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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[mem] 30 days day VII. And an actual sort of blog w 
30th-Jun-2010 01:15 pm
Lol, maybe I should go on with this... I thought X'D

DAY 07: A song that reminds you of a certain event

Dang, realized the one I had wanted to use I had already used. >.O
But it's not like there aren't many songs that remind me of events. I'll just use one that's undangerous right now.

Oh Jimmy. ♥
Oh Robert... the smex XD <3 ♥

And four minutes of intro for the win *laughs*

Well the studio version is slightly shorter XD nya~

The day I broke away from 8 years of interment.

The thundering "I've been dazed and confused for so long it's not true" was my statement as to say "fuck you all, you thought you could pull me down and trample over me, now look where I am you little creeps, I made it through the hells you gave me, and here I am now and you can't do shit, now look how much I care about you pretentious unworthy scum."



I was spazzing all over the place when my iPod updated last week *laughs* I had that option of updating it just when I was about to go to bed, well lucky me I didn't. In the end it took about two hours or so >.O

The first thing I realized was different was just something of the look - it suddenly matched Snow Leopard ahaha. Which is kinda nice. Unnecessary, but nice X"D
Now you can bundle apps though. That's actually rather handy. For the people who have 10 pages of apps on their iPod/iPhone, orz. Well, not that I'd want to bundle so much and not that I have ten pages anyway orz, but for some things it's pretty good to have.
Another thing is that you can finally edit all of your playlistsssss... that's just fantastic. As in, ~all~ the edit-options that are there now.
Else I think they just changed the look of when you add songs, added the album work and the all over running time for the album and the such.

There possibly are more changes that I haven't found yet but... XD

Hn, also I happened to go to our apple store last week, actually because I had some questions... However as I got there just when they were queuing for the new iPhone, things were ki~~~nda busy there |D
That way I managed to go to their second floor however.

And realized that there now is a version of Neverwinter Nights for apple... Oh Gods. My heart sorta stopped when I saw it.

After FinalFantasy, it's the best computer game I ever played. As in, ever. And adding to that, it was what I played in Norway. So yeah, it's ages ago but... ugh. Memories, memoriesssss... ;-; I was a druid and had a black panther as familiar. *cri*

Sadly that thing is like 60€, but ahahah |D

World Cups

Yesterday our Japanese 先生 ended class about an hour earlier so he, and we, could go and see the match XD Jenny had this idea of going all together to the English Garden - park where there would be a screen for public viewing. Irene would have had another lecture afterwards, but thought, what the heck, especially as she realized I was thinking the same, and off we went. Jenny, Irene, the guy whose name I forgot orz, Thomas, Kasai-先生 and a couple of others.

There already were some Japanese people there, waiting for the match to start... and more and more people arrived. Most of them Japanese |D It was so much fun... there was this group of young Japanese guys most of whom I've never seen before, who were properly dressed in blue, with Japanese flags all over their faces.

Two of them were like cheerleaders, they were just so much fun *laugh* Always firing up the people, before and during the actual match haha... One of the guys had a huge Japanese flag with him and let everyone sign it. I went like じゃパンダ, bad pun but xDDDDD More and more people arrived still... a lot from the Japanese institute, almost most of our class ended up being there. I messaged Hiroshi, my tandem-san, about the public viewing, and he came with a friend, too. [He cut his hair! ;_______;]

Well. I'm not a fan of football, not at all really w So the last match I saw (never in my life saw a whole one actually) probably was longer than ten years ago xD

Watching it with so many people was so much fun though. The Japanese there were just too much fun XDDDDDDDD They kept clapping and shouting things at the screen, all the cheerleaders they were XD And they did it both in Japanese and in German.

Especially interesting was my sensei, too... he was sitting next to/behind me, and hn. It was kinda weird to be talking to him all nonchalantly anyway, as I've never ever done that with my sensei |D ... he's hn. Well, one of the older generation of Japanese teachers, surely end of his 50s. He lives in Landshut, so I went like how I used to live close by, and we talked about family and stuff >.O It felt weird >.>

Before the match started, he went like "Whatever I'll say today, I never said it!!" XDDD I told him I'd "forget" until next week's class, whatever it would be he'd be yelling XDDDD
In the end he didn't even curse so much. The only Japanese thing I heard him yell was やばいよ!!!, else he kept to soft, German curses. Yeah, just the soft ones, those you can't even call curses at all. Like "Oh ma~~~n" XDDDDD

But the mood was great, all through the match. There was this Japanese family behind me... It was so much fun listening to the mom. The German commentators were really lame, really, but she was like... so cool XD She went like 走れ走れ走れーーーーー most of the time, shouting several guys' names... Ah I loved how they kept cheering for players once they had the ball... or were about to shoot and so on *laughs* One time she actually desperate went like 「走れ走れハシレーーーー何でもいいから、ハシレ!!!!」, it was so... I don't even know, both Irene and me just laughed and turned to look at her, and then she was like "ehehe... ^ ^;; .... *laughs*" XDDDDD ... XDDDDDD

Daniさん was there, too, together with Theo and their tandem-sans. The match was also the first time I saw Daniさんs male tandem, one I only ever heard stories of. As in "So I go there to meet him, and oh my Gods... get closer to that table with the only Japanese person at it in the whole room, so I thought, that ~must~ be him, but please don't let it be him aaaaaaahhhrrrgh, and so I stand there and go like "... Yoshi?" and he looks up... you know, as in... throws his hair back slowly, like in slow-motion, slo--wly raises his gaze, and I'm all AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHSHITHELOOKSTOOgood how am I ever gonna be able to CONCENTRAAAAATEEE! *DESPERATION*" ... such stories XDDDDD <333

