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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Images of neglect etc 
8th-May-2010 10:30 pm
mao distorted
あら… I haven't posted many pictures lately, and before they accumulate in the to-be-posted-at-some-point-place, why not simply post them x'D... Now that I'm back from work and settled and all.

And for once I don't really have much to tell *laughs*

Apart from two things or so >.O

Well, I'll do that in between.

First of all, the special service we received @ Sushi last week~

I love being a regular ahaha ♥
We wanted Sashimi, we got Sashimi xD
And the Sashimi was really good that day nnr~

Then... one of the stores I worked at, they had these cigs the others usually don't get. I was immediately reminded of 勇企, although he usually smokes the black menthol, not the black... well, those black ones XD

But still, close enough hehe.

Our prisoners har. (>.O)b

Oh right, something I wanted to mention about college.

My current Japanese teacher, カサイ先生 [I never know how he's written, I just know it's not 火災, orz.], always had problems with my name.

I started the first semester with him, and the first couple of lessons he always avoided calling me up. I even saw how his eyes flew over the paper with my name on, and then chose someone else... w He even once or twice called us up one after the other, row by row... and again jumped over me x'D

Well since last semester, he's my Japanese先生 again, and hn x'D... He ~should~ get used to my name at one point or the other.

That way I've been renamed... w... Already last semester, he kept calling a "Fridolin", and no one really seemed to realize whom was meant... apart from me, and I kept silent XDDDD Until he actually looked at me ww
The same thing happened again the week before last. He called a Fridolin, and no one reacted... my neighbour looked puzzled, and once he looked at me and went like "フリロドリン…じゃないですか?" [You're not Fridolin?/It's not Fridolin?], she realized and exploded with laughter. wwwwww... I just told him that no, it's not Fridolin, and told him my name, which he failed to pronounce, but well, I went on with the exercise we were just doing.
The next lesson, he looked for my name on the list before he called me up... XDDDDDD

He looked all agonized 「あっふ、ホントに難しいよね!」That's really difficult..., and pondered, and then he said ... いしさん… or rather, the way it sounded to me..... 8D いっしさん!………………… 一志さん!!!!! I grinned all over. Heck yeah, he could call me that the whole time, I really wouldn't mind... to be called Isshi x333333 Heee~!

But on with the pictures.

Went to Neo last week. Hnnnn...

I guess someone already saw ↑ in form of a huge sum less on their bankaccount ahah 8'D... But still.
In case that someone hasn't yet seen, surprise surprise xD

Well, that wasn't the only thing I got there.


Hello, アンド ♪……… *purr*

It was the last of them in the racks. The last one.

And I hadn't even gone to Neo for it in the first place...

But I've been wanting it since it was released... ahah...

Ando... ♥

Just joking.

I don't care about Ando at all xD Don't even know them.



This what I bought it forrrrrrr aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh




Hm yeah well. Was silently screaming while slo~wly paging through it, looking for their article. All calm. Orz. Yeahsurewhateverwwww

Then, the nyght before yesterday, yt happened.

A tragedy.

A tragedy that made me wryte wyth ys only... sol_tama wondered whether Y had lost a bet as Y only tweeted lyke thys orz... And Yuky, who was onlyne when yt happened, laughed her ass off when Y only typed lyke thys wyth her, too. Yt remynded a lot of myddle Hygh German or somethyng ahaha... and Y realyzed that keyboards really are arranged yn logystycal ways... Yt's a slyght bother wyth the Y beyng where yt ys ffff...

To name the tragedy... fynally, havyng been jumpyng on and off all the tyme whentooeagerwythmyfyngers, the Y-key ... broke. Rypped through yn the myddle. Well not "Y", you know uhm... the other one. And yt looked just toooo dangerous, as yf ryskyng Y would never be able to type wyth yt anymore, Y was ve~~~re reluctant to touch the key at all... as at least yt was styll yn place and all...

Untyl somethyng happened, Y couldn't even remember touchyng yt at all, and erm... woops.

So uhm. Ouchhh... >.O Yeah.

Currently yt looks lyke thys, after Y just somehow put them back together... :

Copypastyng ... the other key ys a payn really ... w...

And yt's ympossyble to type lyke that yn Japanese, fffff so erm yeah.

Started using it again. It's interesting, touching a key that is broken in the middle.
And yeah, I had considered glueing it back together at some point, but I don't think it would work, as there always will be a force pressing down exactly where it's broken, and the little nob the key is lying on is exactly in the middle as well, so I guess it'll just break again. ... Maybe.

