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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[翻訳] RENTRER EN SOI - wither 
2nd-Mar-2010 06:16 pm
Lately I've been rediscovering a couple of songs from artists I've been meaning to try and translate.
While some un-revised ones still are laid on ice, I'll post those that are so-or-so finished.

The kanji are from the AIN SOPH AUR booklet, romaji and translation by me, notes at the end of the post.

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subete hai he to ishiki sae mo owari wo tsugeteyuku

ima wa kasaneta tanmei no kioku wo tsumugi

kore de kuchihatete tsuchi he kaeru
koe ga kareru made setsuna ni sakebu oroka ni

hikisakareteku honoo no naka de kutsuu wo daite
azayaka naru mirai he to...

namida maichiru bunri shita zouka to tomo ni

ikudo kasaneru himei dake

jidai ni toketeyuku kogeta migiude
itami kasoku shite mou ichido ano hi he kaeru

zankoku na mama irodorareteta omoi hakidashi
aa kono mama moeteyuku

hikisakareteku honoo no naka de kutsuu wo daite
kanadeta kokoro wa sukuwarenai...

zankoku na mama hikisakareteku...

Everything towards ashes, even the consciousness is going to inform about the end

Now, I spin memories of the heaped up, short lives

With this, I will return to the earth that fell to ruins
Until my voice withers, I momentarily cry out foolishly

Inside of the flames that are going to be torn up, I embrace the agony
Towards the future that becomes brilliant...

The tears dance and fall, together with detached artificial flowers

How many times will the screams only repeat

Gradually it is going to dissolve, my burnt right arm
Accelerating the pain, I once more return to these days

I spit out my emotions that have been coloured cruelly [1]
Aahh, like this, they are going to burn

Inside of the flames that are going to be torn up, I embrace the agony
My played heart cannot be saved... [2]

Cruelly going to be torn up...

[1] Note that the action of them being coloured cruelly has been going on unchanging for a long time (and still does so)
[2] 'play', as in 'playing an instrument'


This might have been one of the first songs by RES that I ever wanted to translate, for some reason. Back then I wasn't actually able to understand more than maybe one or two words of it *laughs*
There still were some things I am not totally sure about (if one can ever be that, actually), decided to post it anyway... some lines still are pretty discussable. Oh well, I'm trying ~

Feel free to comment and object

My lyrics translation archive is → here

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