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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[翻訳] UnsraW - Gate of Death 
13th-Feb-2010 02:25 pm
So I'm going to try and keep them coming for as long as I'm still in the translation-spirit *laughs*
And by the way, I do not own the 'wonderful' booklet translations of the songs I translate. だから.

The kanji lyrics are from the booklet. Romaji and translation are done by me.
Don't repost without link to this post, you know the rules.

Gate of Death
此処には深い愛 と 渦

掠れた声は 傷塗れ
心を犯された ままで
罪無きこの手さえ 息絶え
眠れる 赤い海 深く

永過ぎた 苦しみの日々
遠過ぎた 光挿す日よ
歩き疲れて先が もう見えない
霞み行く 絶望の陽に
届かない この産声も
抱えすぎた 夢
悲しすぎる シナリオも (1)


此処には暗い愛 と 渦
私は殻の中 まだ彷徨い


Gate of Death
asu he no kibou sae kieta
koko ni wa fukai ai  to uzu

kasureta koe wa kizu mamire
kokoro wo okasareta mama de
tsumi naki kono te sae iki tae
nemureru akai umi fukaku

nagasugita kurushimi no hibi
toosugita hikari sasu hi yo
arukitsukarete saki ga mou mienai
kasumi iku zetsubou no hi ni [1]
todokanai kono ubugoe mo
kakaesugita yume
kanashisugiru SHINARIO mo (see 1)



asu he no kibou sae kieta
koko ni wa kurai ai to uzu
watashi wa kara no naka mada samayoi
asu he no tobira sae…


Gate of Death
Even the wishes to tomorrow have vanished
Here, there is deep love and vortexes

My cracked voice is smeared with wounds
The way my heart was violated
Even these crime-less hands, my breath is cut off
I can sleep red sea deeply

The days of anguish were far too long
The days that are grafted with light were far too distant
Tired from walking I cannot see ahead anymore
In the days of hopelessness that are going to grow hazy [see 1]
Not even this innocent cry reaches through [2]
The dreams I held in my arms
Even the scenarios are far too sorrowful (see 1)


Fare well

Even the wishes to tomorrow have vanished
Here, there is dark love and vortexes
I still wander about inside of a husk
Even the gate to tomorrow…

has been shut

[1] I just wanted to point out the play with opposites in this line. On the left side there is 霞 (fog, haziness) and on the right 陽 (day, sun, clarity)
[2] ubugoe as one word actually means a "baby's first cry". I chose to pull the meaning of the two apart to give the kanji their original meanings - "innocent" and "voice". However keep in mind the image of a baby's cry.

(1) Instead of "scenario", he sings uta - song. So the line becomes "Even the songs are far too sorrowful"

So here's another one.
Comments are always loved ♥

If you're interested, my song translation archive is here~.
13th-Feb-2010 02:02 pm (UTC)
WOW, that's interesting, coz Romaji and translation are in the booklet (Screaming Birthday DVD), too.

Your way of writing Romaji differs from the booklet - e.g. the first line is "Asueno kibousae kieta" in the booklet, only 3 words. Gosh, Japanese is so complicated ...

Your translation is great - compared to the one in the booklet. Fascinating: in the booklet it says "even a baby's first cry does not reach to there" (footnote 2)

Why not earn money with this, he?????
13th-Feb-2010 02:26 pm (UTC)
Ah, I know. But I can feel songs differently when I understand and translate them myself. And I find booklet translations more than often incorrect.

The way they write romaji is just... off -_-'

Well, the thing with the baby's cry is the literal translation. ^ ^

That's what I'm sorta intending to do XP ... however the money prolly won't come fleeting in via song translations, gotta do other things for that X'D
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