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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
It cooled down... 
18th-Jul-2010 01:30 pm
mao distorted
It cooled down, na~?

Wonderful. Actually I (no, the weather report) thought that it'd be all rainy and thunderstormy today, so far it doesn't quite seem to come true, which is ~great~.

Today's "Japan Fest", a yearly event I've never made it to before ... for one or the other reason *laughs*

I actually have to leave soon, but as I don't really have much to do in the time before I finally will, I thought I'll write a bit, heh.

Didn't really have any fast plans about it this time either, I just knew I wanted to go. Irene is going to come, too... she said she'll try to squish into her Yukata, haha, I hope she will. XD At least she won't die of heat today, with that weather and all. It's only around 18°C, as opposed to 31°C the last couple of days >.O So yeah, I'm glad w

And the fun thing is that last time I met with Hiroshi for tandeming, I mentioned the JapanFest... and he had like, no idea it existed >.O ... Oh well. That boy's always so informed XDDDD Well, he seemed very interested in it... I told him that Irene is gonna come etc, I guess it sounded much like we already had our 'date' set and all, and he looked a bit... brooding, maybe, for a bit... XD ... and then looked out over the park, laid his head on the side and asked "... is it okay... if... uh, can I come, too?", very cautious to look anywhere but me XDDDDDD ... it seemed. XDDD He amuses me. I mean, a lot of Japanese just really amuse me, but it's nice to have such a source of amusement so close XD

Yesterday night I rearranged the set time we'd meet and told him he better take an umbrella.
His reply to that was something like "aww, how unfortunate." I don't know what their problem with rain is, really XD Or maybe he just thinks that ~girls~ have a problem with rain. ... Right. Maybe it's a usual excuse to not meet up, over there. Like. "It's probably gonna rain though..." = "lets not meet up at all" ...? Maybe XD
Well, he asked whether I'd still go. Baka. Of course I would. So he wrote back "Oh okay! I try not forget umbrella!"

*shakes head* Oh well.

Hn, right, yesterday was Christopher Street Day. I ended up not really going, alone and feeling slightly miserable just then, but I walked around the place it was held, and did take at least one picture or so, I might upload that later.

Same with the Finnish Mad Tea Party on Friday xD We had punch... Minna mixed it in a bucket, lmao. We just ever called the thing "Something with vodka" throughout the day XDDDDD It was much fun, chatting, eating and playing games such as Uno and HalliGalli. ... which I don't think I ever played before, I didn't even know the rules at first, but for some reason I won (against 5 others w) |D ... and pretty quickly at that |DD


That was a very rough summing up of the last couple of days.

... Something I only manage when I really ~have~ to go at some point... not when it's just a bed beckoning... and the deprivation of sleep looming in the not-so-far-distance.

Right. JapanFestよろしくーーーー

(There's said to be 神楽. Children神楽 actually.
... makes me think of very eery ひぐらしの鳴く頃に, but... I wanna see |D)
18th-Jul-2010 11:35 am (UTC)
I heard about the cooling down in Germany ... I'm jealous!!
Here it's around 34°C something, as usual, day and night.
I was soaked yesterday - very unusual ... and will be heading out to Washington again - this time on my own - soon.

Ah, what I forgot to tell you: Loads of Japanese in D.C., as you can guess ... and it's not bad to see skinny people when you're surrounded by fat ones all the time ...
18th-Jul-2010 05:02 pm (UTC)
It was fun! I want to update about it later.
Hope it's somewhat fun alone, too~

Japanese? Hee, great xD
I told Irene how you "liked" it over there, she didn't exactly expect to hear "she hates it" XD
Oh well~
Until the next update :3
18th-Jul-2010 11:44 pm (UTC)
Well, maybe it would be different if I really was a tourist here - because then, I would have thought beforehand that I would like to visit this country.

But I didn't travel because I wanted to - I simply didn't have a choice - and I work here, so that's totally different, I guess. I see how people work, I hear them telling me how they live - that's far from being a tourist - and there's (nearly) nothing I could like ...

Tell Irene, they do have great museums and gallerys in Washington ... (although it was strange to visit that part of "African history"... they display it as sort of "wild" culture, but display Nelson Mandela and the Apartheid-problem, too. I considered this part false and stupid. There was nothing told about slavery ...)
19th-Jul-2010 11:13 am (UTC)
Oh yeah... people do that all the time in museums. I think it's actually some German museum about Jews, or about WWII, something, and somewhere it says that "unfortunately so-and-so-many Jews lost their lives", which of course, is a huuuge understatement of the "loss of their lives" ...
Same thing I know about a Japanese war-museum, they put the Japanese as brave etc, but never mentioned some of the un-needed, brutal slaughters some of the soldiers had had fun with ... People tend to be not so good in exposing their bloody past.
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