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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[翻訳] Mikaru Q&A | Other random babbling about how I should really sleep (= the usual me, for you |D) 
7th-Jul-2010 01:58 am
mao distorted
Kay, blow this.

I was doing about everything I wasn't ~really~ supposed to do, but yeah, once I have some fixation about what to do in my head, if I really want to do it, I just do it. So yeah, here I ended up with another night that happened to be made up almost solely of UnsraW and mikaru, orz. Fail.

Oh well! It's not like I didn't do my homework, keh.

Actually my eyes have been starting to keep falling shut about, ehrm, two hours ago or so, but as I wasn't finished with this yet, of courrrrse I had to stay awake XD ... Another night I won't make it going to bed "earlier than usual" (Although it's actually amazing enough I don't get to bed much later than I'm supposed to >.O) ... well, the choice in my tags might still give away that I ought to go to bed |D

Anyway, so~

Micchan happened to post this アメンバー Q&A thing ... the couple of things I had read from it the first time I took a look at it were already pretty hilarious, I thought why not translate the whole thing (at least the questions and answers), as I know there are at least a few people on my FL who'd actually be slightly interested >.O *gazes at person with him stuck everywhere on her walls*

Ah, he's just being too hilarious. Was either chuckling and chortling all way through it. [sort of tahah♪keiちゃん大好きなの♪♪ *shot* ]

Here you go.

Replies ~

2010-07-06 07:27:50

((He just had a break when he wrote the entry, and said that as it's for once not in the middle of the night and his day/night order have been reversed, he can't really be productive in making songs, so he chose to instead reply to some questions he'd been collecting. Usually he's replying them personally, apparently, but well, there he went with some basic questions about his person.))


● What is the standby image on your phone?

○ It’s a picture of a christmas tree. Because I like Christmas. Ever since I got this cell phone, I haven’t changed it once;
Ah, it seems there are people who chose me as their standby image, that makes me very happy. You surely have godly protection, right.

● What are your chaku-uta and machi-uta? ((Roughly, ring-tone and that pleaseholdtheline/waitasecond-tone))

○ My mail-sound → “When a man loves a woman” ((男が女を愛する時 ...w Either I’m just oblivious, or… It definitely IS that very famous song as well, but >.> I just can imagine other things as well so |D *shot* And imagining him with that song is just… *no words*))
My ringtone → memory (by Nakashima Mika)
My waiting tone → I forgot; It should be one of Nakashima Mika’s ballads

● What about the 6th and 13th of August?

○ I might appear in the act of BrainStein at Shibuya BOXX on the 6th. The probability that I will is 90%. The members aren’t yet fixed. Also the songs and the time of the musical performance aren’t settled yet.

● What are you using as perfume?

○ It changes depending on the mood of that day, but basically it’s CURIOUS or Light Blue ((First is *please don’t*, second is from Dolce Golbana))

● Is there a brand of clothes you like?

○ Not particularly. As long as it’s cool, I wear anything.

● Is Kei-san well?

○ He’s fine~! We keep properly in touch♪ Cause I love him♪

● What fruits do you like?

○ Rank 1… White peach… Rank 2… melon… rank 3… nashi

● Are you S? Or are you M?

○ Eh~!! Has there ever been as much as one percent of M-factor visible in the man that is me!? (laughs) ((>___________>’ Yeah uh. Right.))

● Why did you choose the name ‘mikaru’?

○ My name giver is Tecchan. I’ve been out with Tecchan since senior high school, the official name was tetsuto ((written in romaji)) As what it means will get long, more about it next time (laughs);

● Which do you like, long haired, or short haired girls?

○ I don’t have a fixation about the length of hair to that extent, but I suppose what is good about long hair is that it’s rich in variations. I guess it’s hot in summer though, so you people with long hair, hold on please. (laughs)

● Please tell me your height and weight.

○ I’m 173cm and 62kg.

● What is your blood type?

○ As I don’t eat greens, it’s muddled and is impossible to measure. ((>.O Somebody tell me that’s actually possible.))

● Please tell me about artists you respect.

○ Hmm, respect. Well I love Southern All Stars.

● Is it okay if I pasted pictures on your blog?

○ Of course, it’s grand. I’m glad ♪


((He then says thank you or all the mails, presents, petas, followers and the such and how he's checking them out every day noticed somehow >.>', etc, and tada, his break was over and there he left again~))

So yea~h. Wasn't 100% sure about the Tecchan thing... Hilarious to actually know another type Tecchan >.O

Mix here doesn't really fail to amaze me ... surprises every day! |D I mean!! |D His choices of songs is just hilariously I-don't-even-know. I was thinking that someone should try a remix of one of Mika's ballads and Mikaru's [... noticed something? 8D] for example Dantoudai? ... Y/Y? Might make an awesome combination.

... Also makes me wonder, if there's ever gonna be a new band, whether he won't try conquering the world with pop songs now that the other way didn't work... ofrz.

Oh the cynicism, sarcasm and cynicism. Too sweet.


Cynically in bliss, I'll leave and go to bed. *nods*
Listening to songs that don't have to do with anything combined with my sleep-craving-sleep-resisting-state makes me imagine mikaru in a French red-light district, oh let's just randomly say the Moulin Rouge, and uh... no wait. Skirts? |D Oh please! No imagination, please don't. Just for once, kay? 8D Yes yes, you might surely think it's fun, but see, I'm about to go to bed, and such images just will ruin the peace and tranquility I feel with erm, just randomly and generally being dead tired, so don't make it funny and...

Ah. Arguing with my own sense of imagination doesn't really help much 8D

... yes.

Yes I know. I'm utterly sleep-deprived, yes.
And yes.

I do understand the only thing that'd help about that is going to bed.



7th-Jul-2010 12:14 am (UTC)
...ahaha~ XDDDD

He amuses me. So much.

7th-Jul-2010 09:42 am (UTC)
Hmmhm... almost to an extent that is scary again |D
He has so many layers about him that are just too surprising 8D

7th-Jul-2010 10:11 am (UTC)
Ahh,another sleep deprived fellow,I always say today I will sleep earlier but I end up not doing it:p
OMG the tunes XDD
Listening to a song from Moulin Rouge and Mikaru on your mind such a bad combi hihi
7th-Jul-2010 05:54 pm (UTC)
Lmao, ans I was SO tired yesterday x"D ... and STILL did this, orz.
Well, am grand today x"D

And yeah. Roxxxannnne.... you don't have to sell your body to the nightttt Roxxannnnnneee ♪
9th-Jul-2010 09:01 am (UTC)
I slept early for the 1st time yesterday,its a miracle XD

I love that movie,its very artistic and remember brother got all the songs and I had to hear them every time I ride the car with him lol
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