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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
All those riches... 
23rd-Nov-2007 05:42 pm
mao distorted

All those rich people. Especially in a time like now, they, or everything about that rich part of society, has a tendency of making me sad.

Especially... nowadays. I was walking the streets. Dear, fair wintertime in Germany. Nah, not Germany. Munich.

The streets smell like sweet almonds, caramelised, sweet almonds. Caramelized nuts. Hot, sweet chestnuts. Fruit in chocolate and flavoured sugar. Chocolate fruits. Bananas, cherries, strawberries, covered in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate. That smell.


Bakeries. Sweet sweet winterbakery. Stollen. Cakes. Everything.

I walk past them and wish I had money. Sometimes I really wish I was rich... or at least... had enough money to be able to just walk in somewhere and buy those things. Buy a box of selected pralines. Buy all the lovely breads and scones, go someplace, eat out, just DO it. Just do it.

It makes me wish ... wish I had someone who would love to buy me things, one who can because the funds are there, and likes doing it. As long as I can't do it on my own. I'd rather be able to do it on my own, with my own money.

It made me... sad? Melancholic? Depressed? Not sure. Regretful... Hmmmm... Maybe. I really ... really do hope that those rich people who just can do those things, rich or just wealthy or just average-but-enough-to-be-able-to-do-that APPRECIATE that they can.

So I was continuing to stroll the streets on a cold winter's day, with all the lovely scents of winter spices and the sweet odours... Knowing I can have nothing of it. Seeing all those happy, packed up people queuing in the little shops, for a chocolate gift for their beloved ones, or themselves.

Hmmm... Yeah. Sweets, food... they don't only nourish the body, yee know. Some people can't enjoy food, can't enjoy tastes, but, and I'm glad I am, I am a savourer. Bon Vivant. Bon... XD *forgot all her french and can't play with words* bon... mangent? XD Maybe? Others might want to buy cloths and jewelry if they had the money... Well well.

So... with all those odours, beckoning in... I listened to Mao's voice... to SID's "Live" and hovered around. Hmm. And then... Silly God Disco came up. And... I smiled. Because all the things they can have... it's just a little thing, but what they can't have... that is...




Felt a bit better.

Yet. Then I felt that I miss that time... that time back in Ireland. Eire... Wintertime in Ireland, though there is no real winter at all, but I missed... being in Cork with Jools, strolling around, sitting in Pubs and listening to Irish Live Music, buy the best scones in the world at Marks&Spencer... Snuggle into a ... well. Into the feelings when it's all cold outside and you're inside at the open fire... the Corner House Pub had open fires. ... And being together with all those Pagans. It was so much fun. Those people are so much fun. And so true. Jools, me, winter, Cork. Yeah. I miss that.

My Jools...

I miss you. I miss sitting at the open fire in your living room, well, Siobhan's, when nobody else was at home, and roast Marshmallows on sticks I'd found outside. Drop them in the fire, or burn them all coal black, like you did... I got them just perfect ... I have more patience than you. Warm warm fire... Lying on pillows... watching TV more or less. More talking. I miss you.

23rd-Nov-2007 04:59 pm (UTC)
Awww. Dont feel bad cause even with me having a job, I cant just walk into places and buy stuff. I always think "Is this a neccesity?"..But I think its cause I didnt grow up with alot of money (Mom raised 3 kids alone and we struggled)...
The people that I know that have money take shit for granted, its horrible. Their so spolied..Its just not fair.
I hope you cheer up ^^ At least you have real winters. Try having Xmas in like 60 degree weather-hee!!
23rd-Nov-2007 06:06 pm (UTC)
Yeah, that's true... about the winter. But you'll have winter in Japan, ne? ^^

*kicks the spoiled brats' asses* Hach... If ever I'm gonna have more money... I'd buy people things. *flailshappily*

. . . I only ever had money to do that sort of things when I was in Ireland...
(Deleted comment)
23rd-Nov-2007 09:37 pm (UTC)
Norway is so expensive ... ... But when you have a job, it's all good, ne. *sighs*

Yeah usually I like it too, for all those feelings that are in the air (gosh that sounds cheesy xD Especially in a winter context), but well... today I had the other side, ne ^^

[You should study xD]
23rd-Nov-2007 08:22 pm (UTC)
*Leaves her love for you...as always*
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