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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[翻訳] UnsraW - 廻黙に照らされた夢は涙に枯れて 
21st-Jun-2010 02:48 am
The truth is, I can't recall where I got the kanji lyrics from. I had already started a translation of this song before the 'incident' with my hard drive happened, so I lost everything that might have made me able to back-track it. The way it is I only know that I seemed to have trusted the source enough to actually translate the lyrics *laughs*

Anyway, as ever, in case I happen to find the original lyrics and they happen to be different from these, I'll revise them.

Otherwise, both the romanization and the translation are done by me. Notes as always to be found at the end of the post.

Don't repost without linking back to this post, ne. Thanks ♪

月明かり 一つ照らされた
偽りの笑顔に 「ありがとう」
音を立てて転がる 鈍色の約束
暗い部屋隅には幾千の 「夢」 「現実」

枕元には 白黒の香り
溢れ出す感情に 染まり出す左手

重ねた絵は 痛みの海に深く
救われない 愛しきは刻の中で
言葉なんて無いさ 儚い程に 散り急ぐ
掠れた声は 意味を持たぬ 愛を焼き付けて…

誰に届く はずも無い旋律と

重ねた手は 嘆きの空に高く
救われない 懐郷は刻を染めて
言葉なんて無いさ 人を信じることさえ
壊れてしまえ 潰乱の底に深く

笑いたい笑えない 渦巻いた慈悲なんて
ありふれた言葉だろ 届かない 此の心迄は
全てがそう不確かで 傷ついて傷つけて
馬鹿げている 「愛」 なんて届かない
嗤うは 月夜の下

Kaimoku ni terasareta Yume wa Namida ni karete
tsuki akari  hitotsu terasareta
itsuwari no egao ni 「arigatou」
oto wo tatete korogaru  nibiiro no yakusoku
kurai heyasumi ni wa ikusen no  「yume」  「genjitsu」 (1)

makuramoto ni wa  shirokuro no kaori
afuredasu omoi (2) ni  somaridasu hidarite

kasaneta e wa  itami no umi ni fukaku
sukuwarenai  itoshiki wa toki (3) no naka de
kotoba nante nai sa  hakanai hodo ni  chiriisogu
kasureta koe wa  imi wo motanu  ai wo yakitsukete...

nobashita te no saki ni sukui no te wa aru no?
dare ni todoku  hazu mo nai senritsu to

kasaneta te wa  nageki no sora ni takaku
sukuwarenai  kaikyou wa toki (see 3) wo somete
kotoba nante nai sa  hito wo shinjiru koto sae
kowarete shimae  kairan no soko ni fukaku

waraitai waraenai  uzumaita jihi nante
arifureta kotoba daro  todokanai  kono kokoro made wa
subete ga sou futashika de  kizutsuite kizutsukete
bakageteiru 「ai」 nante todokanai
warau wa  tsukiyo no shita

The dream illuminated by revolving stillness withers into tears [1]
Only illuminated  by the moonlight
By a fabricated smile a "thank you" [2]
Making a sound, it tumbles the dark grey promise
In the dark corners of the room are thousands of "dreams" and "truths" (see 1)

Near my pillow there's a black and white scent
My left hand starts to be dyed by emotions that begin to overflow

The piled up pictures into the seas of pain, deeply
The dearness that can't be saved is inside of the time (see 3)
There are no words to an ephemeral extent they scatter hurriedly [3]
The cracked voice burns a love  that bears no meaning into my memory…

Is there a rescuing hand before my outstretched hand?
If it is a melody that isn't even supposed to  reach anyone [4]

The piled up hands into the skies of lament, highly
The nostalgia that can't be saved dyes the time (see 3)
There are no words even believing in people
I'll end up broken on the bottom of subversion, deeply [5]

I want to laugh, I cannot laugh things such as swirled compassion [6]
they're hackneyed words, right they don't reach through to this heart
With everything being so unreliable I'm being wounded, I wound
Things like foolish looking "love" don't reach through
I sneer beneath the moonlit night

[1] The stillness that is meant here is not the one with no motion, but the one without sound.
[2] It does not have to be a single smile, it could be many
[3] What scatters could be an 'it', just as well the words, the dearness, etc...
[4] By the way he expresses these lines in the song, the second line could be interpreted differently. He only starts singing loudly again at "hazu mo nai", which leaves the rest sort of bundled together and might imply a "Is there a rescuing hand before my outstretched hand? Will it reach someone?". He then goes on like "(If) it's a melody that is not even supposed to... (reach)"
[5] If you read this and the previous line as one, it could also be understood as that which ends up broken is believing in people
[6] There's a pejorative feel to the 'swirled compassions'

(1) He sings a 'to' ("and") between yume and genjitsu which doesn't appear in the lyrics
(2) Written kanjou (feelings, sentiments), sung omoi (thoughts, emotions, love, hope ...)
(3) He sings toki (time) for a kanji that usually wouldn't be read that way. The kanji he uses for 'time' usually would be read kiza, which normally means wound. It's only rarely used to express 'time', here he affirms the meaning by actually singing toki instead of the more common readings.


I've been wanting to translate this one already for quite a while... realized pretty late that this song is pretty amazing. *laughs*

I already did the translation yesterday, but as I'm being pretty tired just now while posting, I really have to cross my fingers for there not being any sloppy mistakes x-X I'll let you hit me in case you find any.

If you have any comments or objections, feel free to share~

For more, feel free to check out my lyrics translation archive is → here

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