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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[翻訳] UnsraW - 艶蝕の夢 
18th-Feb-2010 09:49 pm
Apparently it says in the Screaming Birthday booklet, that "the artist doesn't intend the lyrics to be published in English", or something the like, which made me want to translate this even more.

The lyrics are yet from from kusanoo, which sometimes are reliable, sometimes aren't. (I'll probably have to revise my whole work once I get the original orz)
Lyrics are now from the Calling-booklet, and yes, I revised the complete song. w

Romaji and translation as usual by me, notes are at the end of the post.
Don't repost etc without link/credits to the original post = this one.

Here you go~

艶蝕の夢 [0]
抱いていた 灰の夢
零れ落ちてく 春と知り

窓にもう死んだ小鳥を 飾ろう


色褪せてゆく 追憶の中で…

泣いていた 灰の歌
届かないまま 春と死ぬ
鍵をかけた「想」を 今…


変われない 愚かさもそう 在る意味は無い
さぁ今すぐロープを巻きつけ 意識を切断
4.  3. 2. 1.
どうしたら どうしたら 蝿の群がる君の元へ行けるだろう
探しても 探しても 答えなど無い 渦巻 泥殻 地獄を
たった一人 歩き続け昇る陽にも気付かぬ程
腐り墜ちてく 花と散り
抱いていた 灰の夢
零れ落ちてく 春を知り

Enshoku no Yume
daiteita  hai no yume
koboreochiteku  haru to shiri
kagi wo kaketa 「omoi」sae

kirikizamu oto kasanete wa
asa wo urami tsudsuketa
mado ni mou shinda kotori wo kazarou

fushoku suru hada
modosenai hari wo tada mitsume
sakebu koe hitotsu mata tsuirakushichiru bakari

iroaseteyuku tsuioku no naka de…

naiteita  hai no uta
todokanai mama  haru to shinu
kagi wo kaketa「omoi」wo  ima...

osanaki koro ni egaita yume wa yagate yume no naka de yume no mama kiezari
osanaki koro ni egaita yume wa yagate yume no naka de yume ni nari kiezaru (1)

kawarenai  orokasa mo sou  aru imi wa nai
saa ima sugu ROOPU wo makitsuke ishiki wo setsudan
4. 3. 2. 1. (2)
doushitara doushitara hae no muragaru kimi no moto he ikeru darou
sagashite mo  sagashite mo kotae nado nai uzumaki dorokara jigoku wo (3)
tatta hitori arukitsudsuke noboru hi ni mo kidsukanu hodo
kusariochiteku hana to chiri
asu ni haseta 「omoi」wo...
daiteita  hai no yume
koboreochiteku  haru wo shiri
kagi wo kaketa 「omoi」ga

A Dream of Fascinating Eclipse [1]
The ashen dream  I was holding
is known as the spring that is  going to spill over and fall
Even the locked 「feelings」
have vanished [2]

The mangled sounds repeatedly
continued to curse the morning
The small bird that has already died in the window shall I adorn it [3]

Skin that corrodes
I simply stare at the hand I cannot turn back [4]
Again only my screaming voice nothing but crashes and scatters

Inside the recollections that are going to dull... [5]

The ashen song  that was crying
dies as the spring  that can't arrive
The locked「feelings」 now...

The dream I drew when I was very young at length will vanish inside a dream, just the way dreams do
The dream I drew when I was very young at length will vanish, becoming dreams inside of a dream

Also for the foolishness  that cannot change  there is no reason to exist
Come, twine a rope around right now severance of consciousness
4. 3. 2. 1. (see 2)
How  how  can I go to where you, who the flies swarm around, are?
Even though I looked for it  looked for it, there is no answer Eddy Mud-shell Hell [6]
To the degree that even by the all alone continuing to walking, rising sun, they are not noticed
They will scatter into blossoms that are going to rot and fall,
The「feelings」driven to tomorrow...
The ashen dream  I was holding
understands the spring that is going to spill over and fall
While the locked 「feelings」
are crying...

