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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
It's... so... warm 8'D 
29th-Apr-2010 02:26 pm

熱すぎじゃない >_<

Anyway. Of course, it's starting to get warm, I'm running around overdressed, and of course I'm close to catching a cold. Fff, どうも、暑がりの鴻です。

☆ Well, the semester has finally started for me, too. Heh. Thanks to some Volcanoさん, I already was one weak late, thanks to a certain albumやつ, I didn't appear on Monday either... x'D
More or less showed up on all the other courses so far though, apart from erm, today's Buddhist thing, but that was because I had been wrong in the time it was going to start, so I was already one hour late, and then would have had to wait 3 hours for the next thing, so I just... went home >.O

☆ Happened to get introduced to a Japanese girl called Kyoko though. She's really fun, heh. Her German is pretty good already, but I love to point out little mistakes. She's great in correcting her grammar he~
We walked back from the institute towards the *insert word I never know in English, only German and Japanese*... the canteen together, when she told me about how she'd love to have a bicycle, however had already been stopped by the police twice while on one XD

One time she happened to cross the streetlights when they were red. Two policemen were waiting for her behind the trees ahah. She had to pay 68€. Great, huh.

When she told a friend the story, he said she should pretend to not understand German... the next time the police stopped her, that time because the backlight wasn't working, she said "I don't understand... German" in broken English, and they let her go *laughs*

Hnn, well it was nice meeting everyone again. Which was on Tuesday actually - met up with both Yuki and Daniさん at the canteen. Daniさん wanted to know everything about the ferry and buss *laughs* ... Oh, it was so much fun ... always when she's there. She just knows how to turn stories into incredible comic.

☆ Today I had my first session of professional jargon. That might get interesting... It's another course that is based on translations, basically... "my thing" so to speak *laughs*. In order to get the certification at the end of the semester, we'll have to translate several texts throughout the semester. Already got our first one today, I might actually already start on it during the weekend. We have to hand it in before May the 20th, so there's still some time, but well, translations DO need some time after all x'D Impossible to do the whole thing the night before ahahaha...

Also, it seems as if I'd be taking a course on Japanese linguistics. I myself hadn't known I'd take it, but when I met Irene for the first time, for some reason after the meeting, I WAS taking the course X'D

So I'll have two~three courses with Yuki, two with Irene, and one with Dani, plus Dani (maaabye Yuki as well) and I will probably meet up every Tuesday for food. They're the only ones I hang out with anyway ff.

Well, I guess I should head out soon. I have not been out to buy groceries ONCE ever I got back. Only hurriedly bought dearly needed cheese when I left Yuki's place on Tuesday... There still is a 6 weeks old milk and 5 weeks old eggs in the fridge... 8'D ... and no bread left heh, so I'll really have to go x'D

Need to go to the bank as well, as my plastic isn't working anymore for some reason. It worked fine when I wanted to buy something, but when I wanted to get cash at a bancomat, it refused to take my card o-o' どいーひな..

Also, I really have to get used to NOT waking up from sounds around me anymore duh. Usually I don't even hear Rosie when she gets up, but lately I've been waking up almost every morning around 5am -_-'
慣れないと…へんーたい…かぁ…………………XDDDDDDD Wonderwhy迅neverusedthatonewwwwww

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