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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Blessings, dear my child. 
29th-Oct-2010 09:11 pm
mao passion
Weeke----nd! Or so.
If you want to read something that might be faintly entertaining, skip down to ~duels~ nya

I just wanna da~~nce~ I don't really ca~~re~

I'm not sure why it suddenly crossed my mind, but I was reminded of the Jim Carrey thing to the song What is love. I first came across it in Norway, when my first host-sister showed it to me. It was kind of en vogue back then *laughs* It's aged now, but to me still a classic.

So I looked for it, well, can't watch the original on youtube, but I found it.

Love this. Doesn't make me laugh as much as it did the first times, but I feel very 懐かしき anywhos.

And now I have the song on repeat.

Can't embed the original video either, lol, but here's a link to it.

It's one piece of my childhood. I really... I'd really love to listen to all the songs from back there, songs whose titles I don't even know, songs that I totally misheard and -understood *laughs*
Hnnn, what else was there? ... As I said, titles passed me by of those, only remember titles of songs I consciously listened to, 80s rock that is. I know there's Mr. Vain and Mr. Bombastic ... But with What is love in my ears I can't concentrate enough to think of other melodies and songs.

Too bad I don't have the CDs available, they're all at my mom's. But as it's only a very temporary thing right now, I probably won't even remember about them next time I'm at her place, lawl.

Shit, those are so good. I mean... Not my type music at all, but you can't copy that. You can't. It's the 90s, with the spirit of the 90s, their memories, the clothes, the feeling, everything, it's unique.

I want to go to a dance club and dance to 90s music now, seriously... T,T


Directly after waking up today, I felt somewhat odd. It was too early, and I had had far too little sleep, but so be it. [I didn't really notice that throughout the day, so, yay for me xD.]

First of all... Or, what exactly ~was~ first... As the moment I woke up, I didn't really remember anything from any dreams. Waking up itself was odd, and I had almost guessed that it would be, as I had changed my waking-up-ringing tone from random-phone-preinstalled to the FinalFantasy Victory theme (yesss, orrrrzzzzz |D). So that already flashed me, this strange, yet so familiar noise... and then pictures rushed at me, ~of~ the dream, but not really any motions, or if, then they already blurred, and I saw silver-haired men, but... the wrong ones |D
*laughs* I think it had been Kadaj who had been there in my dream... Having to do the one or other thing with me, I don't know. I remember I had felt disappointed in the dream. Like... "Whoa, silv... oh dang. It's Kadaj -_-" *laughs* How mean, Dream, how mean. XD <3

Also, upon waking up, despite the ringing tone and all the songs that had played before I fell asleep, Black Water kept spinning through my head. I don't have it on my iPod at all... only listened a couple of times to it the previous night, like the rest of the AdventChildren Soundtrack. Black Water is the sexy guitar-beast with Kadaj as the scene's star. Kyarrrrr...

So yeah. Just a little... odd.

Remembered later that there had been something about an old, halfway torn-down church in some country and city I didn't know. I just stayed there temporarily... It was night, and I needed to get out, and go somewhere where I could be alone. So I wandered the streets... and found that gothic church. I say gothic, because some of the windows that were still somewhat intact, were gothic.

The church itself was a perfect ruin though. There was almost no roof left at all... you could see the stars from within. Its insides seemed like slaughtered (by machines). Nothing, absolutely nothing was intact, just heaps of debris.

Another oddity was this Japanese girl, who for some reason happened to be in that church, too, talking on her cell. I didn't really mind, as she was perfectly occupied with herself. But when she hung up, she went to make something to eat, so she grabbed some pieces of bread and put them into the microwave -don't ask me- ... and suddenly I felt an appetite for some bread, too, but in our little convo it turned out that most of the bread there was hers, and she was going to take it back with her. And I just looked at the crumbs, hah.


Before, or during, 古文 [Kobun, Old Japanese, which I'm beginning to love more and more. Our teacher's always like "ah, you don't ~really~ have to learn this or that detail, you only need to recognize these things for your translations" and the such, and I sit there and go all greedy-eyed, because I actually want to be able to use it *carnivore look on her face* So yeeaaahhhh, I'll be... digging into it I guess, haha] I was chatting with Daniさん and Jule, about this, and that. Somehow it turned into Daniさん wanting to duel Jule's boyfriend *laughs*

I'll try and reconstruct it.

