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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[翻訳] RENTRER EN SOI - 全景色腐り果てる今、唯一... 
10th-Oct-2010 03:46 pm
Alright, I think I started with this like half a year ago or so... I just found the translation again and revised it, and although I must say I still find it a bit complex in some areas (mildly put), I decided to post it anyway.
And with 'complex' I mean "I'mnotsurewhetherIgotthisrightbutIguessitcouldberightsowecouldaswellgowiththis"

It's a beautiful song.
Not sure what else I can say.

Apart from the usual: kanji are from the AIN SOPH AUR booklet, romaji and translation done by me.

Don't repost without linking back to this post, thank you nya~










Zenkeshiki kusurihateru ima, yuuitsu...

sabakareta sekai wa outo wo tsuraneteite
daenkei ni yuganda kuukan ni anata sae dokusareta
hyouryuu suru bin no naka ugomeku toumei no tamashi yo...
wazukana kokyuu de mo ii hibike furan joukei ni

itsushika tsubomi he
doushite ikiteiru ka wo kakunin suru tame
toppatsuteki ni eiri na hamono de ude wo kizande
fukidashita ekitai ga akai kawa wo tsukutteirunda

sakimidareru you ni...
dairokkan ga hanoushi FURASHUBAKKU wo hikiokoshite
nouri ni ukabu menmitsu ni amikomareta seni kara
shitatariochiru namanurui kanshoku wo kesu koto ga dekinai

douyara subete wa yami ni michi
fusagikomu watashi wo tada kusarihateta genjitsu wa nemuritai to shindeiru

- tsumugidasareta kyuutai wa ketsumatsu wo mukaeru -

konton no raimei ni shizumi... (1)
hakobareru nikutai to bukimi ni warau fuseimyaku no ketsugoushi wo baitai toshita
sudeni hanbun kusarihajimeta sekai no dekigoto wo uketomeru koto nante dekiru hazu wa nai
hebi ga sasou (2)

nijinda daichi wa todaeyuku
shitatariochiru keppaku wa kaeru basho wo sagashita mama bin no naka de furueteiru

subete wa yami ni michi
fusagikomu watashi wo tada kusarihateta genjitsu wa nemuritai to shindeiru

The now in which the whole scenery is corrupting, only...

The judged world is putting the vomiting together
Even you were corrupted by the space that bends into elliptical shape
Inside a drifting bottle, a wriggling, transparent soul...
It's okay with respiring just a little, inside the resounding scene of decomposition

Unawares towards the bud...
Why do I, in order to affirm whether I am alive, [1]
suddenly engrave my arm with sharp cutlery
The fluid that gushed out is constructing a red river

In order to bloom in profusion...
Intuition reacts and causes a flashback
From the fibers that float in my mind in which they were thoroughly weaved into
I cannot erase the lukewarm sensation that trickles down [2]

It seems like everything expires into darkness
The reality that simply corrupted the me who mopes says it wants to sleep, and dies [3]

- The orb that was made begin to spin approaches an end - [4]

Sinking into chaotic thunder...
I used the connector of the eerily laughing irregular pulse and the conveyed flesh for a medium
There is no need being able to react to the happenings of a world that has already started to corrupt halfway [5]
The snake tempts

The blotted earth is going to come to an end
The purity that trickles down, having been searching for a place to return to, is trembling inside the bottle

Everything expires into darkness
The reality that simply corrupted the me who mopes says it wants to sleep, and dies [see 3]

[1] The line can be read in different ways. I chose the "why do I, in order to affirm I am alive...", but it could also be read as "In order to affirm why I am alive..."
[2] The way he chose to express 'lukewarm' can also mean 'half-hearted'
[3] This could probably be seen in quite different ways. Apart from the way I put it up there, with it being the reality dying, I also get the vibe that what he says might be "In the reality that simply corrupted me, I, who mopes/is depressed/..., say 'I want to sleep', and die", or without the details "In reality/truth, what it is I say is 'I want to sleep', and die"
[4] 'Spin' as in 'make yarn'
[5] Can also be read as if one weren't supposed to be able to react to them. If what the snake tempts with, is the message of this line, maybe the laid back 'there's no need to' fits better, but choose as you wish.

(1) No biggie, but when he sings, I can hear a 'ni' (in), which isn't in the lyrics. There are several times he seems to sing slight alterations of the written text, but that is totally normal, so don't be bothered by it. I could also mention here that it was impossible for me to hear out what it is he's actually saying in the fast parts.
(2) I can't really make out what he says for 蛇 (snake). Usually it's read as 'hebi', which I am not sure he does there. With a lot of imagination I can actually hear a 'hebi' there, but it might also be he left it out, or sings something obscure instead.


Sometimes I feel like, if I had a random, unimportant wish to be fulfilled, I'd want to see the world in his eyes for a day.
I painfully love the sceneries he constructs.

Feel free to comment, whether you agree or disagree... or find any typos.
Comments are always welcome.

For more, feel free to check out my lyrics translation archive is → here

10th-Oct-2010 06:59 pm (UTC)
I'm not sure if I know this song at all ...
but ... that's hard stuff, very hard to understand, to really get what he wants to express. So many paths for interpretation ...
Beautiful but disgusting at the same time. Makes me shudder, somehow.
(a shudder from deep respect, he must be a genius to compose such lyrics...)
10th-Oct-2010 07:53 pm (UTC)
Yeah it's pretty hard. Lyrics like those remind me of how even the Japanese often don't understand lyrics... keh. Makes me feel less a fool I guess.

You do know it, it's on Ain Soph Aur. : )
Should listen to it, it's beautiful.

And yeah, genius is a good word. I'd say 天才, tensai, which consists of heaven, and ability/gift. <3
11th-Oct-2010 05:37 am (UTC)
+Tensai+ hm, I agree. That's why I always had the image of an Angel in my mind when I saw/listened to Satsuki ...
11th-Oct-2010 08:48 am (UTC)
Hm, is that the only reason? Have you never seen the photoshoots with him and wings..?
12th-Oct-2010 10:54 am (UTC)
Ah, yes, now that you are telling me ... I remember the photoshoot with the wings. But: No, I always thought of him like being angelic, somehow ...
12th-Oct-2010 01:37 pm (UTC)
No surprise :)
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