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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Please don't ask me to defend the shameful lowlands of the...  
19th-Oct-2010 02:10 am
... way I'm drifting gloomily through time.

Touch me~~~

I had wanted to update the blogs, but as it seems that アメバさん is down, that failed.

Instead I'll update a fragment of my life.

Uni'll start again tomorrow, but today there was...

Well, I just came back from a-ha's farewell concert they held in the town I currently live in.

It was...


At this point, I'll just keep typing, and... I'll fill the gaps with pictures. Or at least that's my intention. In case the uploader decides to hate me today, I'll just have to fill in the gaps latur.

a-ha were the first band I ever followed truly, with my whole heart, as a fan... starting ten years ago, in a rather dark period of my life. A long dark period for that matter. And I know exactly, that if a-ha hadn't been there, I wouldn't be here now, today, the way I am. They shaped a lot about me, their music did, and in some ways also the guys themselves did, although not as much as what they've given the world. The least they've given me was strength in a time I needed it, and a place to call my home.

My heart and ears turned to different music after a couple of years of being a fan, but they always held that place in my heart. And they really, really showed me a home I've never seen before, in several aspects.

To be honest, I didn't go to any of their concerts of the last tour. Somehow it just flew past me without that I really noticed it... and suddenly there it was, "Farewell Tour"... the last of the last.

Of course I had to go. "To close the cycle", as my mom tends to put it, I did it just like my very first a-ha concert - together with her, not in the arena, but somewhere up and far away, in need of binoculars. I might have regretted that choice a while before the concert, but once I was there, I didn't really, as the whole arena was seated as well. Not really what I call 'arena' *laughs* It seemed like having a seat in the far back of the arena would have been a much more unfortunate place to be than anywhere up on the other seats.

The Intro

And they played... of course they played all the songs there had to be. However, they played so many of their old songs I've never, ever heard them play live, however wished that one day, one day I'll be able to see them performing them.

Starter - The Sun always shines on TV

Move to Memphis was one of those. I honestly jumped and flailed in my seat when it started. Also, The Blood that moves the body, and fucking Scoundrel Days. Ugh my heart... And I guess not only mine. It's one of my favourite songs, by far.

Kaboom! - Move to Memphis

There also had been Cry Wolf. ;-; For some reason I really love that song. Had a phase of listening to it non-stop just a couple of months ago. Them performing it life... It made me smile.

Stay on, stay on - Stay on these roads

Wave Goodbye - Manhattan Skyline

A lot of other songs had made me bawl though. One of them was to be expected, as they always play it, but ohhhh well. Somehow I wanted it to be a rock concert just then, so that I would be able to just scream and nobody would mind [Although I realize that people would still mind. I remember the time I saw Gazette and had totally lost my humanity, as it seemed, while growling, barking, Idon'tevenknowwhat to the sounds, a guy close by just turned and looked at me like O_____o']

The guys were so much like I've always known them to be... Fashionable Morten and Magne... and Morten with his strange ways of moving over the stage XD
Both him and Magne did the MCs... and some of them even in Norwegianish-German. It was cute... ;-;

We're looking for a little bewildered girl - We're looking for the whales

I was surprised, to say the least, when they started playing that. It's so... old... in a way that's almost embarrassing, but doing so well at the same time *laughs* Three came twice took once the time to search! ♫ I found angelllls... bea~~~ched outside your do~~~or ♪... Rest...lessness is i~n our jeans genes, time won't wear it offfff ♬

Morten even tried to introduce the 'band' (the other guys besides a-ha) in German. "We have two band... members... tswai... tswai... leute?... members!"... aww. Dork <3

Just another lonely face - Minor Earth | Major Sky

There also were times when he played on guitars... and something that seemed like the tiniest version of a guitar, yet bigger than an ukulele... but maybe it really was the latter, hard to see from so far away.
There'd also been two extra-drums, electronic ones, but as I don't really have a clue about such things, I can't really speak about them either. Anyway, at one point Magne hit them... that already was cute, but then, in a song later, Morten went to them, too, and beat them, ahaha... the rhythm was pretty easy though, so Morten managed... somehow xD

And at one point Magne went to their drummer and played drums with him! He like, took over a part of the left side of his drumset. Or that was what it looked like. Had this vicious thought of how Shinya could easily have managed hitting all of those at the same time... but hah, we can't all be Shinya.

On the screens they had some interesting things going on... Close to the end, before the first encore, if you want to call it that, they had shown a show of a-ha's history, with some LP and CD covers. Some of them had been in Japanese *laughs* ... I had actually seen an elderly Japanese couple before we went to our seats. I wonder whether they were living ~here~, or travelled here to see them... and whether or not they had gotten to know them back in their younger days in Japan. :3

And, hm, the unplugged versions they played were too beautiful to put into words. Butterfly in a slow version with piano and acoustic... It made me weep. I actually really had liked their newest and last song, Butterfly, butterfly, the last hurray, but it seems like nothing compared to how they played it live. It made me hope for a live CD or the such for their last tour (they better!)

Flutter into the wind - Butterfly, butterfly

Butterfly, Nonstop July and Crying in the Rain all were like that, just the three of them gathered in the front of a blue-lit stage under a chandelier, no back ground band at all... like in the olden days.

I can't even.

I don't wanna know this pain - I've been losing you

I just want you to know, I love you - Analogue

They ended the main part of the concert with the Living Daylights, and then came back out for Take on me. Aw... There had been standing ovations already since Foot of the Mountain, around 22:20ish.

