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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Oh the!Crack 
2nd-May-2010 02:58 pm
mao distorted
Accidentally, really really accidentally, I found this show ... ラキスタ x'D

And watched the first episode...


How much crack can one little piece of show actually contain wwwwwwwwww

Talking about how to eat what sorts of food...
Not having any social life...
Adult games...
Watching girls in their sleep...

Ehhh this really seems like one of those anime that at first sight seem to be suited for 6+ years, but when you actually listen to the conversations... kyaha...

"You don't have any social skills... -_-"
"Oh, I do! I actually have over 100 friends and I join parties everrrryyy night!"
"... Do you? oO"
"Yeah! Me and my party, we restored the glimmering crystals so the world wouldn't end and one time we saved the kidnapped princess and..."

*cracksup* [It reminds me of myself talking about monster hunter XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD]

And then this part where she talks about her "friend" and goes like
"Well he is a warrior class and last time I saw him he said he wanted to level up so he went to this cave with really strong monsters and I haven't really seen him after this however I heard he might be camping in an underground cave somewhere and I checked his log-in status he was actually logged in all the time and..."

Crack! *cri*

... and Akira wins so much in the little episode in the end when she gets a "fan-letter" where she's asked about... salary... and totally changes from "hyper-kawaii" to a chest-scratching adult and talks about how puny it is and... 全然かわいいねーぜ *CRI*

This is quite wonderful. I might actually watch this once in a while.
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