But if I really become unable to type Is like that, I don't even know what to do eheh... as you can't get single letters 8'D... and a whole keyboard costs like 100$ or so fff...

But something that's interesting, ever since it broke, it at least doesn't jump out of place anymore, so it's actually much easier to type... although riskier xDDD

And here is what I took a picture of today... neglect.

I neglected them for... erm... I don't even know. I think I bought them 2-3 weeks before I left for my holidays... then I was away for about 4 weeks, and now it's like... almost 3 weeks after that. So uhm. Yeah.

Sorry. 8'D

And the thing is, after I got back, erm, whenever I opened the ... potatoboard, w, I DID see the roots... (or rather, plants www), but I never pulled the drawer out so I wasn't aware of how bad it really was.



And well, I pulled the drawer out, because I had wanted to make potatoes, however erm, upon touching them I decided that alas, I would have to part with them. I doubt I'd enjoy such saggy potatoes 8'D ... I've had saggy ... doesthatsoundwrongbtw?www potatoes before, but not THAT saggy and well. They weren't... ideal x"D

Oh yeah, another thing I wanted to mention. Yesterday and today I worked at the same shop [Yikes@working on saturdays guh. Where's the weekend -_-], with the same girl. She's pretty new to it, so, uhm... everything takes a while. *laughs*
But she was such a kind and warm person! So sweet and smiley, really. Aw. If it hadn't been for her, my days at work would have been pretty worse than just blergh.

Actually none of us were officially allowed to have longer breaks (as we weren't working enough hours these two days), but at some point yesterday, a bit before it was 6pm, she told me that she was muslim, and they pray five times a day, and if it wasn't asked too much, and she never asked any of the others because they usually always scold her anyway and are rather harsh people and as I seem so nice and so on, whether it would be somehow possible if she could have a break and pray for about ten minutes and I take over the cashier desk for her in the meantime and if that wasn't okay she'd totally be okay with it as well, but still if she could, I'd have to do it all together later, and...

... Dear Gods. *laughs* I was just really dazzled by all her sort-of-apologies. *laughs* I just said "Sure sure! Off you go, pray all you want to~" I've never come across someone who wanted to take a break in order to do prayers, I thought it pretty amazing.

The moment I had told her that it was perfectly fine with me, she smiled over the whole of her face and said "You are a treasure... ;-;" and left.

And I realized what a wonderful thing it is to be said to. It gave me this deep, warm feeling of appreciation and... other, I guess. "You're a treasure". I felt and realized something there that I want to cherish ~ I'll remember.

Well, she told me a bit about herself later. She actually wasn't "born muslim", she used to be orthodox. Drank a lot, smoked a lot, until somehow she found to her religion, and with and through it, she started feeling so very content and stopped the bad things all together... it made me smile. I like it when people find what is right for them, and if they get closer to their God by praying like they do, and feel better that way, and find their peace... I think that's wonderful. No matter what religion or belief. Once it works, it works. :3

And amazing to be studying prayers in such an exotic language as Arabian... Wow. Some devotion. And so differently than a lot of devoted Christians I got to know - she had nothing of a sheep about her at all. -_-

And lastly another picture I shot today...

That's how I left them when I went to work... x3

Aren't they the cutes? ;-;



9th-May-2010 03:14 pm (UTC)
wawawawawa, YESH first I stumbled over that sum 'minus' on my account, and wondered, but then I realised 'ah, it's NEO-TOKYO - must be Despa tickets (and SUCH beautiful tickets, this time!! ... wondered a little bit - rather expensive for a J-Rock concert??" But now I know, you bought some other goodies ... UnsraW ... *salivadribblingsteadily eyeswidening heartbeatfastens*

LOL I love your potato plantation, harharhar ... just put them in a bowl with some soil, and grow your own potatoes, why not??
10th-May-2010 01:34 am (UTC)
Fridolin and the potatoes made me laugh^_______^

I also bought Cure and UnsraW pages are pretty awsome!

Have fun at Despa!!! They'll play in Poland also, but I will probably come back day later^^;
10th-May-2010 08:31 am (UTC)
Haha, I'm glad it did~ The Fridolin-thing makes me grin every time. I wonder whether he'll ever get it... I mean, the other senseis never had such a huge problem with it x'D

Well, they are pretty awesome after all =3

Oh thanks~ ... It'll still be some time... XD Andyoureallycan'tcomplainlookingatyourlivescheduleonehastowonderwhetheryouactuallyarestudyinganythingootherthanJrockersaswellXDDD
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