Save the darkness, let it never fade away - Living Daylights

Gone James Bond there. Of course they made us sing/shout it along with them, of course <3 Ohhhhoh-ohoh, the livvving daylights! Love it, haha.

For Take on me, practically everyone in the sold-out place was on their feet. On the screen they showed a takeonme'd version of what was going on on stage. If you know the PV (...MV? >.O), you might get a clue of what I mean *laughs*

I'm odds and ends, but I'm me - Take on me

And then they... left.


Paul, Morten, Magne.

I love you guys. I really do.

Thank you for having been such a big part in my life.

It weren't quite your 25 years, but still.

Ah, since I just raised my cup to take a sip of water... they had special a-ha cups at the place for food and beverages. It's really pretty I think. My very own little cup, keeh... and it has a-ha in sexy poses and purty ornaments on it <3 Great.

Mom also got me one of the tour-shirts... they had a lot of them... or eh, it seemed like a lot to me, a jumper and three of four different shirts, one with a Take on me design on it... loved that one, too, but decided to get one in retro-look (young Morten and Magne! ♥.♥) in oversize for a sort of nightgown.

That'll have to wait until next year summer though. It's gotten so cold, yesterday night I was hiding under the blankets, brr.

They also had iPhone cases, ahaha! ... And keyrings and the such. And several books. One of them the Swing of Things as an updated version, ohhh so pretty. But expensive with its 50€, orz.

After the lights had gone on, the hall emptied in like, three minutes. They had started playing around 9pm by the way, and the concert ended around 11pm.

Hall emptying

Three minutes.


The Sun always shines on T.V.
Move to Memphis
The Blood that moves the Body
Scoundrel Days
Stay on these Roads
Manhattan Skyline
Hunting High and Low
The Bandstand
We're looking for the Whales

Butterfly, Butterfly (the last hurray)
Nonstop July
Crying in the Rain

Minor Earth|Major Sky
Forever not yours
Summer moved on


I've been losing you
Foot of the mountains

Photoshow on the screen

Cry Wolf
The Living Daylights

Take on me


Nya, it's already gotten late though so... I guess I have to cut this short here.
So much about here~

(Deleted comment)
19th-Oct-2010 10:14 pm (UTC)
Ah, tis sad when people won't just seem to want to let you be what and who you are. I think lives are one of the few occasions one actually can totally let go.

*laughs* It wasn't that hard for them I think... most of them learnt it at school, and wth their 25 years of touring Europe and the world, they sure picked up some more phrases than just "hello" and "how are you" <3

It's kinda surprising to see you like/d a-ha, too XD And look at us now, from a-ha to UnsraW? lol |D
But naah... the report here wasn't anything in comparison with the others I used to write >.< But eh, thank you |D

Hah... it was almost that way with me, too. I would never have gotten that much into them, if my mom hadn't had every single album of them *laughs* When Summer moved on came out, I got hooked, and then listened to all their stuff, and well, that's where it started.
Hnn... well, I thought it'd happen sooner or later. They all have had their own projects in years, Morten solo, Magne solo as well, and with his several film projects, and Timbersound... and Paul with his wife and band <3

But yeah... it was sad in some ways. ;-;
(Deleted comment)
22nd-Oct-2010 05:15 am (UTC)
Yeah, that's exactly one point for why I sometimes feel a necessity for lives. But it'd only for work for such as Dir or UnsraW, etc, those that are loud and 'violent' enough for release.

Haha... it's definitely a hard language, but not that hard for fellow, how to call them... for people with the same roots in their language. Norwegian and German have the same roots, so a lot about the grammar and the words is very similar.

I see~ I'd be like that with a couple of bands (or one w), too, actually.
I've actually been to one of their lives before... but I only wrote a sort of report for myself, it was far too personal for some reason >_< Didn't feel like publishing it *wall*

Ew. ... Yeah, right |D

Oh well, the time I was a real a-ha fan, I knew nothing of Japanese underground culture, let alone Japan itself. I was only focused on them that time ^ ^""" And focused a lot |D

Oh no, not at all. Glad to hear from you <3
20th-Oct-2010 05:26 am (UTC)
Aaah beautiful pics!! Caught the atmosphere very well ...
Hm, I didn't know HOW important A-Ha was to you ... so I'm so glad about LJ, I'm learning things I never knew, we never talked about. That's good, yes, it is.

Don't know why, but your entry made my eyes produce some wet drops, and I don't know why this happened at the live, too. Maybe it's like I'm feeling parts of your pain as if it was my own - reminds me of "Green Mile" where that big guy can suck all the "bad" things out of other persons.

Would like to suck that stuff out of you, too.

Music is such a wonderful thing. It's there, always, just for you. Life without music wouldn't be bearable.
20th-Oct-2010 09:07 am (UTC)
I only had twenty-something left on the cam, so I immediatly deleted those that hadn't worked out so well, heh.
Yeah, they saved my life back then. And they also were a major impulse for Norway.

Hmm... don't know, but sometimes when you watch a movie and people in the movie cry... if they're good, and the movie's good, etc, at times simply that makes you cry too. Maybe it's like that a bit.

Things I could find he~~lpful...

Yeah. I guess one could life without it. But I personally don't think I'd want to.
20th-Oct-2010 11:17 am (UTC)
Yeah, I remember how A-Ha triggered the whole Norway thing ...
Hm, when asked "what would you take with you on a forlorn island" I always respond "my MP3-player" (and a charger you can plug into a coconut-palm, of course, hahaha)

It's funny to read that other comment - another one who knows A-Ha from her mother and now likes UnsraW ... (what abot HER mother's taste in music now??)
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