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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Err... what? 
31st-Jan-2010 03:00 pm
Mao eye
Playlist phayl/win.

Not sure which one of them.

Took a snapshot of the last.fm list, so the most recent is the top one.

from 君の事が on I got hurled back to a chapter in my past and almost drowned in thoughts and fragments of memories.

Was able to get back to studies after a while.


When 輪廻 and the following came crushing in, I found I needed a break. The couple of songs between them were bearable, but heck. Only just.

Oh well. Gonna cling a bit to HYDE様 and study on.


Well, I did that. But as soon as I let go of HYDE様 after a while... did I seriously think it would stop?
Guess so.

... I had felt like repeating 月が舞い降りる事のない大地, but the that one came up, and this, and THAT, and I felt like repeating about all of them, until ... well. orz. At least 眩暈 kicked me back, but ugh. 星の無い even.

Well, I'll see for how long this time... augh.
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