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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Images from a city's countryside 
18th-Aug-2010 12:28 am
Ahh, it's already sort of late (no, not really, but it feels like it, thanks to too little sleep and a day full of work X"D Or actually I had enough sleep, which puzzles me. I still was extremely tired in the morning, for some or other reason.) so I won't write a proper blog right なう, though there actually are some I wanted to do |D

Yoar, not today anymore.

I'll just... randomly mention things XD

Well, my best Irish friend has been with mom and me for a week, she left again last week. That is what I wanted to blog about, mostly in pictures. So that'll have to wait a bit more. >.O

Today was my last day at work. I won't be working there anymore until November... and depending on whether something about their current policy will have changed or not, I might work for them after November still, or I'll be jobless and will have to look harder for something else. >.>'

But yes! That reminded me of another thing I had wanted to mention! Last saturday morning I had to go to some place in the outskirts of the city to work there. Usually people won't get sent off to places it takes more than 20min to 'travel' to, but well, Mr. boss is on vacations, so it all gets a but chaotic at times.

And thus I ended up having to work in some place I've not been once in my life. It took about 40 min to go there via subways, trains and then walk.

You can imagine I wasn't all "wheeee let's go to the outskirts 8D" when I first found out where that store was located, but once I set foot outside the train, I was like, amazed. Like.

Although the place/town/village/whatever wasn't that far away from the city, it seemed perfectly as if I were somewhere out on the countryside. I loved it already *laughs*

Well, they only have one main street... that I had somewhat memorized in my mind, but I wasn't sure which direction was correct, so I walked... and walked... XD

Until to my left a wonderful landscape of meadows and fields started spreading out...

And after two minutes or so, there wasn't even any walkway anymore ahahaha... Not any "proper" walkway anyway.
I mean, it was broad enough to walk on! ... Barely though xD

Once I saw horses in the background somewhere to the left, I went like "wheeee horsheeeessssh *___*"... Well, I've never been a horse-freak when I was a girl, but maybe that was because I didn't get the chance. 苦笑 I've always had an interest though, and after the first live horse I sort of fell in love with, it sparrrrrrked. Not the horse. The flame. |D ... Had spent hours with it, and yeah it rather loved me too ;-; It was somewhere in France, on some fairground/market place, and French people even talked to me about the horse and me but I could only smile and say that I don't really understand, hah. Too bad no rich man came along who felt generous enough to buy a poor girl a horse, ahah. Too bad, really. -_-

Anyway! Here's the same road a bit further ahead.

I think I had already realized that I probably had gone the wrong way, but it was just too wonderful walking there, so I didn't really care XD And I didn't think they would miss me at the store yet, plus any excuse I would have had would have been the plain truth... walking the wrong way etc... |D but hnf XD

I turned back after the first turn, when I thought that IF it had been the right direction, then there would have had to be a grocery store somewhere around... but there only were houses and stables and farms... ♥ ... and people on bicycles curiously eyeing me... |D So I decided I should walk the other direction.

Which I did, and soon after I had passed the station again, I realized how very different the other side of the town was *laughs* There were higher buildings, stores, hairdressers, etc etc ... in short... 'town'. Not 'village' haha...

Oh well, in the end, the colleague there was pretty nice, and the customers as well... most of them old people though, I wasn't surprised *laughs*.

After my 6-or-so-hours of work, after I had closed down the store and walked back to the station, I was curious about some path that lead away from the station, disappearing behind some bushes, parallel to the tracks. The weather was wonderful, too, and the next train wouldn't be arriving before 15mins, so I ventured out onto it.
Funnily, I suddenly had felt a weird craving for raspberries... hn well, there just happened to be a lot of blackberry bushes there |D not quite, but close enough *laughs* I was amused. 感謝です!

It was such a wonderful place! Everything so so silent... a soft breeze... warm sun... smell of warm grass and trees... gah. If I had to move around the city, I might just voluntarily move there, lol.

