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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Random fishes at night. 
6th-Oct-2010 11:47 pm
Aoi red
Alright, so I was just randomly browsing the web, sort of, as I happened to stumble over some translated (ABC) lyrics somewhere.

I'm not sure what made me read them, guess my curiousity... I'm always eager to see-slash-find good translations, or people who I think do their job just really well... as I don't really know that many lyrics translators out there who I'd call "really good", finding one always seems to give me a kick w. I don't think I'm that great myself, but at least I know right from left... eh, wrong. And I don't go and say "this is definite", it's just always the ways I understood something, and oh I can be so wrong, hah... I'm very aware of that. w

Anyway. So while reading, unfortunately I realized this darling wasn't quite that... skilled, sadly sadly. For some reason or other, while I seem to get some sort of kick out of good translations at times, bad ones just send shivers down my spine... it's weird, isn't it? It shouldn't bug me, but somehow, it does... just ever so slightly. My physical reaction is close to smelling something rotten, seriously X"D

Anywho! That made me think of dear babelfish... and how wonderful it works for Chinese Whispers. I randomly typed things into it, had it be translated into Japanese and then back into English.

Behold the madness.

For the fun of it, you might just try and guess what it was that I actually typed... I'll give you the original in italics though.

BabelFish' bubbles I

As for me " Presently you have heard; Dead" Highschool; As for the start subject which I mean, to that the bit as for those which I want to that understanding with anything translating, attempt the thing which for the small fish here it makes more the simple 單. I suppose that eagerly, but how doing, being confused thing how it is not the oak lever and expectation always. Why think in doubt.

I am currently listening to "Highschool of the Dead", its opening theme I mean, and shall try to make it a bit easier for the little fish here to understand whatever I want it to translate. It should not be that hard I suppose, but somehow it always manages to make a mess of things. Wonder why.

BabelFish' bubbles II

It was understood, that it did not solve really. Someone is surprised? Lift you rejoice your hand… This time. In any case, I just a little am tired. And clearly don' As for t still would like to sleep me who the " If you sleep, because the air does; early" I that now am not desirable very because of me, if (it does not occur first, to become, because to awake entirely first,). Why finishes the fact that the needless thing like the thing where I try the fish is done way it is.

Okay, that did not really work out. Who is surprised? Raise your hands please... Now.
Anyway, I am kind of tired. And obviously don't feel like going to bed yet, because if I go to bed that "early", I will have to get up earlier (since I will wake up earlier and all) and that is not very desirable for me at the moment. So that is why I end up doing useless things like trying out fish.

Alright... please → rejoice. I can still see the connection, but... where does all the grammar go to? It can't be all that difficult, can it? SVO?
And "sleep me"? What's that supposed to mean. >.>

BabelFish' bubbles III

Actually as for my mother so the thought of trying once more was given in me. But now it is chosen, appropriately " Like the selection which song you are wrong by my iTunes it seems the way; October" orz rose. Oh regrettable, as for me the word ' which is small to fishie; Being valuable problem it is affirmative; orz' . I understand, but that really is not word. Anywho, so from my. Applause.

Actually my mom gave me the idea to try so again. Seems like the wrong choices of songs are being chosen by my iTunes right now though, fittingly "October" came up orz. Oh sorry, I am positive fishie will have its dear problems with the small word 'orz'. Although I understand it is not actually a word. Anywho, so much from me. Cheers.

Where did it get the rose from? orz.

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