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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[mem] 30 days day VI 
21st-Jun-2010 01:42 am
yuuki yomi
I'm lagging behind with that meme... w. Not that it matters XD

DAY 06: A Song that reminds you of somewhere

Norway, summer 2007.
It were only vacations.
But still. Something about it... and the song...
It was the first time I was in Norway after JRock had touched me. And this song came up... over and over... and over again. Just like that.
Ever since that time, this song is, unshakably, this summer... and so many other summers in Norway.
Sometimes it hurts... sometimes it warms me.
Either way.
I love it.

And just because... because for the last day, the "a song that reminds you of someone" today I had several other flashes of songs that are totally linked with certain persons, and probably always will be. This one also goes for a place, it's Ireland 2006/2007. My best German Irish friend over there loved Tori Amos... I thought I'd never heard about her, however we then found out that her very first song that made her fall in love with Tori, so to speak, was the one song I only ever had heard (or rather, SEEN, as I'd seen the PV on mtv back then) once, and a sort of magic had seemed to grip me... however I could not keep in mind who the song had been by, nor what the title had been.

With Jools, I realized it had been just that song. ... And almost every time I was at her place, Tori. Tori or James Blunt. Both are pretty much Ireland to me.

Although listening to the song right now... heh... First of all, the official video has been removed thoroughly. It's a pity... it's pretty. Very.

And amongst all the live versions that are up, it's hard to decide which to choose... She's either too goddamn sexy, or people around her too creepy...w... I guess this one is alright.

Maybe I should listen more to her again.
Also back then I didn't realize just how sexy she could be |DDDD

Anyway, the lyrics, NOW... so different and...

I'd also like to add some songs for

DAY 05: A Song that reminds you of someone

...because this here does. It is, I'm pretty sure, the first song Chibi and I shared on my iPod. We were on our way to Kevin's home. And that one pretty much blew her/us away... hnn...


And further, for some reason, this one just doesn't get un-Mel-ed. Or back then, un-Yukari-d.
I used to have to cry listening to this for huh... months.

Sometimes I still have to, just because.
One of the reasons for why I used to have 'problems' with his voice even years after. It's strange, isn't it...

Thank you for back then. All of you.

Songs can take on other meanings, personally, after a while... but sometimes you just sit there, and what they one day had meant to you rushes all over you... ne. That's what those songs are for me.

And since we're talking about songs... Yuki spontaneously came over tonight. She didn't want to be alone, so yea~h. Brought some study material, so she did that, between us talking about recent dreams - I'm amazed at the sort of dreams she ~usually~ has. Huge stories. Like movies. (I sometimes have those, too, but usually I have to get up soon after waking up and hn, forget >.<)

At some point, I think it was when we were eating, and I went outside to the kitchen to get more, and came back... UnsraW's Sakura no namida had been playing. When I came back, she silently asked me to skip the song.

I did.

Later, when she had already left and was on her way back home, she asked me to tell her the names of the songs she's been asking about. I was like "Eh... there only were two... >.O ... Eh... Do you mean the one you wanted me to skip?", and she said "Yeah... that one, too" so I figured it wasn't because she couldn't stand it out of reasons that she found it terribly.

So I asked whether it had hurt.

She said yes.

Although she didn't understand a thing, she said.

Well, I hadn't really understood much of it when I first heard it, either, and it DID hurt a lot. "Glad" it touches some part of her, too.

Quite an interesting song, isn't it... And lol, she wanted to "google" a translation of it -_____- GOOGLE. A Translation! OF UNSRAW! ... *shudder* I know what's out there, rite. And anyway... Helllooooo? Whom is she talkkkking to? -_-' Ri~~~te.

Okay well, she has to be satisfied with an English translation, but at least I can serve with one. Orz.

So yeah. So much about that~
Managed to translate about 1/4th of the hu-----ge thing we have to summarize for Uni, so ya~y. Felt productive today *laughs*

Shall go to bed soon~
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