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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
And the stranger returns to where he will never belong. 
22nd-Apr-2010 06:14 pm
aoi thinking
Again one of all the things I value the most, has gone.

... n...

No... it was me, who left it.

Two hours with a ferry from Helsinki to Tallin, arrival around 11pm.

For some reason, the Asian person with the great hair who we had been purring at, ended up exactly in the same spot in the ferry that I had chosen to wait in, and after about half an hour and passing the person twice, I pulled myself together and started talking with them. It was a she, a Chinese someone living in the French Switzerland.
We talked and decided to stick together.

So as 'predicted'... "Maybe you'll sit next to the hair person in the bus..." ... I practically made myself do that. *smiles*

Then, around 26 hours of bus from there across four countries, a bus packed full with sixty people, Irish, French, English, Spanish, Swiss, German, Chinese, Dutch, and more. It was chaotic, yet relaxed, and I enjoyed listening to the Irish accents behind me, the soft murmur of an elderly man as he spoke to the possibly Indian man next to him.

Arrival in Berlin around 2am. Ying and I went to the next hostel. She and I had a lot more in common then we "might" have thought in the beginning, when I awkwardly started talking to her.

She has a girlfriend, her girlfriend is Chinese.

Her girlfriend is beautiful.

From the one picture of them together, you could almost reach out and touch the love.

She just came back from visiting her.

She can only meet her one time a year, for three weeks.

She now has to go back to her work, in Switzerland.

She consented to the beauty of a certain person. And she said that "Two feemal girls together, it's pyuutiful..."
She also said that she herself was rather 'male', but I didn't really reply to that. She was androgynous Asian, and even though she wore "male" clothes and tended to sit in "male" ways, she was much more female than what I might call "male" lesbians.

In the hostel, she only stayed downstairs, payed for two hours to be online to chat with her love - her train would leave around 4am. I payed for a room, we said our goodbyes, and then I took a lengthy, long awaited shower, and slept for around three to four hours. Quick breakfast (1.5 Piirakka) while talking to one of the woman in the room, an old woman from Berlin. She never heard me rummaging around, I'm glad.

Checked out, went from the Central Station to the station the ride would wait for me.

Then, around six hours of riding in the car.

The first person to meet me at the meeting point was a young Chinese girl. The second to join us was an old Korean woman. More Asians, I thought. My Asdar worked magnetic these past few days, I guess.
Two young men and a young woman joined us, and off we went. The Chinese and Korean and me in one sitting row in the bus, talking about Asia, Japan, Japanese, and the world, it was wonderful. The old Korean woman seemed very wise, very calm, very open ... and very very interested in Norway. She shared her food with us *laughs* oh, Asian food how I love thee. She is an artist... and zen-buddhist... has been living in Munich for the past thirty years, just moved to Berlin.

Our ways parted at Sendlinger Tor, and I went back. Rosie was at home... She thought I'd never come back. And she never even knew where I had been. *smiles* We talked a bit about the journey, and what the cats had gotten up to, it was nice.

Before I got back home, I realized that I was missing something.

Some very little thing that I had been having on my lap during the journey, however I did not remember putting it anywhere after getting off the car, so I phoned the driver after I had arranged myself at home and put everything where it belonged. He remembered, and said that something that sounded as if he'd left it there.

So I went back all the way, even though I feel less than wanting to go anywhere at all... And well.

Arrived back at the gasstation, eyes wide open.

Hello spring, by the way.





Good bye, gas station.

The stranger has returned back home.

People kept staring at me, for some reasons. Looking at me, one probably might ponder whether I'm about to laugh, or about to cry. They'd hardly ever know.

Well, so I'm back home, more or less completely unpacked. Got a lot to do... gladly. I haven't yet checked how many translations there are waiting for me, but I'll get down to work around... instantly.

Then, organizing pictures.
Replying to more or less worried emails ...

I took a lot from the 'journey'... but as more or less all of them were shot out the window from a moving bus, I can't promise anything! *laughs* Haven't yet looked at them. I just know it was a mass. So... I'll update with those later.

Possibly combined with what I wrote during the journey. Not sure yet. Won't be open to the broader public though, as much I know :3


Till then.

Resistance decided to come up when I got back home, before I typed all this. For some reason though, Ever Dream rings in my head...
22nd-Apr-2010 07:07 pm (UTC)
Ah~, I'm really glad you arrived safely!! Seems like it was quite a trip. *laughs*
22nd-Apr-2010 09:38 pm (UTC)
Ah, YES. You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to just go and lie down in bed. The couple of hours at the hostel last night (or rather, today morning) felt like a small luxury - simply because I could finally lie down

... Come to think of. ... My bed seems to beckon me... >.O
Still got things to do though 8'D
23rd-Apr-2010 05:12 am (UTC)

What a heart-warming (short?) story, so far ...
23rd-Apr-2010 12:11 pm (UTC)
Hnnhn.... thanks.

You think so? I'm glad about that. ^ ^
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