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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[mem] 30 days day IV 
18th-Jun-2010 03:55 am
uru pain
DAY 04: A Song that makes you sad

There aren't really any songs that would make me sad each time I listen to them, I think. At least there were none coming to my mind when I tried to remember.

It totally depends on the situation, and whether I connect special memories with the song, and so on. A song that might make me feel sad one day could make me feel strong the other day, you'd never know.

I did come up with a song that makes me feel sad or 寂しい more often than not, unfortunately it doesn't have a video, so I guess it doesn't really count *laughs*

It randomly was the first song I thought I'd never want to see the lyrics of, because I wanted to one time understand it without having read anything about it.
I remember the time when I only understood words.
Well, I know what I do understand by now...

Obviously, there is quite a number of Dir songs that do have the potential to make me feel sad. Quite a lot. I'll put up one of them~

05:30...... yeah hm.

And just because it's fitting... as iTunes apparently wanted to mock me again... and succeeded... Or not mock me, but either fuck with me (that's what I accused it of originally ww), or just play exactly what I wanted *laughs*

It was rather awesome. JUST when I had started working on some UnsraW blogs, just then UnsraW's STARVING MOON came up. At first I didn't really think it any extraordinary... just the fact that one of their song comes up on a shuffled 294-songs playlist was funny [after almost two hours of no UnsraW/CtC at all], but as 砂月's HEART came up after it, I still believed in its randomness.

However... after HEART, it looked like this...



with SWITCH I had actually stopped working with the blog and had done something else entirely... Just lol.

[It actually repeated that pattern a little later, about 10+ mins after I had already taken up that activity again, giving me CtC - Ground Zero, 椎名林檎 - 丸の内サディスティック, CtC - Color, UnsraW - IN THE FACT, Kagrra - 異邦境, UnsraW - ~追憶の彼方~]

And that's why.

Although, whatever it makes me feel when it actually hits, it's not really sadness. Maybe a type sadness is there, yes, but it's not just sadness alone.

Right. Got majorly distracted for one or the other reason while doing this. Luckily enough I remembered that I still hadn't posted this entry before I shut down my laptop |D

Nice travels to you travelers tomorrow today.
No, I totally thought I'd get to bed in time today. Oh whattttt...ever XD

18th-Jun-2010 08:01 am (UTC)
Gosh, why, how could you choose 'Zakuro' ... I watched 'Zakuro' live only once. Couldn't stand to watch it again.

This is no live performance, this is like dying on stage, this is ... I can't find no words. Not a single word that would be fitting.
Just cried.
18th-Jun-2010 11:19 am (UTC)
Because ザクロ is what it is.

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