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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Thisssss... puts me SO much under drugs 
30th-Jan-2010 10:53 pm
Oh Gawds!!!


The video I'm all spazzing about right now sadly it can't be embedded, but the performance is so much better than most of those out there

Waaaaaa~y down inside... WOMAN, you neeheed...
Watch it, seriously.

Bonzo and Robert's joke in the beginning about football being bollocks!!!! AHAHA! I LOVE them. Still, after so many years xD
And Robert "I prefer grapes... anyone?" 8DDDDDDDD SURE! Don't really feel like replying "Sure, gimme sum of ya grapes, will ya", it'll... sound... sumwhat wrong I think 8'D

lmao ... Jimmy and his invisible guitar HAHA! That WITCH ♥

And I never realized before... but, there's fanservice!!! Actual fanservice! ... as far as westlers usually go anyway xP

This druggggs me. So mucchhhh... >___<

And here, love this so much. One of my faves. ;-;

Ride a white mare in the footsteps of dawn, trying to find a woman who's never, never, never been born... ♪

One can see that Jonesy usually is the bass-player, right? I find it rather visible in his face at 3:15 xD


I actually had this one ↓ embedded up there first, but as you can only ever see Rob and Jimmy plus white... something *ahem* in his mouth, I re-decided XD

This one is lovely, too, though

...Well, Jimmy, old boy, you ARE far too old for me at present to fall in love with you, but...
I love you and your guitars, you know. ;-;

Oh well, could add so much more *laughs*

Gods, it's been so long that I listened to them, but strangely, I started having these "Non-Japanese-playlist" days lately. After a long time of days where I've been listening to a lot of Japanese, as per usual, however songs and a type of music I haven't ever listened to before *laughs*
So all in all, unusual days.

Don't actually know why I got back to LedZepp, guess it was just a whim. In any case, I've been listening to almost nothing but them the last couple of days on my iPod haha... even at work, when no one was there >.>''

There were a lot of moments when I just stood between one rack and the other (... at work, remember >.>') and laughed out loud, shaking my head, while I find that so many of his lyrics fit SO well to my present me. It's just so amazing, ugh. The love [AND the sexual attraction XD] to his wife was just so amazing and deep ;-; It's touching. [... and sexy XD] Fantastic, actually, to re-discover them and noticing they still hold the power to... turn me on fascinate me. 8'D

They mean so much to me srsly, augh, LEGENDS THEY ARE GAH.
Yes, I'm a LedZeppelin fan, have been for years. I just stopped listening to WestlerMusic when JRock took over my musical world completely. That didn't change how much I love LedZepp though hahah...

And ... Jimmy ;___; ♥ He's my absolute guitar hero.
It never changed, and he's still hanging at my door. [Well. A... picture of him 8D]

And I guess it's VERY wrong, but just now when I watched some live stuff, he reminded me of しんぢ >.> ... ah...haha...ha? Is it... is it... wrong? 8D A-OUCH! The thought just hit me... now... a..hah 8D
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