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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Don't laugh. Or I'll have to kiss you. 
16th-Feb-2010 02:31 pm
I'm amazed.

There are just so many funny personas out there... and I happen to meet so many of them 8'D

Yesterday at work something rather remarkable happened... as in "This never happened to me before, and I doubt it will ever happen again 8D"... without giving away whether I'd actually like something like that to happen again... *laughs*

あら…It still makes me laugh when I think of it now, haha...

Well, so it was like three minutes before I was going to close down the store. No one was there, just me.
Until a man probably in his late thirties entered the store. He looked like a family man, friendly, busy, well clad in a heavy, brown coat, carrying some files with both hands.

So this is how the story went:

Customer: *rushes in* Oh! Hello! *verrry rushed*
Me: Hello~
Customer: *applying his integrated brake as he sees me behind the counter, his lower body still moving, his upper body leaning backward* How much time do I have left until you close down~?
Me: *slow grin crawling over lips* Uhmm... Three minutes! [I like it when they actually ask, and not just think they still have hours left...]
Customer: *relaxation washing over his face and body* Oh~~~ Well THEN I can take ALL the time in the wo~~~~rld to go sho~~pping here no~~~~w~ [... oh well XD]
Me: *silent snort-laugh* Uhm... YES! 8D... ... *as he rushes out of sight* Uhm... Two minutes, by the way!
Customer: Hmm... *apparently in front of what he was looking for* Do you have any more of these chocolate things?
Me: *blinks, knowing him in a place where she doesn't really know of anything chocolaty* Err... Chocolate... what? *laughs, finding him somewhat charming already* *leaves counter and goes to meet him*
Customer: *already coming towards me* These, if there aren't any more on the shelves, does that mean you don't have any others in stock, is that right?
Me: Mmmhmm, *laughs* that's ri~ght... *sees that what he was getting were chocolate drinks for babies*
Customer: *still sorta rushed, but relaxed at the same time* Alright then, [I almost heard him say 'lassie' there XD] I'll be taking these then! *balancing them on his files*
Me: Uhm... *reaches out to take them, some confusion about who goes where and takes what 8D* ... *laughs*
Customer: *decides to take them himself and walk around one of the racks to the other side of the counter, while I do the same just on my side* ... Don't laugh~
Me: Oh well~ *laughing again and sitting down behind the checkout*
Customer: ... *appearing behind it and putting the drinks and files down* Don't laugh! Or I'll have to kiss you!
Me: ... Uhm... >>' ... *slight laugh*
Customer: *looks at me* ... I'm serious!
Me: ... 8D Oka~y then... *chuckle* ... *realizes he took two chocolate drinks, and one with a different flavor, scanning the two chocolates* Uhm, did you take the other one by accident? Cause you said...
Customer: *gazes down at the drinks* Hm, well, I actually only need the chocolate ones, yeah...
Me: *saying the price for those two, something around 3,xx*
Customer: *pays with a 10er* Four~
Me: Ehh... *realizing he wanted to have me keep the change* Oh! *chuckle* Thank you!
Customer: *looks at the other flavor while we exchange money* Uhm... did you do that one, too?
Me: Hnn? No, *sorta confused about the change she just gave him, not sure she was thinking correctly* didn't, thought you only wanted chocolate~~
Customer: Ack, that's ri~~~ght *makes some swaying motion to the side* I only need those, but I'll take that one anyway!
Me: ... *innerly lays head on one side and goes えっ?* Hnn, okay, so we'll take it extra then~ *scans, laughs and says the price*
Customer: *rearranges files and drinks and pays the third drink with 2€, again giving me the rest of the change* You know, I was dead-serious about that.
Me: ... *gazes and just grins* err...
Customer: *pours some tictacs [small mint drops] into his mouth, eats some, and then moves two of them onto his lower lip, making them look like two askew front-teeth that peek out from his mouth (like :B) while looking dead serious at the same time* Well, better leave you so you can go home, too~♪
Me: ... *almost crying on the inside, gives a laugh on the outside* 8'D *gets up to get ready to close the place down*
Customer: *gazes, then rush-walks around the counter towards the exit, passing me and leaning in* Told you.
Me:... O____o ... A...ahahah! xD *not sure what to do at all*
Customer: *leans in to kiss me*
Me: .................................. *tries to bite down her laughter and turns her face to the side*
Customer: Aww... Okay then. *rubs his cheek softly against mine and then rushes out* Have a nice evening!♪
Me: .......... th..ank you♪ You... too... 8D... *not even seeing him anymore, closing down ... realizing minutes later that she accidentally had given him about 1€ less xD*

..... just... WHAT? XDDDDDDDDDDDD What on EARTH was that??? XDDDDDD

I've never seen him before, so he's not a regular, but just... JUST!!! *casts hands towards heavens* AHAHAHAHA!

What IS that? Is there some rule during carnival-time that you're allowed to kiss anyone who's laughing, or what???? XDDDDDD

Aww, he was so funny... *wipes tear out of the corner of her eye* Can't even articulate it XD
And whatever that was about him, he was like some really funny James Bond, and yeah for some reason I ~do~ like these sorts of "charming" men xDDDD

Aww... I actually felt slightly bad to have let him down ;-; ... I just amen't really into kissing strangers >.>' but... 8D

Oh wellll... So much about the fun parts xD
There were less funny things today, house related, but I won't mention them in this post XD Too funny.

I'm just about to do what I had been wanting to do for quite a long time = totally re-format the hard-disc... It's... a needed act. -_-' I've only ever done it once, but that was just a short while after I had gotten my laptop, so there hadn't been too much on it. I don't really remember how that went >.O

Right now I just have far too little memory space left on it, no idea where it has all gone to. All the files I keep on my laptop, including vids and music, shouldn't be much more than 55GB, and this darlin' here came with 120GB. Well, it's actually only about 90+, but STILL there should be MORE space on it than 8GB o-o'

So yeah, I'm trying formatting. And hope that none of my files die while I keep them on my EHD O.<

Which will happen in approx 20mins, when the last of my files have been copied over. うん。
*grooms laptop*

And then happy re-doing EVERYTHING tonight 8D... Ya~y...

16th-Feb-2010 02:58 pm (UTC)
*giggles with tears of joy in her eyes*
You should take pics of SUCH customers!!!
16th-Feb-2010 07:48 pm (UTC)
After reading again, I must wonder whether this actually happened.... o-o'

But aye, it did...
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