Well, yes, he actually does look extremely good. One of the non-cute, just totally cool-chiseled-high cheekbones-gentleman-funtobewith-close to some sort of perfection. ... Or host. Or whatever |D Plus an interesting type earring >.O

So yeah. Interesting chap w. Glad I finally could see the terror of her dreams as well xD

When the match had that halftime break, Irene and me went to some others from our course ~ Christine and Miriam I think. They had one of those worldcup magazines where you could attach collectible stickers to all the teammates. The Japanese team was complete lol ... and Irene wanted to know who's playing, so we checked them out. It was funny... some of them were like "wheee Hondaaa" (incl our sensei, sorta >.> He'd asked me かっこいじゃん?? and I was like 'mmh yeah |D' but ff... ), however one was totally into this baby-face... not sure of his name, but the portrait on the sticker looked like some dorama-guy, not like a football player *laughs*

I automatically put that guy from 福岡 to my list of people to cheer for, think his name was Okubou |D
My favourite turned out to be Nakazawa though. *purrrr* ~ And when he cried at the end, it was so... aww. ;-;
And something about the goalkeeper I found just really sympathetic. Not quite sure what it was. Kawashimaaaa <3

... lol. The commentators of course pronounced the names all totally wrong. "Kay-sookeh has the ball, he's got the ball, and he runnnnns"... Kay, sookeh. They pronounced them so wrong, I had troubles in pronouncing them at least somewhat correctly in my head, ugh.

All in all it was an interesting experience.

Plus the fact that whatever I saw and heard seemed to only be Japanese people, it gave off a feeling as if the place was actually Japan. It was weird.

Well, so much about that.

Randomly, thanks for uh... whatever |D






Oh well. Oh wellllll~~~


Should そろそろ leave! *nodnod*

Shee yash.
30th-Jun-2010 11:35 am (UTC)
Thats super great cheering with ppl its more exciting than cheering off with yourself^^",ahaha you were in Japan for a few hours and got back lol,German curses and Japanese thats something interesting*laughs*

Sadly they lots but they played very well,and yeah about the name the commentators here pronounce it totally wrong too,actually seems like the same way you mentioned I mean.
Who is*points at pictures* 8DD
30th-Jun-2010 06:00 pm (UTC)
It definitely is. That way I can watch any kind of sports, as long as people around me know what's going on and cheer and heat it up XD

Who that is? XD
*purrrrr* Mikaruuuuu~~~~♪
30th-Jun-2010 09:58 pm (UTC)
Yeah I know,although I am not much of a sport fan,I would enjoy it with other ppl cheering around 8DD

Ahaha,sorry I didnt get to him yet,as you see I am still a long way from knowing all the VK bands out there:p,oh he~llo*purrr*Mikaru *DD
1st-Jul-2010 09:59 am (UTC)
Aghl... he's Dio's vocal... try out CARRY DAWN, HAUNTING... GOD FORSAKEN, they're all on youtube. Try try tryyyyy <3

... *conceals being a sorta fan again* |D
30th-Jun-2010 04:34 pm (UTC)
Oh, how GOOD I remember the day when "Dazed and confused" shattered the holy halls of this time-honoured school ... and me, I screwed up with the camera, not knowing if it already had started, so I missed the first part of your march to the principal ...

Hahahahaha, your sermon on this event - means, your presonal interpretation of "dazed and confused" - is fucking damned great!!! YEAH!!!!!!
Isn't it good to think back and know, it's all well done?

I'm really amused. You never used to watch soccer, no matter which country played. Hey honey, believe me, I KNEW you would watch the Japanese guys ... erm, but, well, I found meself taking a little bit closer look when they reported in the news yesterday ... *cough*

Who the f*** is THIS? Am I right, when I state that, hmmm, I KNOW the necklaces and nose + mouth (of course) seems to be familiar to me, too ... Some of him is here right to my left on the wall ... (quickly changes the picture to be published here with this entry, muahaha ...)
30th-Jun-2010 06:03 pm (UTC)
1. Yeah unfortunately, but at least there still is the rest of it w

I already thought like that back then. ^ ^ And I did well, sort of, at least not bad, so yeah. And at least I know I didn't cheat for the abi exams. Other than some other mayor daughters and the such >.O

2. XDDDDDDDD Well. It was just because "everyone" went to see, so it was the company~ but for some reason the Japanese team suddenly seemed sorta interesting *laughs*

3.Lmao. So you found out w XD
1st-Jul-2010 05:48 am (UTC)
Yeah, recently we talked on the phone about your Night of the Proms, and I would like to have this night again right now, just to dance a proper ChaCha with you, hah, just turn back time, just for one dance ...
Hai hai, you did well, very well!! (proud-mother-I-am!!)

Uff, *wipes sweat from forehead* I'm glad I found out. Am afraid of being scolded by you, you know ...
But I would like to know: is this an old pic or a rather new? If it's rather new, it's kind of scary, coz he's so damned skinny, and I remember his muscles under my fingertips so well, so where are these muscles gone????
1st-Jul-2010 09:29 am (UTC)
1. Yeah, you told me that, too.

3. XDDD... eh... Anatomy. He's all... ~relaxed~ in those picturesh. That's all. Mix wouldn't just have that mass of muscles disappear in 0,nix~ kehe
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