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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
The wolves howl in the dark 
14th-Nov-2010 06:49 pm
mao distorted

Uhm. His.


His voice is far too cute.


It reminds me of someone else ... 戒? also the way he laughs but I'm not quite sure who that person might be. Have a hunch but. (萌)

Anyway, the first time I came across this, I made notes that were pretty VERY random, uhm, and read things like

olololololololol......... エロイな感じで…って…





Okay, that boy likes to be touched in lives. Mmmmmhm.

"Thought it would feel nice *rubrub*"


Sure thing. Common over heeeerrre 8D

"Please look :33"


Riiight... What a beautiful ... backside by the way. |D The whole shape of his body thur is quite beautiful to behold. Ack.

Anyway, heck that was random. I randomly also came across their EROS making. Which was kind of shocking to watch, as that guy is far too cute, haha...

I am somewhat fascinated.

The EROS-making saga goes on.

I found it kind of funny, that without me doing anything at all other than watching, my browser stopped the video exactly when they zoomed on his belly, and prestented ... rpese... presented me with the image for at least fifteen seconds, bfore.. before the video went on. ... Keh. I didn't, uhm, mind. *blinks* I guess.

What I also found sort of funny was how the count for the people watching the making of vids decrease rapidly with the number of the parts. Part I 1102 views → Part II 1058 views → Part III 687 views → Part IV 629 views → Part V ... can't find it → Part VI 620 views

~ ~ ~ And then my browser crashed ~ ~ ~

And I'm back, persistent.
It had kicked me just when Rito was about to turn around - I suppose, I didn't see it, I just heard. Oh lawl.

You know, my humble opinion about that kind of... *blink* men's wear, it's all nice to look at and all, and with those pants, anything else wouldn't really go well with them, but if a guy ever turned up wearing those things in my bedroom, I'd struggle with swallowing down a scream XD


I like sexy boxers. And Aoi-pants. *nod* That is my confession for the day.

Ah the beauty. Now I actually also found Part V, which has 545 views.

I just realized the blessing to actually understand things. |D That way comments, off shoots, PV-makings like these etc are quite the interesting. ... A blessi---- WAIT. Why do they all have iphones and keep talking about them!!!! *unhears* >____<" They also get some most beautiful iPhone cases over there. I might be jealous. But then again, I don't have an iPhone, so practically I couldn't. Orz.

I'll just post them all, because I'm consistent like that.中途半端なんて嫌だよ…

Pluss, bass-pretties. Nyaww. And yes, I'm actually watching them all, and actually trying to understand what it is they're saying |D

During watching them, my mind suddenly made a different connection with their name. Wasn't it so that in Laurell K. Hamilton's world, the werewolves more or less derived from King Lycaon? At least I think I've read her mention that he ~was~ a werewolf. Hence the name. *chuckles* Nice.

And because I felt like stalking for a bit.


If he looked at me like that, I'd get lost somewhere on the way ahah |D

I stalked Yuuki first though.

Whore <3

He has cats though, that I like.
The little fellas he took pictures of here are just too adorable for words. Mawh.
Adding it in big, because must be seen in big.


And this was too ... いけない for words.
Adding in small, because don't want to add in big. Or wait... XD

... Yuuki.... please.



Ahahaha... Oh these... guys...? ... people. ♥

At least I learnt one important lesson. Now I know that garters, in Japanese, indeed is ガーター. *chuckle* Easy as that. Muahaha~

And since I've already been mentioning purrties, I came across another band a couple of days ago... just randomly saw a short cut from a live of theirs, in which the vocal did some rather nice things with his voice, so I checked them out. They're seem pretty amazing live. Another band who just bring it out live, sadly aren't quite as strong on the records. I still kind of seem to like them. Name? ハートレス/Heartless.

Well either way, it's a voice that I like.

His voice reminds me a lot of DELUHI's Juri actually.
But that man, up there.

He's far too beautiful.

You know, bands like these make me want to live there, at least for a while, to just be able to randomly go to AREA or wherever, just when I feel like it, and see whoever is there. ;-; Watching this really made something pull me to there. Augh.

And that song, that live version, t touches something inside me... Like a longing of something of a different time, probably the past, but something that I don't quite seem to grasp what is. I want to lay down in that song. Inside of it. Some songs just are like that... hnn...

