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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[mem] 30 days day II 
15th-Jun-2010 12:05 am
mao distorted
Today's song theme is

DAY 02: Your least favourite song

Which is kinda hard, as I don't really listen to songs that I don't like, so it'd have to be some song that I just accidentally might have heard on the radio, and as I don't listen much to the radio, that isn't quite so easy either |D ... songs I don't like usually would be songs with a message I just totally don't agree to. Or something totally annoying. Which actually gives me an idea now |D

Mayyyybe this might do. I do dislike Dieter, the blonde guy w... much. I don't like their attitude. I am not really fond of each and every song of a band sort of sounding the same... as is the case with theirs. Plus, I've heard this one faaar far too often. w

But nh, I can't really talk about songs I really dislike, as those don't easily come to my mind. Simply because I don't listen to them XD

Gotta go to bed soon, so just a few words~


Worked in the branch at the central station today. It's the busiest one, meaning, once you sit down behind the cashier desk (or whatever to call it), you might not so soon get up again. I think I was cashing 1.5 hours straight without even having enough time to drink a sip from my bottle. So yeah, busy much.

 For some reason or other, English-speaking customers tend to be much friendlier than German speaking ones. It's a bit hard to advocate, as there ARE obviously many more German speaking people, but well, I rarely ever had unfriendly English-speakers. Not ever actually >.O ... So, yeah. Had suuuuch a lovely American couple. They were just really nice ;-; Maybe it's because they have more a sort of "I'm guest here"-attitude, and not "I entered the store, now everyone, lie down to my feet."-attitude. Maybe. w

 Of course there were some Asians, there usually are. Howeverrrr, there was this young guy, I'd have guessed Chinese, he was pretty cute actually, and the first thing he did was wink at me. I blushed, obviously XDD Not that I minded, I just ~know~ I sometimes blush easily, but other than in my teen-years, it doesn't bother me anymore kyaha... Anyway, he was really friendly. Just a friendly wink as well, not a flirt, so yaaaaah. It was a nice change from most of the other impatient costumers around. At times the queue was more than 10 people, and then I had some payments via credit card, which take aaaages until their done, and blah ... w yeah.

 Absolute highlight today at work was this... maybe Indian young man... I'm not good at differentiating people coming from East-Europe and South/West-Asia, but he was from somewhere there, to be sure. His skin was of middle brown, his black hair of a nice, middlish length, and his eyes of the deepest emerald green I've ever seen in a human. They were just... woah. That was a wonderful image, really. I love eyes w... Made part of my day. [Or at least, some hours at work w]

... this should be the time to say good-bye, but...

Presently I'm not really sure I'll be able to continue my job at all. It's not like I'm terribly keen on it, as I guess is tangible in some of my entries, orz, but hn, my boss sent me some ominous message today. It seems like there'll be some changes in their management, which mi~~ght cause me to not be able to continue working there the way I've done so far. Which is a no-go, because I can not make contracts for longer than a couple of months, and holidays when I want them are a must as well, as long as I'm studying. So, yeah. I'll see at the end of this week I suppose, or end of this month.

Adding to that, I might or might not spend a rather huge sum of money tomorrow. Money, as in 'cash'. Tend to only spend more than erm, 50 or so, via plastic-money, so uhm. If indeed as much money will leave my hands [no, not 50€... much more actually |D sheeshaaahitmakesmewanttoscreeeaaaamactuallyahahaha8DDDDD... uhm.]... I'll see. Eh. It's just... GAH. Dunno. I didn't even care up to last week or so, until I realized that certain things are "out of print". Seems like I panicked ... slightly. So uhm. The sheet anchor would be tomorrow. But errr, I'll see, I'll see. I'm using my birthday-money for it, so I should feel all 平気 about it. And still, if I really end up buying up I guess parts of myself will want to kill other parts of myself. In any way, I planned on taking Yuki as a back-up. For... whatever really but...

Riiight... uhm. I might update tomorrow with news about THAT issue. So far I'll... keep silent about it >.O

Right. Delirium. I'm talking or ERM rather TYPing, in a delirium. Thanks, I noticed.



Kay uhm. Thanks, buy. ... oHrz

抱かれるたびに綺麗に鳴く---♬ ... *shot*

Hello, uh, bed |D
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