Daniさん: Gwenさーん!Jule won't let me kiss her!! *hugest of pouts*
Me: *not really having listened just before then, looks up*.... Jule, that's cruel!
Jule: ... But... *tries not to laugh* I'm sorry...?
Me: No, that is just simply cruel, you have to see that. You just shattered all her hopes and believes.
Dani: *nodding ardently at my words, throwing self against my side, faking to be on the verge of tears* Yesyesyes! Go Gwenさん, go!
Jule: *laughing silently, tears shooting to her eyes* Ah, I know but...
Me: *shakes head, clearly disappointed at her friend* You can't do that. You simply can't do that. Using such harsh words on such a dear friend...
Jule: *her eyes filling more and more* But... You know, my heart already belongs to someone else... but... you'll always have a part in my heart!
Dani:: Fffft, yeah. *gloomy face* The dark and dusty corner, the empty hole somewhere in there, the...
Me: *grinning but trying not to chuckle, failing as Jule starts weeping* (she does cry when she laughs too much, it's rather wonderful)
Jule: Haha..kyahh... hee... No, noooo... it's not like that, see ahaha... hah... you'll always have this small place in my heart and...
Me: Mmh, yeah look, that's not all that bad. You'll always be there. But, come, don't think about it too hard now, we're just about to get you up again, so do~~n't think about the details...
Jule: XD I just thought that, too...
Dani:: ... Gwenさん! How could you, how...!
Me: It's okay it's okay!! Look, just don't think of it anymore, see...
Dani:: *suddenly bursts out* HAH! I'm gonna challenge your 'husband'! *makes challenge face*
Jule: *laughs*... In what?
Me: Oh the classic way, fencing.
Dani:: *ponders* Yeaaah.... Or wrestling! Yes, I'll wressssttle him...
Jule: *laughs*
Dani:: But uh... >.O I think he's stronger than me.
Jule: Yeah... well, he's definitely stronger than me. And he's quite athletic.
Dani:: Damn. Then... then... yeah maybe fencing. Or from afar! YES! We'll have a duel with guns and...
Jule: He's trained archer, too. *giggles*
Dani:: *makes super-ponder-pout-face* Hmmm... No... that won't work out...
Me: Hmmm... You could do... knitting! [As she's really good at it]
Dani:: *thinks of it for a while* No... I want it to be something we're about the same in... level, hmm...
Me: ... Kobun! [Dani's repeating the course, she failed last time's exam]
Jule: Ah...haAHAHAHAHAHA! *bursts out crying*
Dani:: ................................
Dani:: You. Are. So mean. I won't ever talk to the two of you, EVER, again. *sucks in air and closes mouth*
Jule: *unable to utter even one word, holding tightly to her chair*
Me:.... Now... what does 'not talking with someone' have to do with 'holding one's breath'...? XD
Dani:: *lets air slip out* I dunno. Just... prevents things from coming out.
Me: ........ XD
Dani:: DAMN! *sucks in air and shuts mouth again*
Jule: *seemingly about to die*

... そんな感じで…笑
That was one episode of class *laughs* She's so great, seriously XD You'll always find something to laugh about. [And just for the record... I have no clue what the kissing-thing had been all about, really *laughs*]

Oh right, and something else just before class.

Did you just say...?

Just before class started, when there were only about a handful of people in the room, Daniさん and me were talking idly about this and that, also plans about seeing each other more in the future -

We "found out" that we practically were only living ten minutes per bus away from each other... or, five stops. Haha... We've never been to each other's places. And now, with so many people gone to Japan and all, it's kinda lonely, lol.

Well, so we thought "Let's do something! Let's hang out!", right, so we talked about plans... and about our landladies... both are kinda 'special' in their ways *laughs*

I was listening to my iPod still all the while, very low, but somehow audible still. Not that I actually listened much to the songs themselves. Just the way it is when you listen to music at the same time as actually having a conversation.

So I didn't even notice when the song came up.

And then I just totally randomly out of nowhere went like "♫Se-phi-roth!!!♪"

Dani just looked at me and went like "... ... Uh... Final Fantasy?" .... And I was like "O____O' Uh... eh... *what... happened* Yeah uhm.", and she said "I thought I heard you say "Sephiroth", heh, that sounded familiar".



XD Oh Gods.

Uhm. Kaaaaaaay.

