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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[poem] 理由 
25th-Feb-2010 02:22 am
uru pain
Originally this didn't have a title. Muses struck again multiple times the past weeks, several times a day. For this one they did while I was out and about somewhere, so it just went as the second part of a "Fragment" for a while, before I decided to put it up.

(15. February 2010)

Soak me with your eyes
To your moons’ light pull me in
Soak me until there’s not the least
Bit fragment of unfortunate virtue
Left on my prickling skin

Draw me close, bind me up
and never let me go
Like thorn-twines your fingers
To the ends of my morals flow
Pinching the veins of
Uncertain Values
That drown in the heaviness
Of our erupting sighs
And turn respiration into
Mesmerizing cries

And so thoroughly shake me
Till all meaning of my name
Lies bleeding and obeisant
As the one and only reason
In the palms of your impurity’s
Sacred hands for feasting.

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