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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
買っちゃった… Too little sleep, and more deliriums (or the such) 
16th-Jun-2010 12:24 am
Mao eye
As ever, when I have to get up early in the morning, I sleep less than five hours. Lol. For one reason or other.

Today it were three ... |D [~hours of sleep... w]

Not that I felt it, strangely. Not once. Okay, well, I 'slept' for about ten minutes in my course from 4-6pm, but duh, more than half of all the people there tend to sleep, read, do homework, play with certain devices or whatnot >.O Yeah, it's that exciting. And well, sorta daydreamed at some point and then just, uhm, drifted off |D At least I can say that there was something good coming out of these two hours lmao.

After class, I met up with Irene~ we got some pizzas and went to her new place to watch Avatar. I haven't been over there yet... not sure how long she's been living there by now, probably half a year or so, keh XD... She lives in a student housing together with three others. It seems like a nice sort of student housing actually. Hnn >.O

Well, it was a nice evening. Although the pizzas were cooled down and eaten before we managed to make the film start XD... Not quite a real DVD-version, as opposed to what it was believed to be. WMP and real didn't recognize it, only good old vlc, which she didn't even seem to have on that laptop either. We only downloaded it after the other programs failed haha... Oh well. Were able to watch it in the end though! And I missed LIVING the movie so much ... ;-; Hnn...

Well, I'll continue with the 30days-meme.

DAY 03: A song that makes you happy

I was thinking of several actually. Do I HAVE to choose one? XD


The newer (SIDNAD) version is too uhm. Too distracting to be called 'happy-maker', so naaaah, nope. Had to choose the older version *laughs*
ThisskirtalwaysmakesmekindadieinsidethoughahahaforSOMEreasonorthewayhejumpsupandddd.....erm!RIGHT,I"LLGOONI"LLGOON! ... *breathes*

*Ahem*. Another one would be smile, but uhhh no-poshty pweashe. Already half-watching it now keeps me too distracted. Flailing furiously at the screen and sending my i-key all over the place and the such ahaha

Totally un-dangerous happy would be songs li---ke... heidi. ones x3

These are the true happy babes. ♥
I must admit that I've never even seen the PV to ハーロ! before this day ... |D Oh wellsh. It's perfect for the (meme-)occasion though, keeee~~~~♥

I'd actually totally want to mention 野良猫と♪, can't to anything but beam when listening to that song. Keeeee...

And yeah. Happened to go to Neo屋 and buy アレ, made the store quite a sum richer. Guess they were glad w. Was one of the most expensive pieces in their store after all! Unless you'd intend clothes-shopping, w
Thought that I'd only have Yuki as back-up, for some reason both Irene and Daniさん came, too. Hid my purchase well though. And no, of course I haven't yet looked into it. Still got some things to do I have to function for, lmao.

Also, the books mom got for me arrived today. I think the book on Japanese fairy tales actually is the one we have in our Japanese library @ the institute as well. I'm ve~ry delighted. It IS a good one. x3

...Um. I just wanted to say that I 'buried' some fairy-tale books from Irene, for some reason the right word didn't come to my mind. Erm. Burrowed, right? |D ... yeah. So yesh. Fairy tales all over. All for uni *laughs*

So, おやすみ so far.
Although I'll still stay up for a while haha... 8"D

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