Well firstly, mind *taps brain* why are you out of control don't need to answer that, secondly... MIND, what are you doing? ... Uh, thirdly... Mouth? Control? Wait. Four....thly... She's familiar with Final Fantasy?? OO

She's not a gamer person, see...

She told me then, that back in school, one of her friends once had given her a CD with the soundtrack. Just... so. Lmao. How random ... And that's why she'd recognize it? Lmao. L-m-a-o...

... Hah, which reminds me. *uploads*

Mao's last dancer.

Uh. I... I don't even know.

[ImagesinmyheadISMITETHEgoawayyefoulfoesTAKETHYLEAVE,NOW!.... ... *aherrrm*] Rrrrrrrright.


I saw these when I went to by groceries the other day.

Aren't they cute? *laughs*

And these were jerboas I saw the other day when I went to Yuki's place. They're having some exotic little animals there at the shopping center these days.

Uhm, okay. Sorry to disappoint. No jerboas... just tails |D

Well. I guess that really was all I had to say for today.
Don't hit me w
29th-Oct-2010 08:15 pm (UTC)
I want to go to a dance club and dance to 90s music now, seriously... T,T

I'll join you. Mr. Vain and all these songs, that's so long ago. The first years of my youth. ^^ I still (even if very rarely) listen to 2Unlimited. As far as I know, there's still a band with that name around but it's none of the original both persons anymore. And I know the style changed. But the old songs.... 'No Limits', 'Maximum Overdrive' ......♥

The conversation was a lot of fun. xDD
Had something like this yesterday when I picked up a friend from work and we went by train with their colleagues for a while. Was so endlessly much fun.
30th-Oct-2010 12:13 am (UTC)
Aww~ That'd be fun *laughs*
I don't remember most names, since I was still too young to understand English and all *laughs* Thus, I didn't know the titles...
People here hand out flyers for parties all the time.. Usually I ignore them, but I guess I might just keep my eyes open for something 90s, heh.

Oh yes it was... Dani is just too great, I love her. Such a shame we rarely ever hang out with each other... used to be just classes and canteen, and sometimes go to the movies with some other friends, etc. Maw. Sometimes it's just really good being with people, huh.
30th-Oct-2010 01:46 am (UTC)
Even I don't remember that many names anymore. If I read some or someone mentions them, they come up my mind again, but it's been a lot of time since then, ne.
I don't know anyone who'd go there and it wouldn't be that much fun going alone, I think.

Yeah that's true, I'm doing this a lot these days, even though it's usually just one friend but it feels endlessly good.
30th-Oct-2010 06:49 am (UTC)
That last pic is so sweet ... love this tails, but am curious what the rest looks like?? Hahaha, and hopefully there's no jerboas-sludge underneath that piece of tree ... (would perfectly fit this Halloween-weekend)

Ooohhh, Haddaway, and all that "Dancefloor" music ... ah that was a special time for me, really. First time I started going out dancing again after your birth ... and first wondered about that music and didn't like it at all, but then the rhythm caught me, haha and I ended up being a real Techno/Trance addict for years *smiles*
"Rhythm is a dancer" lalala ...
30th-Oct-2010 10:55 am (UTC)
*laughs* Hmm~~ Like this... T^T Aren't they the cutest evvvvver.... T^T

Hah! Rhyyythm is a daaancer daaadadadadaaada... you can feel it in the aahaaairr wohoo~~ ARGH YES! Another one of those. Stuck in my head now *laughs* Makes one feel nostalgia. And those songs ~are~ really catchy after all. So... did you plunge right from Rock and Metal into Dancebeats? *laughs* That's quite an extreme plunge it seems. It's a passion... wohoh
31st-Oct-2010 06:58 am (UTC)
Ah, Wüstenspringmaus or so. Kawaiii!!

Yes, I sort of plunged from Rock into Dance, because that was the music they were playing in Discotheques beginning of the 90s. Hm, they played R'n'B and HipHop, too, what a lucky me, that I didn't get into that stuff ...

Yeah, and then the other way round again - from Trance into J-Rock ... well, first there was Marilyn Manson and a bit Rammstein ... you know how that happened, ne?
31st-Oct-2010 01:21 pm (UTC)

*laughs* Yeaaaah, or lucky everyone that you didn't . . . I guess ^ ^' Well maybe you would have plunged from HipHop into Rock again, as well, but hn. Oh well.

Mmmh I ki~nd of know how that happened, heh.^ ^ <3
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