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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
I declare I must be crazy. 
28th-Feb-2010 09:01 pm
Or wait up! ... *ponders* Oh bugger, well, let's change the header to "I declare AGAIN, I must be crazy"

... 8'D

Well. I'm not sure whether I'll actually pull this through, as I devoted myself to being UnsraW's 勇企's blog translator some time last year (orz) [actually right with him coming back from the dead], just somehow when I read 迅's entries, my flailings got backed up by how I ... "experienced" him in person and all that, so just somehow I happened to translate his entries up to now (orrz), and for some reason don't feel very disinclined to continue with it, if possible. (orrrz)

That's also the occasion of me having a new icon 8'D... Just because uh... posting on unsraw with my usual 勇企-icon might be a bit weird when it's not his entry under the respective icon. Also will be easier to recognize. And so on. Yes, all mere whitewashing.

Speaking of... vain excuses... even did that to the extent that I, as intro to my post of his entries, I was eager to deny any further plans of translating... w ... May I quote...

    "Uhm, yes I know. For some reasons my fingers slipped, and I wrote "Jin" instead of "Yuuki" in the header 8'D ... According to my little slip, I must just pretend it was all on purpose, and to cover up that little mistake, I'll just quickly post the translations of Jin's blog up to now, because welll somehow they happened to be on a file on my computer as soon as I read the entries, so... Please excuse my failures. I will return to posting Yuuki as soon as he ups again as if nothing ever had happened... 8'D..."

Hah. He might cause some headaches, even though he's just too adorable (orrrrz) to leave alone, his seeming to be fond of playing a lot around with words (orrrrrz), I wouldn't even be surprised if he'd start dialecting away 8'D


Let's talk a bit about life right now in general 8D *distracts from madness*

Oh nose!
Today I realized something... Or might possibly have realized something, after I got back from the library, after a couple of attacks of acute dizziness, that I staggered and reeled a bit in my room, feeling far too tired than I should have, the fact of having been studying aside... I might be/get sick! Orz.

Yes, no, it amuses me. It seems I'm getting better at actually ~realizing~. Usually I just feel weird-slash-out of the normal, and only really notice that I was indeed ~sick~ in retrospective. Which isn't all that bad w Well I'll see whether there'll be more to it than the current state and a strangely runny nose. *lifts eyebrow*

I've been obsessed with this idea for a couple of days weeks, and after being all "sure" about it being a possibly great birthday present, I re-thought that in the duration of one night, finding it rather too long an interval from now to the respective date, so I took matters in my hand to have it lead into another one of these typical "OH WOAH! I've got money on my bankaccount! 8'D So much even! .... Oh oops. No money on my bankaccount anymore 8''D"-scenes. Which isn't quite true, there still is enough on it w... Just... less! 8D So I orderrrred today >.O I'll report back from the crime-scene once the murder's been committed! 8D

Can I deny this any longer?
Probably ca~~~n't... as it's pretty obvious on my last.fm stats already mahahaha*SHOT*
During some point of last year, シド drew close to Gazette, who had been my number one band [actually not only speaking of the statistics in number of plays w] ever since ... and then, after a couple of weeks, if not a month or two can'trememberthatdetail of a steady neck-and-neck, シド sorrrt of went past Gazette. Even now, can't really say that I'm listening incredible much to シド atm, but still, they already have 400 more plays than Gazette [Currently 16.615 - 17.032] ... 8'D Which is almost half a thousand! 8"D

Oh well. It's not that surprising actually. They tend to steadily release stuff, whereas the Gazemen have been slightly, letscallit laid back about that issue lately. Not that I mi~nd, it just makes these stats not really surprising anymore. Or maybe it just makes it easier to talk myself out of "itttt" againnnnn

Heisig re-entry
Haha... Heisig turns out to be so much fun. Again! XD I haven't really been working on his kanji-method for about a year, sadly, however turned back to it as the current vacations started. I once or twice blogged about some rather peculiar ways of memorizing kanji, by plucking the different radicals and whatnot from it and making a story around the whole thing that includes the keyword and how to write it, etc.
It tends to be rather entertaining. Imagination, please!

Well, the ones I did today at the library introduced the radical for 人 (person), which becomes this little thing on the left, e.g. in 信. So Mr Heisig said, that it would be better to just not imagine any person in order to memorize the upcoming kanji, but a very SPECIAL person. A dear member of one's family, a friend, a... マオ... someone one just happens to know somehow マオ, an actor one likes or マオ, or WHAT NOT 8'D

So someone instantly popped into my head, but as quickly as he was there, I rejected the idea. Just imagine... Just imagine I'd have to make up stories with マオ for so-and-so many kanji, and then have them pop into my head with everytime I come upon a kanji that has that radical! 無理無理!不健康的!!!!…w
So I abandoned that idea, and in the end, resulted in abusing lovely Mr.Superstar葵氏 for it. MUCH less dangerous, especially as I love making fun of him ♥... ... well.

And the fun I had XD

Just make up stories with him for 住 (to dwell) - consisting of the person (well. Aoi! XD) and a candlestick (the meaning that composition took in Heisig's book). I already chuckled from the mere images of him dwelling in a home made of candlesticks, it made making up a story for why Aoi+valley = vulgar (俗) to even more fun. [that this 'vulgar' takes the meaning of 'common' instead of the other didn't help much with my imagination 8'D]

When I reached "excellent" 佳, I couldn't help but crying innerly. This particular friend consists of the Gentleman + Ivy... And... *CRI* I immediatly happened to think "Ahhh... Whenever I do something that is excellent, Aoi dresses in nothing but Ivy, just for me~~~♪" *CRI*!!!! IMAGES!! X'DDDDDD

What the heck should I do with 個, though, Aoi+harden = individual? 8'D

A particular friend I just LOVED was 伏 = to prostrate oneself. It just happened that the second part of the kanji to me had already taken up the meaning "Ruki" so... 8'D Minds reeled in images about whom prostrates himself before whom in this rather WONDERful kanji I'll probably not forget in a lifetime.

