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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[翻訳] UnsraW - 桜の涙 
26th-Feb-2010 11:43 pm
I found this has been lying around for too long already, I should finally post it. There were some headache-lines about it, but oh well, I might or might not have solved them. I tried xD

The lyrics are from the booklet, romaji and translation are done by me. About my headaches, tonbo_no_arashi先輩 helped soothing them.
Notes are as usual at the end of the post, and also~

Don't repost/redistribute without link to this post here, thanks :3

Here we go~

時空を越え 届け この葬よ…

翔く その闇を裂き
ずっと輝き続け 愛し過ぎた
儚く その命燃やす 赤き日に

隠した涙  は はらりひらりと
溶込み 昇華されてゆく…
今更 遅い餞は届かない
この先も もう二度と…

何を 其処に見て 信じていた?
沈む声が 薄れ掻き消され ただ

翔く その闇を裂き いつか
[祈り]が君に届く様 ずっと
輝く その羽広げ 遥か彼方へあの約束を…

Sakura no Namida
miageta ya (1) ni zutto
machi kogareteiru hazu
toki (2) wo koe  todoke kono sou yo...

habataku sono yami wo saki
zutto kagayakitsuduke aishisugita
hakanaku sono inochi moyasu akaki hi ni
towa (3) no sachi wo...

kakushita namida wa hararihirari to
tokekomi shouka sareteyuku...
imasara osoi hanamuke wa todokanai
kono saki mo mou nidoto...

nani wo soko ni mite shinjiteita?
shizumu koe ga usure kakikesare tada
toumei na umi ga kuroku yodomu koro
ima kara soko he nigetemo
asu wa konai darou

habataku  sono yami wo saki itsuka
[inori] ga kimi ni todoku you zutto
kagayaku sono hane hiroge haruka kanata he ano yakusoku wo...

Tears of Cherry Blossoms
The sky I looked up at, all along
I must long for it
Overcome time and get through to this interment... [1]

This wing-flapping darkness, I tear it apart
But it continues to shine I loved it too much
For the red sun that burns this life ephemerally
May there be eternal happiness... [2]

The hidden tears  that melt
lightly fluttering are going to be sublimated...
At this late hour the late farewell gift won't reach
Also from now on never again...

What did you see there did you believe it?
The sinking voice fades and is erased it simply
In the time when the transparent sea stagnates blackly
Even if from now on I escaped to its bottom
Tomorrow won't arrive, will it [3]

This wing-flapping darkness, I will tear it apart some day
So that the [prayer] will reach you all the way
These shining  wings I will spread towards that far-off promise...

[1] See (2). The written jikuu implies that what should be overcome is not merely the time, but also the space.
[2] hi could mean 'sun', it could also mean 'day'. Also note that the wish for happiness applies to the day/sun.
[3] Note that it's not clear whether he is singing about himself at all. As he was singing about the sun before, he might as well allude to the sun's sinking. Or himself as the sun. Or, or. There are a lot of ways to interpret it, so feel free~

(1) It's written yoru, but I hear him say something with ya, which would be a rather unusual way of reading the kanji, unless in a compound. Maybe he made a 半夜 hanya/midnight out of it, but as I can't even make out the han, I'll just leave it as the ya I can hear.
(2) He sings toki (time) whereas he wrote jikuu (space-time).
(3) Written eien (eternity), sung towa (eternity). They're interchangeable.


I'm not sure what to say other than that I love this song.

Comments are very welcome ♪

If you're interested in more, my lyrics translation archive is here~.
27th-Feb-2010 01:43 pm (UTC)
thanks for the translation:D
27th-Feb-2010 02:42 pm (UTC)
You're very very welcome :3

Thanks for commenting~ ♫
1st-Mar-2010 12:23 pm (UTC)
thank you so much for the translation!^^
1st-Mar-2010 12:36 pm (UTC)
You're welcome ^_^
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