That was the station~

The sky wasn't really that colour, I just had a weird camera option on my mobile without noticing X'D

Hnn... after a while I thought the train might be coming soon... however I wouldn't have made it if I had turned back and went the "proper" way... there just happened to be the end of the very platform to my right, and the high grass looked as if it would be no problem to just stalk across it... and over the tracks onto the platform... XD Of course it's not exactly allowed, but fff. There I went! Ahh, sun.

That was from the platform into direction where the train would be coming from.

So much about that.

... For some reason, the last three songs all were UnsraW/CtC... lol XD Funny, guys, funny ♥

Oh right. Yesterday, Yuki spontaneously came over to my place. As she volunteered, I had her try some of the American sweets my mom had brought back from over there. I only ever had tasted one, and spit it right out XD Those were her example of "eewwwwwhowcouldanybodyeatthat"-sweet. XD I fullheartedly agreed. The one I had tried had tasted like something close to cheap perfume or soap. Ugh *shudder*
So I hadn't tried any of the other colours xDDDDD

Yuki was brave though! It was fun to watch her expression, too xDD Damn I admired her there XD

At first I gave her purple/lilac. She took it. Chewed. Chewed more. "Mmh, licorice! *_*"... okay, approved xD

As next I gave her a red one.

It took a while before she had managed to get the rest of the purple one out from her teeth, but she did it after a while XD ... So, red. Chew, chew... Tilted her head. Squinted. "Hmmm... wha... oh! Cinnamon!"
... Wh...at? XDDDDDDD Cinnamon...? Ka~~y.

Kay. Next one was the one I had had tried - white. I was looking extre-mely curious about that one.
... She requested water before she'd go on XD ... so I brought her some. And bravely she took it in annnnd... "Hm... >.O That. *chewchew* taste reminds me of something... but... I have no... idea". In the end she found it edible. Not in a way that she'd ~choose~ to eat it, if she had the chance, but well.

There still were orange, yellow and green... I might have given her the orange one next, not sure. She didn't recognize the taste, it just seemed familiar somehow. ... She also seemed to get sick very soon, but she nodded at the next colour xD Which was yellow, I think.

After she'd emptied her mouth of remnants from the orange (shticky bashtardsh), she tried that one... and then just started laughing "I can't TASTE anyTHING anymore 8DDDD"... XD kay.

So green was left. ... She needed a break first. Wasn't so sure anymore she'd make it otherwise XD ... After the short break, she tried it.
"EeeeewwWWWWwwwwW!!!!!!!!! O__________O" A...HAHAHAHAH omygodddsss XDDDDDDDDDDDD I think she swallowed it as soon as she'd tasted it, and went like "pepper...mint...tooth!PASTE! but... EWW" oh gods, the poor girl... the last one had turned out to be the worst |D

... I gave her chocolate to drive the taste away *laughs*. It helped. ... I'm glad |D

For various reasons |D

CtC again! ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Anywho! There was that :3
18th-Aug-2010 06:53 am (UTC)
I wished I lived in the country-side (*∀*)

You and your friend's reactions makes me want to try out that American sweet xD
18th-Aug-2010 12:01 pm (UTC)
I don't live there either, I live in the middle of a city.
I used to, though.
18th-Aug-2010 12:14 pm (UTC)
Yea I live smack right in the middle of a city too. But the country-side looks nice :)

So there's where you work eh...
18th-Aug-2010 12:26 pm (UTC)
No, just worked there for one day. Usually it's in the city.
19th-Aug-2010 05:42 am (UTC)
Was it Daglfing?? There should be horses, because in Daglfing there's a horse race-track ...

Haha, so anybody who comes over to you is a victim to taste that American-artificially-flavoured-sticky-sweets ...
Yes, I remember, one of tehse tasted like Cinnamon - but TOO MUCH like Cinnamon ...

Hm, did you already try the jelly beans? Don't they have some strange tastes, too?

I'm glad that I could enjoy the Irish wine gums :-) (alas, they're gone now ...)
19th-Aug-2010 10:07 am (UTC)
Yeah it was Daglfing! Never knew there was a race-track though... Didn't see it anyway~

Oh, no one comes to my place... except for Yuki. Started coming over here and there a couple of months ago. Pretty much fair, it's rather far out to her every time.

I haven't opened any of the others yet.
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