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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Ash news... II 
19th-Apr-2010 03:07 pm
Somewhat unexpected, as all the other updates tended to be procrastinations of the updates.

But here it goes.

"Land transport replacing flights from Helsinki to Berlin via Tallinn on 19 and 20 April

Finnair is arranging alternative transportation for its returning European passengers still in Finland by ship and bus from Helsinki to Berlin via Tallinn on Monday 19 April and Tuesday 20 April.

A ship will leave Helsinki for Tallinn at 9.30 p.m. EET on both days.

The travel route is from Helsinki to Tallinn by ship and from Tallinn to Berlin by bus. The estimated travel time is around 34 hours.

Customers must make travel arrangements themselves from Berlin to their final destination.

EU citizens can enter Estonia at the internal border of Schengen area by presenting a travel document or an ID-card. Third country citizens must carry a travel document (passport) and a document proving the rights to enter Schengen area when crossing the border.Passengers who have travelled to Finland on a visa must ensure that their Schengen area visa is valid for the entire period of their travel. [...]

Hnn... that's somewhat surprising. Well, today won't work out anymore, of course, so I suppose tomorrow... we'll still have to call the hotline. Well, that is, when someone comes home.

It feels weird though... waiting for days for an update, for some news about how to get back home somehow, and then there are updates, and suddenly it all has to go so fast... Tomorrow, huh?... I know I was supposed to leave last Friday already, but still, it feels so... abrupt.

It's not that I absolutely want to ~leave~, ne... *somewhat-smile*

Ah oh... *sigh* We'll see. So maybe it's my last day here, hn.

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