Ireland and all, but the American accent is just too easy to pick up, and so on and so on *laughs*

Me: So, where are you from?
Him: *raspy* I'm from Nu York
Me: Ohhh~~are you :3 *fake sings* NewYorkNewYork♪
Him: *laughs* Yeh... she's from Nu York too, bud she can't remember~

They actually came again just a bit before I closed down ("Can I just grab somethin?" - "Surrre, do"), this time his wife/girlfriend was with him as well, and behold, just then the little one talked fluently German xD So cute~

Hn ... UnsraW doomsday is getting closer by day... It makes me shudder. And I still don't really know what to do then. Uhh... I might end up doing nothing, and ... I won't know how to deal with it before it happened anyway. ... *shudders* Gawds...

Something rather odd happened today. Last night I dreamt of a ... sort of cat ... it was evil... and I had to kill it. Which I did. The blood spurting out from it seemed ... a lot. *shudder* Today while I was going to the canteen with Daniさん and Yuki, Yuki told me she dreamt of a pack of wild, evil cats that were about to kill her, so she fought against them for her life.

As I'm interested in all kinds of odd incidents, and just remembered, I asked around online just now. One remembered the dreams, but nothing of cats. Another remembered nothing. And a third remembered, and when I asked whether cats had been in it, she said "Actually, yes." Adding to the fact that there'd been a cat in it, it wasn't a cozy snuggle-up cat either. She said that she felt followed and saw its shadow... feeling rather creeped out by it.

So we already have three dreams of cats. *lays head to the side*
Ah... And I just realized that both one of Neil's cats, and one of Rosie's son's cats had to be put down today.

If you happen to read this and remember your dream, be so kind as to tell me :3... Especially if cats were in it, in any form.

Much obliged~~ ♥

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