[0] This title bugs the hell out of me. On their homepage it says 艶色. On Calling and Screaming Birthday themselves it says 艶蝕. Jin keeps writing it 艶触. I know that I've been confused about this already when I posted this, but I just realized it again, and so in the end, NO it's definitely not 艶色. It's either 艶触の夢 or 艶蝕の夢. I'm going with the originally printed version, but I definitely should drop them a line about this *shakes fists*
[1] Play with kanji in the title. Enshoku would usually be written 炎色, which means 'flame-colour'. EDIT, if you see it anywhere as 艶色 which would make it into 'voluptuous/fascinating colour', it's definitely wrong, [see 0]. It really is either 艶触 or 艶蝕, so it actually could mean either 'fascinating-touch' or 'fascinating-eclipse'.
[2] 'Locked' as in 'with a key'
[3] It = the small bird
[4] Not the hand of flesh and bones, but the one of a clock. Also note what whatever stares at it doesn't necessarily have to be himself, it could also be read in a way that it's the skin that does the staring
[5] 'Dull/fade', the way colours fade
[6] Whatever you do, but don't be thinking of personal names when reading 'eddy'

(1) The two lines are being repeated
(2) It reads 4 → 1 in the booklet, however he says it the other way around, starting with '1'.
(3) He is singing something after this line that didn't appear in the kanji, nor can I make it out.


What a fascinating song. I really enjoyed trying to translate this.

Comments are lo~ve ♪

If you're interested in more, my lyrics translation archive is here~.
18th-Feb-2010 09:08 pm (UTC)
"The artist doesn't intend the lyrics to be published in English"???

Does that seem incredibly douchey or is it just me? XD
18th-Feb-2010 09:22 pm (UTC)
*laughs* Oh I don't know... xD I mean... they DO have one song with totally unpublished lyrics (and alas it's nearly impossible to hear out what he growls sings), and that's LUST. ... *ahem* Right.

Don't know why he didn't want those to be translated. Maybe he wanted to keep them 'secret', or sort of like "if you want to know what it means, understand it by yourselves", sort of... I might just ask him one day :3
22nd-Apr-2012 08:32 pm (UTC) - Translation…
Perhaps this one was particularly difficult to translate? The ‘Lust’ song mentioned has no lyrics written even in Japanese. The Screaming Birthday booklet contains the lyrics in Romaji, but just not in English.
27th-Apr-2012 03:20 pm (UTC) - Re: Translation…
No, I doubt that was the reason. It's pretty unlikely in fact - all lyrics are translatable. It was his intent to just not publish them. An air of mystery, if you like.
20th-Jun-2010 03:31 am (UTC)
This comment is obscenely late, but I just realized the kanji in the title of this post for the song is incorrect. >_> Isn't the second one in enshoku supposed to be 色 rather than 蝕? (That's the way you have it in the actual post.)

20th-Jun-2010 12:02 pm (UTC)
Oh lordy lords... in the title even |D thought I'd killed that kanji before but ahaha Thanks for noticing *shot*

2nd-Oct-2010 10:53 am (UTC)
Thank you for this! I love UnsraW!
I would really like to use your translations to sub some of their songs for Youtube, if you don't mind? (Credit and a link would be in the description, of course.) ^_^
2nd-Oct-2010 11:38 am (UTC)
Oh, you're welcome ^-^
Aye, that sounds wonderful. Use the translations for whatever you like, as long as you credit as you said :3

Also send me the yt link once you've done it, I'd like to see your work, too~
2nd-Oct-2010 03:41 pm (UTC)
Here is the subbed video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wk0cpUsl5Tg
Thank you for the translation! :)
3rd-Oct-2010 03:36 pm (UTC)
You're welcome nya.
And thanks for the link. Looking fine~ <3

Oh and... you deleted the comment, but you had a question about one line, right?
I only saw that now ahah. Well, his lyrics aren't always "obvious", rarely so actually, but it seems to be the sun that is both all alone, and continuing to walk and rise, etc.

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