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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Yesh! Me own moodtheme... at last 
24th-Nov-2007 05:14 pm
mao distorted

It was about time, ne.

Finally I got my own moodtheme. I called it JRocker theme, but ummm as it happens... while I was doing it, it was mostly Gazette/Diru/SID, or if I'm honest, Gazette/Kyo/Mao XD *coughcough*

But, not anymore hee~ There's also peoples from D, Alice Nine, Ayabie, Viored, Heidi., and a few more. So no no... it's not a G/K/M one XD

So... my mood is both accomplished and rushed [because I REALLY need to start working now V__V] and now I have the problem that I have to decide not between kitty and kitty but between lovable accomplished 葵 and hots shesyoijkdfm.,.. Ummmm... *cough* I meant to say ummm... (can you guess? xD) ... "hot, sexy, RUSHED Mao" mmmmmmmaaaaaaaaa... okay well then I guess it must be...

Oh nosies... I can't... and I feel so calm... I must not... look at... him no I must not

OKAY, FiNe! It's decided.


Oh and since I'm already talking about updates and so on... my internet browser got updated a few days ago. And I LURV it! There's not much difference, but everything that is different, is better. For example, whenever I'm typing anything on the internet, for example, here, it's correcting it. I mean, it makes those correction marks, ne. Never did that before. PLUS, it's minor, but fun ~ I can change the size of the windows I'm typing in. THIS one, for example. It's not rigid anymore. It makes you feel kinda ... powerful over internet XD *lurvsonherMac*

"Ich goss ihr Blut ins Feuer meiner Wut" hmmm~ I happen to listen to a Rammstein song right now... Nice. It's Klavier. I spilled her blood into the fire of my wrath. Hmmmmm...
24th-Nov-2007 04:36 pm (UTC)
Me loves it. Now I must make my own *too lazy to change screen names haha*
24th-Nov-2007 07:15 pm (UTC)
OH NOES! Now you've blown your *legasp* COVER!

Pluss almost gave me a heartattack as I thought you did a rp post xoX"
(Deleted comment)
24th-Nov-2007 07:34 pm (UTC)
XXXXD Guess what. I've never really listened to Rammstein. I started to appreciate them in Norway XD More or less all my friends listened to them and loved them so I gave them a chance haha. [I had to translate lyrics as well XXXD]

And yesh they're awesome, methinks ^_^
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