So that was practically my evening.
Week-ends are all for the Jrock lately it seems. 猫に小判w *shot*

Shall start into my night, then.
14th-Nov-2010 11:33 pm (UTC)
Tell me a name regarding the first pics. Looks familiar.

Awwwwww Heartless.
Let me guess, the vid is HORIZON?
If so, this live take is so endlessly great. The vid got me into the song. Even though I loved the band before.
So sad they disbanded. Was one of the announcements that really hit me. As well as it was about ClearVeil.
And yeah, Syu is far too beautiful.
15th-Nov-2010 12:59 am (UTC)
It's Lycaon's bassist Hiyuu. ^3^

Yeaaaaaah Horizon <3333
It's such a beautiful live ugh. And the video got me into the band XD Well, not listening terrrribly much to them, apart from HORIZON and 白蓮 so far, hehe.
Mmmhn, they seemed to work out so great in that live.

Uhuh. Well glad I only saw so little of him. |D
15th-Nov-2010 01:27 am (UTC)
He's the new member, right?
Hm, I checked, he was in Juliette before, I might know him from there. Didn't really follow them but kept a bit of an eye on them.

I got to know the song before due to the single, but totally fell for it with that live.
Lost Planet is my other favorite song. Never can decide between these two. ^^
Yeah they did.
And short time before the disbandment had been announced they came up with a new look and everybody was like 'Great, at least one good band remains.'.
I already had a bad feeling, just a general feeling not certain.
So many good Nagoya bands ended their activities this year.
But seeing ClearVeil and Heartless amongst them was really hard.

Yeah that's true somehow. On the other hand, one never can get enough. ^-^
15th-Nov-2010 02:34 pm (UTC)
Yeah, as far as I know. Don't know them "personally" well enough yet, but he definitely wasn't in the other off-shots I've seen before, the old ones. He's not whom I primarily have my eyes on, but still he's quite an eye-catcher *laughs*

Aah, don't know Lost Planet. The Horizon-single is the one thing I hadn't found, or rather - the link was invalid. I only have the live version.
I think they're the second band I come across who already had disbanded (at least when it's about young indies... could say the same about other older bands that aren't really active anymore w) when I got to know them... which isn't too bad, you already know it's over and don't have to be disappointed hn.
15th-Nov-2010 08:46 pm (UTC)
I didn't deal with them for quite some time, I just know they got at least one new member after two left.

You'll get it. ^^
Lost Planet was what actually got me into them even though I follow the since their beginning. But as you know, I came across so many bands in 2008 I just kept an eye on a lot of them, but never listened to music apart from many didn't have anything around back then.
So many are disbanding, I think you must get used to this, if you're gonna look around coming across more. ^^
16th-Nov-2010 01:54 pm (UTC)
Yeah, bassist and drummer left... not sure whether they have a new drummer, it doesn't seem like it. Don't know though.

Nyaww. :3
Listened to it on yt, it's like... amazing. Holy damn.

Yeah well, I'm more than used to small bands breaking up, it's just a part of the scene I think.
16th-Nov-2010 07:34 pm (UTC)
As far as I know it's four members only still, so I guess no new drummer.

It is. So endlessly.
Listened to it for a loooooong time more or less only. Until I saw that live of HORIZON. Since then it's mainly those two songs even though the others are damn great as well.

Yeah sadly. And it's not always that easy.
But somehow it often feels like that nothing-new-to-me feeling. So abgestumpft.
3rd-Dec-2010 09:02 pm (UTC)
I will be looking forward for your jrock discovery weekends XDD

Lycaon was a catch really,so I am deeply thankful*dances*and this entry wooo*takes times to breath*I dunno if I should laugh or say aww,or drool XDD srsly

I wish if I knew what they were talking ;-;,Yuuki's voice is adorabale :3,me wanna hug him and keep him as my dolly forever,okay never mind craziness overload hihi,I love that bassist btw~
3rd-Dec-2010 10:12 pm (UTC)
*laughs* It's not normal that I discover bands on weekends, haha...
Besides, I guess my days of free weekends are over ahah.

Glad you enjoy Lycaon so much. But I guess I had similar reactions, torn between amusement and...erm, other things x"D

Dolly... XD
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