Also 伝, Aoi + rising cloud = transmit. For some reason, I suddenly saw him in loincloth, sitting on some huge rock somewhere in North America, making smoke signals with his cigarettes in order to transmit whatever he wanted to say! *CRIESSSSSSSS*

Ahh... *wipes tears out of eyes* I love it. And there are so many kanji with 人!8'D ... これからもよろしくー♪

And to close the circle...
... and just to have it mentioned publicly some place...

I'm so so ... GLAD that UnsraW finally got fast members again. Yuuki is talking about UnsraW's rebirth. Which it will be, if they will work out together. After all, half the members had left for some or other reason. Now they finally are an official fully engaged band again, no talk about supports anymore.

I really hoped... that they would take up 迅 as fast member. At the signing session, they originally only had four chairs behind the table, ne. However... I was just so touched when they added another chair, so he could sign as well... Even though he was on no poster, no flyer, nothing, but he still got a little space somewhere to squeeze his signature in.
And he was so sweet... He seemed just really shy, back then, and at times during the live, but heck, he had so much fun! He really livened up, and rocked out so~ hard. And when 勇企 went to the back of the stage and put his arm around him and both of them laughed with THESE 笑顔, I wiped a tear away ;-; He really seemed to fit so wonderfully into them already, so having him as the new fast bassist, to me, it's wonderful. ;-;

I cannot yet say one word about the new guitarist, though. *laughs* Simply because he's this huge mystery xD No pictures, no history, nothing. Wonder where they got him from, seriously w. MaybeYuukiperformedsomedarkritualtomakehisownguitarimp
円’s first entry leaves nothing and eveything to be desired however. He seems to be rather fond of playing on words, so I thought I'd rather take a few steps backward and watch him from a FAR -off distance. >.O

Oh well, conspiracies XD

Waiting for the revelation!

And me, I've successfully repressed my feelings of hunger that I had ever since I got back home, however as my body definitely will need something warm to eat, I'll go and make dinner :3

Somehow, I got this outoriっぽい-spirit from this entry, how wonderful x'D

... Yes!

Yes no, I'll be gone then :3~
28th-Feb-2010 08:42 pm (UTC)
That's a REALLY wonderful way to learn kanji..wish i had known about it earlier~ Aoi+Valley=Yulgar, indeed :D
28th-Feb-2010 09:10 pm (UTC)
*laughs* Hn, it's never too late to get the book :3
The more you know beforehand anyway, the faster you get through the first basic chapters. It was the same with me~
And even though you might know them perfectly already, the book just helps even more. And it's so much fun, really.

The only pre-requisite is a vivid sense of imagination XD
28th-Feb-2010 09:07 pm (UTC)
I'm glad to see 迅 in a band.
I 'know' him for quite some time from Ameba and always had the feeling of him being a nice guy.

So let's hope everything will work out fine.
28th-Feb-2010 09:12 pm (UTC)
The way he's been conducting and everything about him so far was making pretty clear that he ~is~ just that.
Plus, his dorky ways of expressing himself is a rather nice addition. 准didthatbefore.

And if not, there'll be other ways.
28th-Feb-2010 09:37 pm (UTC)
I never dealt more intense with him, so that's just my expression, actually simply a feeling. But you know me, it's not unusual for me. ^^

True, but would be better without. There's already much again even though it doesn't affect me so much lately. Maybe because of everything these days but I guess more maybe because these are bands I like but not love, not that intensely.
1st-Mar-2010 07:06 pm (UTC)
Yeah well, and there are some people that are better in writing in a way one ~can~ actually feel something of them than others.

Hn, I really see no point in being even surprised if there are break-ups and whatnot, after all, that's one of the things that doesn't only define and make out what esp. Japanese Indies are, ephemerality also is a usual, and broadly accepted part of Japanese culture. w Breaking up, facing other things, reforming differently etc etc all belongs to their "cycle".
1st-Mar-2010 07:14 pm (UTC)
The funny thing is, I never read his entries. I just looked at his blog, probably skipped through a few entries and left him a peta or returned his.
But that was already enough to give me that feeling. ^^

Okay, might be true.
Seen from how it's about working for example. Not applying for a certain job but just for a company. Changing working place every now and then no matter if the tasks are the same than before. Facing new things again and again.
Never looked at it that way but both are the same in some way.
1st-Mar-2010 07:38 pm (UTC)

Yes, on-the-job-training. Doesn't even matter much whether you have experience in the field, or not.
It's also pretty common to have workers suddenly work somewhere totally else, transferring them to other countries isn't an exception. There tends to not be much hassle about it. Either the person moves with their family, or they will lead a life apart from each other. Or, much less likely, the person quits. It sounds impossible to us, however is normal 'over there'. In a bigger perspective, sliding from band to band with rarely a fast place mightn't appear as such a biggie.
1st-Mar-2010 07:53 pm (UTC)
Like I said, never thought about it that way.
But this way it all makes much more sense why they often seem to care about it. At least most of them.
1st-Mar-2010 04:58 am (UTC)
Hmm, why didn't I think about this way of remembering kanji?:D

But... I'd probably go for Mao:D And then I'd probably die from to many nosebleedsXD my mind... somehow always ends up with dirty images^^y

I've been to UnsraW live in Nagoya and they were really good! Didn't know what to expect and was really pleasantly surprised<3
1st-Mar-2010 10:11 am (UTC)
Well, I have as much will for self-preservation ...w

Yay! That's great, not knowing much what to expect, and then ending up actually enjoying it *laughs* <33
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