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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
White lies 
21st-Aug-2010 07:21 pm

So, what.

Guess there are several ways to interpret the bit of story in the video there is, but like.
One of the interpretations look like.

She is in her death bed and tells him that everything will be alright, or maybe even ~he~ does, and she'll be all fine again in a bit, no need to worry at all, while she knows exactly she's gonna die.
And he wants to marry her.
And maybe they do.
And then she dies.


I don't call that white lie.
I really don't.

Which makes me wonder how one could actually fabricate a lie that indeed is good for people. Not sure I ever came across such a lie. Well maybe for people who like them. I certainly prefer any sort of truth. I think.

Funny thing they're talking about lies actually. Very. Funny.
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