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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
燃えるゴミ 〜 ブログの。。。 
18th-Nov-2007 01:52 pm
mao distorted

Ne, ameba is such a good place for publicity... When I got accepted as Miya's amemba, there were about 15 others, I think... or 12. Now there are already 26. Guess he's petaing everyone he comes across xD Smart smart. He upped today... so did Shachi バラ

O_____o Ohhh...my Gods Miya was on my blog yet again! Just... today... at 5pm their time. ラブラブ

... He's ... on my blog... I need to blog about him XD ... even if it's only


Well on to their blogs, ne.

... みや...


Because of

the Thereflu

with it's help it was great fun kana


I recovered kana


who worried for my sake

The little mails

I'm happy

Thank you.

Wheeeee!!! XD ... Well I wasn't wheeing, but I grinned broadly and felt like "awww"... because just that day/night before, I sent him a little mail hoping he'll be fine soon... and ganbatte, kind of. *likes みや*

Then, his entry from today...

"The night is too cold"



the difference in temperature

is so vehemt naa~

[Ko o tsukete is like 'fare thee well, take care of you, take care etc, but I don't know that grammar bit XD... 'nakuchadayo']

This above mentioned

physical condition

[Grammar, ne XD 崩す kuzusu means 'bring down' or 'destroy']


[naosanto. naosu ... to heal, ne? Is that supposed to be ironic? *kicks self to grammar*]

Well, off to Shachi's 鯱... He upped about six times... *loves*

First things first.

He met 雄介 in 渋谷... lol... He's very stylish, ne?

He appearently loves descending that hill... ummm 九段. [He also likes taking pictures with his camphone, that me likesh] He took a lengthy walk mitai haha... There he took a picture of Budokan. Siam Shade are playing, well were playing there, today. He likes them, ne.
Oogosho... is that something like... idol? It says 'influential figure' sheesh haha. Naaah... I guess it's a place XD he took a (very very blurred) picture of that place saying that there started to be so many flowers there.



I like him.

Going on... Ahhh... so he was there?

After the party.

Saikkkkkkkkkkkkou! [*lurvs*]

They seem to have approved that way... by what means...

I, also, have to keep at it.

Naa... you guys... am I doing rock?

I am sincere...

Up till now, after this, forever,


Yuusuke, he just upped. He's always upping more lengthy than others. His entry is called 'wizard' xD And he's a bit drunk and wants to go and sleep, saying Oyasumi. I'd like to say what he's blogging about. He always writes a lot (typical lyricist XD... wait... I just noticed I'm in no way better lol) ... I'd love to understand him. It seems interesting.

.... *chuuu~*

*goes and listens to Siam Shade* XD... Is it possible ... I don't know them, not even see comments, and duh, already am I listening to music 鯱 likes. @_@ I'm a destined fangirl, I guess. Sheesh.
18th-Nov-2007 02:51 pm (UTC)
Ahhhh how wonderful *smiles* Cripes, I need to start learning Japanese so I can feel the LURVE..*grunts softly* You're probably gonna smack me for saying I've never heard of Siam Shade. Then again..you'd probably not be surprised...*ohmyGoddess*.

Now the abject worshipper must find..and listen. . .
18th-Nov-2007 02:54 pm (UTC)
Heee~... i didn't know SiamShade either, their a group from the 90ies but I found a bit and downloaded. One of three... there's a lot ne XD
18th-Nov-2007 07:17 pm (UTC)
"One of three" ?? Guess I wasn't making much sense XD Don't know what I was thinking of there. But... SiamShade are cool. Like it. I have them in my playlist right now, and, not knowing their songs, suddenly something comes up and I'm moving with the rhythm and beat and after a while I notice that I'm doing that and start listening and then wonder if I've ever heard it before... but no, so I take a look, and whee, it's them XD

They rock it XD
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